Udaan 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor throwing sand in Suraj and his friends eyes. She takes the book and runs. Roshni says she might have gone to school, we will reach before her by car. The driver says tyre is flat. Suraj says what and they all get down. Chakor runs. Suraj says she did this and gets angry. He says lets catch her. Chakor gets away. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai………plays………….. Suraj scolds Roshni and asks why did she write everything in book not find Chakor. Roshni says its my exam, I have to go school. Suraj says we all will be expelled if she shows that book to principal.

Prince stops Chakor and snatches the book from her. They all trouble Chakor and laugh throwing the book on the top of the tree. Chakor throws stone and books falls down. She takes it and runs to school. The guard

stops her. She says she has proof and she wants to show this to principal. He asks her to go. Chakor says I will not go without showing this book, I will wait till he comes.

Suraj and his friends come there and ask guard about Chakor. Chakor hides. The guard says she came but he did not allow her inside the school. Suraj asks where did she go. He pays money to him. The guard smiles and signs him. They go and catch Chakor. They try to take the book from her. The principal comes and asks whats going on. They get tensed and leave Chakor.

Chakor says she told him that she did not lie and asks him to read what Roshni wrote. She gives him the book and says they locked me in classroom. He reads and says it means Chakor was saying right that day. Suraj gets tensed. Roshni says I was not alone, they were with me. Suraj asks why is she lying. They all put everything on Roshni. Prince also puts blame on his sister Roshni. Suraj says you should punish Roshni, she locked Chakor that day and today she is trapping us, why.

The principal says she will be punished, and scolds Roshni for her lies that Chakor lost her name and they took wrong decision. He expels her from school. Roshni cries. He asks her not to give exams now and sit in same class next year. Roshni says please, my dad will scold me. Chakor is stunned and recalls how Sir has scolded her and expelled her, and what she went through. She feels bad for Roshni and stops principal.

Chakor takes the blame back on her and says Roshni did not write this, I have written all this. Roshni and everyone are shocked. The principal says what. Chakor says its my mistake. Prince asks why did she blame his sister then. Roshni says enough Prince and asks can she go for exam now. Sir asks her to go. Chakor stops her and gives the book. Roshni goes. Chakor apologizes to Sir for wasting his time. He stops her and says he knows Roshni has written it, why did she save Roshni. She say you were expelling her, I know how bad it feels, I can’t see Roshni like that. He smiles and says he has seen many kids, but not like her. He says now I m sure that she is not a liar. She smiles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………..plays…………

Chakor says if he agreed then he should agree that she did not cheat, he did not keep chit, take my exam and see. He says yes I believe you, but we don’t have proof to show staff. She says its enough for me that you believe me. He says but you are not using the proof. She says I can’t make anyone leave school, but everyone will know as you knew it today. She leaves. He says such a small girl and such high thinking, and smiles. He gets a call and talks.

The guard stops Chakor and asks her to come, principal Sir called. Sir asks her did she get admission in sports quota in Lucknow school. She says yes, Arjun Sir got it. He says new university is opening in Sitapur and they are organizing sports day and if she wins the race, she can get admission in sports quota. Chakor gets glad.

Arjun Sir gets down the bus and comes there to help Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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