Udaan 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor threatens Imli

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The Episode starts with Suraj stopping Chakor. Suraj and Imli ask her to stop the drama. Chakor scolds Imli. She asks Suraj to leave her hand, why did he hold her like she is his wife. Anjor says Dandewali. Chakor says Chandu you told me that its a big haveli, people are insulting me than paying for my dance, I m Sunehri, I will not stay here. Suraj says wait, you can’t go till police comes and verifies your identity. Chakor says call police, I m not scared. She asks Gumaan not to stare her. Chakor eats betel and asks them to get tea for her.

Inspector comes. He takes her fingerprints. He says this girl is right, she isn’t your wife, just her face matches Chakor. Imli says stop it, there is a black mole on Chakor’s back, it will reveal her identity. She sees Chakor’s back. Chakor asks why

are you after me, you might have profit to prove me as Chakor, I m not Chakor, but Sunehri, I m going back to my house to live well, come there to see my dance if you want. Suraj stops her. She says don’t waste my time. He asks can you stay here. She says I won’t stay here. He says I will give you double money, what do you say now. She says fine, I want a lavish room, good desi food, buffalo’s fresh milk. Anjor laughs.

Garima takes Chakor. Gumaan says why did you keep her here, its not right. Suraj says I think she is Suraj, I want to know why she came back. Imli says no, this can’t happen, I killed Chakor, how can she be alive. She sees some shadow at window and asks who is there, come in front. Lights get off. Chakor comes there. Imli asks how dare you come to my room, get out. Chakor asks where is my daughter. Imli asks are you really Chakor. Chakor says yes, I m alive. Imli says no, I have pushed you down, its a lie, you can’t be alive. Chakor says you tried to kill me, but the hope of meeting my daughter kept me alive, I got stuck to tree, some villagers took me to hospital, Suraj and Anjor helped me and got my treatment done, doctor helped me in OT.

FB shows Chakor asking doctor to declare her dead, else her enemies will kill her. Chakor says Lord gave me another birth to tell Suraj that you ruined our relation, I will make you admit about my daughter, I jumped down the ambulance in time and got saved, tell me where is Saanvi. Imli refuses to say the secret. Chakor says I have always forgiven you, you didn’t do this right. She scares Imli. She tries to strangulate her.

Imli pushes her and runs out. She calls out everyone. Everyone comes. Gumaan asks what happened. Imli says Chakor is killing me, she isn’t any dancer. They get shocked. She says I have locked her in my room, come and see. They all come to Imli’s room and doesn’t see anyone. Imli looks for Chakor. Suraj says there is no one. Imli says Chakor was here, she tried to kill me. Chakor comes and asks why are you making noise. Imli says you tried to kill me, liar. Chakor says I was sleeping and dreaming, did you go mad, if you locked me here, how did I come out, I will prove I m not any ghost. She pinches Imli and asks why are you saying this. Imli says you tried to kill me as you are Chakor. Chakor asks why will I come to kill you, what’s the reason. Imli worries.

Imli and Chakor argue. Imli asks what will you give me if I give you Saanvi. Chakor says everything, you just agree to me, accept this deal. Imli agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Entertaining episode. Loved Chakor’s act. Please stop sidelining Suraj, want more Suraj and Sukor scenes.

    1. Bridgette Spies

      When will you writers give the value to Chakor and Suraj……remember their love expressed in the Mall scenes when they had gotten seperated with baby Saanvi That was a water shed moment…… feel the love…. When they were trapped in the welll with no help! just each other…… feel the love…..All this leaping and disrespecting of characters in my eyes is a definite TURN OFF…
      Come on already …. end the drag …….close some of these open sub stories that needs to be so done with….. ENOUGH…….

  2. I’m a frustrated Sukor and Suraj fan here, I don’t know why they insist on ignoring both so close to the show’s end.

    IMO Udaan’s struggles started when they stopped giving equal importance to Chakor’s and Suraj’s POV and focused on Chakor’s fight with the villains, this started in the memory loss track, ever since, CVs stopped explaining Suraj’s feelings in details, the focus shifted to the villains’ schemes and Chakor fighting them.

    The show worked best when CVs cared for Suraj as they cared for Chakor, but now Suraj has become an extra.

  3. And later, ladies and gentlemen, Chakor will once again forgive her little sister Imli.
    Chakor is exactly the opposite of intelligent when it comes to Imli, so no matter what is happening now, she is gonna end up hugging that evil witch in a few episodes time or by the end of the show if it is really close to ending.

  4. When will the last episode come? I’m tiered.

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