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The Episode starts with Amma and kids praying. Tamasha comes and says police is finding the kids everywhere, if they find us, we are gone. They all get worried. The villagers pray for the kids. They all pray that Chakor is fine and all the kids are with her, so that Chakor can bring them back. Amma gets the boxes sent by Thela Bhai and tells the kids that Thela Bhai has sent the parcel. Amma says she will go ahead to divert the police and then Sunny has go with the kids. Chakor says we will miss you and asks her to take care.

Munna sees Amma going with the boxes and informs Babu. Babu asks Munna to follow Amma and doubts on her. Chakor and the kids leave with JJ and pray to be safe. Babu informs Singh about finding the kids. Singh tells Arjun that he got info that kids are in this tempo. He stops

Amma and asks where is she going in tempo, it looks she is leaving city. Amma says why will I run and where. Singh asks the driver to show tempo for checking. The police does not get anything. Singh asks the staff to let the tempo go. Amma thanks Lord and prays for the kids. She signs JJ and leaves.

Arjun asks Singh where are the kids. Singh says I don’t know how is info wrong and wonders. They check JJ’s van and does not get anything. Chakor writes a message for Arjun. JJ tells Singh that there is nothing. Chakor throws the cloth to Arjun. It falls over Singh’s face and he throws it. Arjun picks the cloth and respects it as its some chunri.

He gets the message and reads it. Chakor writes ACP is gang man and she is taking kids to Lucknow. He looks at the van and sees Chakor waving him. He gets glad and stops seeing Singh. He gets angry seeing Singh. Arjun gets a call and says what. He tells Singh that he got urgent call and has to leave for Lucknow. Singh says fine, you are of no use here. Arjun says inform me if you get kids. Singh says fine. Arjun leaves.

Imli is being brought to Mumbai. JJ and Chakor get the kids out of Mumbai. She asks all the kids to come out. JJ asks the kids to enjoy their freedom now. They all dance happily and get glad. Chakor gets shocked seeing Imli being taken away in the car. She thinks how can I go to Aazaadgunj when Imli is brought here. JJ asks who is Imli. Chakor says Imli is my sister, you take all kids to Lucknow, I will get my sister. Chakor runs after the car.

The procession goes. Chakor prays to Ganpati Bappa and prays for Imli. She takes lift from a man and goes to Mumbai again. Imli struggles and beats the man. The driver bumps the car into the tree and faints. Imli comes out and says Didi. She gets dizzy and faints there. Thapki passes by in the car and stops. Thapki goes to help Imli and asks driver to take her to hospital. Chakor passes by and does not see Imli.

Swara talks to Vaibhavi and Rocky. Thapki tells Imli that Ganpati will help her. Chakor is with Ranvir Singh and asks how to meet her Imli. He asks her to pray and Lord will make her meet Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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