Udaan 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor why is she smiling. Chakor tells her that a girl told her to break thumb to get free of ropes. Chakor says I have to break my thumb. Imli says no. Vivaan says you will get pain if ropes does not get off. Chakor says I have no other way. Bhaiya ji asks man why did they not get dead bodies. He asks what, and gets angry. He shouts Ragini. He sees funerals ready. Ragini comes and asks why did they not get anyone. Bhaiya ji says don’t know who will die, all four of them are alive. She says what, its 24 hours. He says yes, I told Suraj will run to save his life, but no, he changed by love, he thinks by heart, not mind. Ranjana says don’t worry, I know you won’t lose. Bhaiya ji says I will give them tough death, Ragini prepare for the next game. Ragini says I will

get Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji says get her fast, this game is incomplete without her.

Imli asks whats shining. Chakor says glass piece maybe. Imli says maybe sun is showing some way. Vivaan asks Suraj to try to get the glass piece by his foot. Suraj tries and stands back to support Imli.

Bhaiya ji comes there and laughs seeing this. He says great, its 24 hours and you all are alive, great, we will start game’s second round with my partner. They all get shocked seeing Ragini. Chakor says Ragini. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is very clever, I agree, she knows our plans. Ragini says if you believed Chakor, you all would have been fine today, anyways, we came to make you all have water. Suraj says I don’t want water by your hands. Ragini says you still have attitude. She asks Vivaan to drink water, else he will die.

Bhaiya ji says sister loves them a lot. Vivaan says I won’t let any sister tie rakhi from today, since when are you supporting Bhaiya ji. She says from day 1, I came to haveli on my Papa’s saying. Bhaiya ji says yes, I have sent her. Ragini says I can’t believe you all are so foolish, I created misunderstandings, I burnt the cradle and made you all against Chakor, I defused bomb and became hero, I planted the bomb, you all did not believe Chakor, if you did, you would have got saved, its too late now, we will start next game.

Goons get Tejaswini and Ranjana there. Suraj and Vivaan worry for their mothers. Tejaswini shows the beat wounds and says Ragini has beaten me. Suraj gets angry. Vivaan asks Ragini to leave Ranjana and Tejaswini. Ranjana pushes Tejaswini. Ranjana asks Vivaan not to worry for her, no one can harm me till Bhaiya ji is with me, leave them and come with me. They all get shocked seeing Ranjana with Bhaiya ji. Ranjana says Kamal ji can forgive you for my sake. Vivaan says I understood who is imp for you, I could not think a mum can cheat a child, disgusting.

Ranjana says what shall I do, tell me, when my son is with my enemies, Kamal ji is my husband, I m always with him. They get shocked.

Kasturi says I don’t know where is Chakor, she did not call, I m scared. Bhuvan says leave it, they will take time. Kasturi says Ragini said Chakor will come till morning, its Poornima day, where is our Chakor. Bhuvan asks her to call Ragini and ask, maybe they all came to haveli and slept. Kasturi says yes and calls Ragini. Ragini says I m getting Kasturi’s call, shall I get them here, or send your dead bodies to them. Suraj says Ragini, leave my mummy. They hang Tejaswini also. Bhaiya ji says I wish you loved father like this, you hate me, so tried to kill me, I regret you could not win, I will show your mother’s death. Suraj says no.

Ragini says I think Chakor will die first. They all get shocked. Ragini asks how, when I hang Tejaswini, Suraj will run to save Tejaswini, Vivaan will save Imli and Chakor will die. Imli says no. Ragini says even Papa wanted Chakor to die first, as she troubled you since 20 years. Tejaswini cries and asks Bhaiya ji not to kill Suraj. Vivaan says sorry Chakor, maybe I can’t see Imli dying. Imli thinks Vivaan is ready to kill Chakor for me, I doubted on him always. Chakor says no need to apologize, I want you to save my sister’s life. Imli scolds Ragini.

Ragini gets a gun and scolds Imli. She asks Bhaiya ji to start with Imli. Bhaiya ji smiles and aims at Imli. He smiles and aims at Chakor. He says no, I will shoot Tejaswini first. Suraj recalls Chakor’s words. He asks Chakor to do what she said before, Vivaan they are torturing us, we can’t let this happen.

Bhaiya ji aims gun at Tejaswini. Chakor says now I have to break my thumb. She breaks her thumb. Bhaiya ji pushes the stool and Tejaswini hangs. Chakor breaks her thumb and opens the rope. She asks Vivaan to run. Vivaan runs and stands beneath Tejaswini. He saves Tejaswini. Suraj asks Ragini what happened, plan fail, all hardwork waste. Chakor hangs to the rope. Bhaiya ji says I will not leave anyone. He aims gun at Suraj. Chakor gets down and runs to Bhaiya ji. She pushes the gun above and Imli’s neck rope gets shot. Imli and Suraj get down. Bhaiya ji aims gun at Chakor and says your childhood habit did not go, you are close to death and going to save others, I have won, I will show today, I will change Poornima night to Amavasya. He shoots at Tejaswini’s rope. He asks goons to tie all of them.

All villagers are celebrating and miss Ragini. Chagan asks Lakhan why is kheer matki hanged on tree. Lakha says its tradition. Kasturi cries and says Chakor is not here on Poornima. They pray for Chakor. Ragini comes and says someone else will support this village. Lakhan welcomes her. Ragini tells them that her Papa is coming. They all get shocked seeing Bhaiya ji coming. Bhaiya ji gets Chakor, Imli, Suraj and Vivaan in chains. The villagers get shocked. Kasturi says Bhaiya ji is alive…..

Bhaiya ji says this kheer is made to welcome me. He drinks kheer. He says your Lord has come, now I will decide how will you live now, see your angels, they are going to save you. They all get shocked. Ragini says you know when police took my Papa, you all were singing for freedom, now sing for Chakor. Bhuvan, Kasturi and everyone apologize. Bhaiya ji says good you know your place now. He asks Lakhan what happened to him now, Lakhan has insulted me a lot. Kasturi and all villagers cry. Bhaiya ji makes the people play dhol. Chakor shuts her ears and cries. Bhaiya ji smiles.

Bhaiya ji says now you have to throw stones at all of them, else we will shoot you all. Kids throw stones at Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Actaully i am sad for chakor. Vivan changed so much. He said that he cant see imlis death but he can see chakors death. I think suraj will love and trust chakor. Vivan dont desrved a good girl like chakor. Luv the new track. Wait for sukor scenes..

    1. I agree with u

  2. exciting episode… don’t know how they free themselves… egerly waiting for next episode

  3. Wah imli firse apni revolver rani avatar me ayegi and chakor’s technique is nice

  4. What kind of a mother is this ranjana? At least Tejaswini loves her own son (may look selfish but mothers love their own children with all their hearts)…but i always wanted ragini to b da girl who will change everyone for good, she must realiserealise that the man she is calling “papa” is the same one who betrayed her own mother instead of having two wives.
    If Ragini is a daughter, she must respect the dignity of the woman first who gave her birth, not this evil Kamal Narayan who slept with so many women

    1. Yaa…u r ryt…I tnk vivaan will cm back 2tejaswini…and she will bcm +be charctr…

  5. The devil queen of crazy madness

    worst scene in last epi was vivan saying the Dailoge… she is already hurt physically and after hearing that she would have hurt mentally also.. poor chakor
    if he want to save imli thats not an issue bt why he need to say it out loud engh to hurt the gal who always there for him and loved him more than anything. imli came to his life now and chakor was there from first. hell he don’t deserve a gal like chakor at all.
    loved suraj… excited to see next epi

  6. A nail biting episode. How could Vivan act so cruel towards Chakor. Have never seen such thrilling episodes in any shows. Meera acting was so perfect and loved imli and sooraj too.

  7. Suraj work as well today’s episode. Vivaan didn’t have any kindness to save chakor.ur character became very bad now a days

  8. Tvfan1

    I haaaate vivaan. How could he do this? I mean for chakor. Don’t he Care for her as a friend? Poor chakor. Atleast suraj help her please…

  9. Nice episode, I hope next week we will going to see Suraj and chakor some romantic scene .,guys karwachauth is around a corner what do u think Is it also happen in udaan bcoz if it does than chakor will also have fast for Suraj realy hoping for that but in future if still imli get of chakor and vivaan jealous after hearing Vivaan dialogue than I will hate her

  10. poor chakor she should do something

  11. I too agree with Anamika. I hate vivan the core……. He never deserves Chakor. Selfish vivan.

  12. Surajjj…when u asks chakor to break her thumb she breaks it and saved ur mom.ouchhhh….its very painful nooo…….soooo plzzz…give her some care and support. Imli and vivaan…. ahhhh…sorryahhhh…..I don’t want to say any thing about themmm…just leave itttt .suraj plzzz help chakor because she is sooooo….lonelyyy….. brokennnnn…..angelllllllll……..

  13. suraj worried For chakor nd he use his mind at last moment to save his mom nd his ex-wife excellent suraj well done … nd vivan ,he also want saving his wife he worn the imli heart by saying I will save my wife Now he is imli Husband nd his responsibility to save his wife Now ,its going to be intrested to see this tract

  14. selfish vivaan chakor was a very good friend of him and he.

  15. Chakore and Suraj can be a better couple

  16. nice!! thnx for written update!!

  17. vivaan is just disgusting now.his character is more worst than anyone.imli ko bachane k liye wo chakor ko maar sakta hai?? like seriously?? jisko wo bachpanse pyaar karta hai?? pyaar sodo friend to hai.aur jo uske liye itni secrifice kya?? how ungrateful!!! and so selfish imli and vivaan both.suraj aur vivaan dono hi imli ko bachane pe tuli hai ek side character ko.aur main lead chakor ki kya?? uski koyi importance nehi… bakwaz.chakor ko importance do us imli ko nehi.writer is so dumb.vivaan ki character ko bura bana diya.I hate imli so much but I hate vivaan more than imli now…..disgusting ???

  18. I like udaan very much. Please someone tell me the upcoming story? Plz…….. please give your opinionsm

  19. Exo chanyeol oppa

    Ohh i just love sukor…….cnt wait to see their love track…..and i cnt even find enough sukor ff to relieve myself from this pain of not able to see their love….oh god ….its so hard

  20. Is there a maha episode today?

    1. No maha episode today….

  21. Someone please write sukor FC.

  22. today maha episode will be there naa….

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