Udaan 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhaiya ji makes a plan

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor coming to haveli. Bhaiya ji praises their jodi. He says it looks like Ram and Sita returned Ayodhya, I heard a new member is coming back, why did you not invite me, its fine, I m becoming Dada. He does their aarti. He welcomes them. Suraj hugs Tejaswini. She asks where did you go, you didn’t miss me. She hugs Chakor and says I was missing you two. Kasturi says they are back, now you can have food well. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj did he fight to get Chakor here. Suraj says yes, I had a fight with someone to get Chakor, that man wanted to kill me, what to do, my dad did many sins, you killed Pratap Singh, his son wanted to take revenge by killing me, I m so unlucky.

Bhaiya ji says I m your dad and want your betterment, I have killed Pratap Singh, I can kill even

his son. Imli says calm down, why are you talking such, see they came back after many days. Chakor asks where are Ranjana and Vivaan. Imli says Ranjana went to meet her dad. Chakor asks where is Vivaan. Bhaiya ji says meet him later, first take blessings of Lord. Bhaiya ji does aarti. He asks them why are they surprised, by seeing this change, ask a father’s heart. He reminds Tejaswini that he celebrated diwali when Suraj was born. He says my son is going to become a father, but becoming Dada is bigger thing. He apologizes to Chakor and Suraj. Suraj holds his hands.

Bhaiya ji says this haveli door and my heart door is open forever now, the coming guest will get raised here, I will play with him, I m very happy, I kept bhoj for entire village. Kastrui blesses Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks everyone to go and have food.

Everyone eats food. Bhaiya ji goes. Chakor asks Imli where is Vivaan, did you tell him I m coming, why did he not come. Imli says he went Lucknow for imp work. Chakor asks why, I will scold him when he comes. Bhaiya ji scolds Girja. He asks Girja to get silver bowl for Chakor. She says sorry and gets it. Bhaiya ji asks Girja to get water. He adds poison in kheer. She gets water. He asks her to get the tray. Girja serves the kheer. Bhaiya ji says I will feed sweets to my son today. He feeds Suraj and says become a better dad than me. Suraj says I will try to become world’s best dad. Pakhi sees the silver bowl kheer. Girja says no, its for Chakor. Pakhi runs. Bhaiya ji worries. Chakor asks Girja to stop it, its fine. Pakhi’s mum stops her. Girja takes the bowl back. Pakhi’s mum apologizes.

Girja gives the kheer to Chakor. Imli smiles. Chakor is about to eat. Pakhi collides with Bhaiya ji. He turns and shouts. Chakor gets dizzy. She falls down. Suraj and everyone get shocked. Imli and Bhaiya ji smile. Suraj says maybe she fainted by tiredness, I will take her to room. He takes Chakor. Bhaiya ji says you gave good suggestion, its fun, now Chakor will die. Imli says I always ask you to listen to me, Chakor is gone. Bhaiya ji gets happy. He eats kheer. Imli asks him not to be happy too early, Chakor is clever, are you sure she has eaten kheer.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor and says I wish I could know killing you is so easy, you died by poison, every story ends, your story also ended.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmmm… Interesting.. I don’t think Chakor will die so easily anyway but I think Paakhi has changed the bowls. Its weird how nobody said anything about KN’s behaviour.

  2. KN ruled this episode, Suraj’s look showed anger and doubt. Sukor feeding each other was cute bu the scene was short. Paakhi loves Sukor, even without knowing she didn’t want Chakor to eat the kheer. I wonder how Chakor found out the kheer was poisoned. I understand they didn’t want to upset Chakor soon after she arrived but they shouldn’t have hidden Vivaan’s coma from her.

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