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The Episode starts with Ishwar giving sindoor box to Abha. She takes it and cries. Prabhakar looks on thinking about Ishwar’s words. Arjun asks the kids to warm up. Vivaan makes the drawing. He draws a bird in cage and thinks about Chakor and her words. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke ke……………….plays…………………. He draws the bird free an says be happy now, as you got your freedom. Arjun asks Chakor why is she not doing warm up. She says she will run after seeing her family. He says don’t know why they did not come, but you can get one chance in race, be it school race or life race. She thinks about Kasturi. Her parents are upset at home.

Dadi asks them not to dream, and asks Kasturi to take out the items from the bag, if they get chance to go, then they will go, but not now. Kasturi

cries. She says she made the sweater for her daughter, thinking Lucknow will be cold place, what will I do now, Imli made this diya for Chakor, what will I do of this. Bhuvan breaks the diya and throws everything. He scolds her and says we were going to meet Chakor, and lost Imli too. He cries.

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Girja asks Imli to wash all utensils. Imli says such big utensils, how will I wash by my small hands. Girja says I won’t come in your innocent talk, come on, wash it. Bhuvan gets angry on Kasturi, and says I was a fool to come in your talk. Dadi says she always protects you and you are shouting on her, are you not ashamed. He says he is going to clear his mind. Kasturi breaks down. Chakor removes her shoes. A girl pushes her and smiles seeing her without shoes. She asks will she run like this.

Vivaan submits his drawing. The teacher asks the kids to go and see the running competition, and they will say the painting result after the race. Vivaan comes and cheers for Chakor. He finds her upset and asks Aditya is Chakor fine. Aditya says she is worried as her parents did not come, and don’t know where my mum went. Vivaan says maybe the car broke down, they will come, our Chakor will surely win.

Abha cries thinking about Chakor, whose parents have kept her Girvi. She removes her jewelry and says she will everything to Bhaiya ji and free Chakor from him, by clearing the loan her parents took, as his life can’t be the price of Chakor’s freedom. Ishwar cries. Prabhakar gets sad. Abha says he wants to tell something by writing. She gives him the pen and paper. She looks at Imli’s doll and writes.

Chakor stands on the mark. Ishwar writes its not Abha’s mistake, my upbringing is in this system, keeping a person Girvi is not right, and giving money back means we are saying its fine, the fight iss to change system, not to get Chakor’s freedom, but of many people whom Bhaiya ji has made bonded, go to Chakor’s race and encourage her, rather than being here and cry. She asks her to go and she should have tears of happiness, Chakor’s parents are not coming, you go there, she has to win. Abha signs yes. He gives her the doll. Prabhakar and Soumya looks on. Abha smiles and leaves.

Arjun shoots in air and the race begins. Chakor starts running along with the girls. Arjun, Aditya and Vivaan cheer for Chakor. Chakor gets to the last place. Arjun asks did her parents came. Aditya says no. Arjun says all our hardwork got waste. Chakor looks for her parents. Abha comes there with the doll. Aditya sees her. He says where are her parents. Abha shouts Chakor and shows Imli’s doll. Chakor smiles seeing it. Arjun asks Chakor why did she stop. Chakor thinks it means my family came. Abha shows thumbs up. Chakor touches the land and prays.

Arjun looks on. She starts running. Everyone clap for her. She runs super fast. Udaan hai……………plays………………Arjun gets glad. Chakor surpasses everyone and reaches the ribbon. She stops and looks back as a girl falls and gets hurt. Arjun is shocked.

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