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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Ranjana to come with him in function. Ranjana fakes illness and asks him to take Tejaswini along. He refuses. Tejaswini shows the mobile and blackmails her. Ranjana insists and he calls her a great lady to ask him to take her Sautan. They smile.

Chakor runs and says great, I have made record of 4mins to cover one km. Vivaan says its not good Chakor. She turns and sees him. She says Vivaan….

Chakor tells her record and says if I do more practice, I will break the world record. He says I m not saying about your world record, I m saying about your feet. She sees her bleeding feet and says its nothing, wound will get fine, but what are you doing here. He holds her feet and opens the bandage. He ties another cloth. She smiles seeing him. He wishes her all

the best and goes. She asks him to listen…. She sees his headphones there and picks it. She says Vivaan forgot it here.

Bhuvan is on the way. He recalls Imli getting all luxuries for them and took good care of him.. He gets sad by Bhaiya ji’s threatening words to kill Imli. He recalls Suraj’s words and cries. He apologizes to Chakor.

Vivaan comes home and sees Tejaswini in his room. He compliments her saree and asks where is she going. He says if you want to know whether I met Chakor, I will tell you, I did not meet her. She asks what about these blood marks on your hand. He says I got hurt by rose thorns. She says how long will you lie, I know truth and want to hear it from you, else you won’t get the milk. He asks what, you know I can’t live without the milk. I did not meet Chakor, stop Maa. She goes.

Its night, Chakor gets inside the haveli and hides. She smiles seeing Vivaan. She gets his headphones. Vivana feels unwell. She says you forgot your headphone, thanks for doing the aid, I recalled the old Vivaan. She holds him and asks are you fine. He looks at her and asks where is the milk. She asks what milk. He shouts on her and asks her to get milk, he is feeling weak. She says but… He asks her to go and get milk in one min, else he will beat her. She gets shocked and recalls how he has done aid to her feet.

Vivaan scolds her and asks her to get lost. She says no, I won’t go, tell me whats happening with you, why did you happen like this. He says because of you, I lied and did not get milk today, you are root of all problems. She says till I find out whats happening with you, I won’t go. He asks really, won’t you go. She says no. He holds her hand and pushes her outside. She asks him to open the door and listen. He asks her to just leave. She sees a servant taking milk. Tejaswini sees Chakor and thinks she came to meet Vivaan, how did he learn to lie to me for Chakor, he will be punished for this.

Its morning, Kasturi applies ointment to Chakor’s feet. Chakor asks her is there any cure of sudden anger and forgetting things. Kasturi asks about whom is she saying. Chakor says Vivaan. Kasturi asks Bhaiya ji’s son, why are you caring for him. Chakor says I want to know what happened to him. Kasturi says you are in pain and thinking about him, your heart is so clean, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Chakor says Vivaan is my friend…………. my best friend. Bhuvan brings sweets and calls Kasturi. He asks Kasturi and Chakor to have sweets.

Kasturi taunts him. He says Kishori’s mum blessed Chakor and said all the things in village is happening because of Chakor, I felt proud, I understood the good happening, sorry Chakor. Kasturi asks is this true. Chakor says yes, he changed. He asks Chakor to hug him. Chakor laughs and hugs him. He feels sorry to snatch her happiness.

Suraj greets Chaor and Aditya. He asks his men to take Aditya. Chakor says you can’t take him. The goons hit Aditya and take him. Suraj holds Chakor’s hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bhuvan ji Go to Hell or anything Ji.
    U r spoiling Chakor’s Life n her Happiness..

  2. I liked todays episode and the way vivaan took care of chakor. Hope to see old vivaan soon..

  3. Soon Tejaswini is drugging the poor lad. Sadly only his mother can save him that too after confessing she murdered his father. Suraj is supposed to be a grey character all I see is black… when will they show him trying to do something right.

  4. I think thejaswini is giving some drug to vivu in milk & he forget allthings

  5. Ur right fathu i think so……chavan sence super

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