Udaan 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli poisons Suraj’s mind

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The Episode starts with Imli joking on Suraj when he comes to her without any gun. She says you have come with your questions. He says yes, tell me why did you capture Vivaan and keep him away for 7 years. She says I didn’t capture him, go and tell him. He says you would have some humanity, why did you treat Vivaan like animals, use this chance and maybe anything good happens with you, else you know my anger. She says then do anything, truth won’t change, I didn’t hold Vivaan captive, you have made me like this, I used to follow your commands madly. She recalls and says you told me to rebel against family, you showed me the wrong way, I like it, don’t mind, I don’t like the path of goodness, like of Chakor. He asks what do you want to say.

She says I know you have come here to solve your confusion,

I know what’s cooking between Chakor and Vivaan. He shouts enough. He scolds her. He says Vivaan was right, we should kill you, I hate you, you started instigating me, you are still the same. She says trust me, I have seen Vivaan and Chakor’s cheap doings, if you have seen it, you would have not tolerated. He fumes. She says Chakor is clever, she knows you love her a lot, don’t get blind in love, she is cheating you. He holds her neck and threatens to kill her. She says I can prove that Chakor is cheating you, just free me once and then I will show you. She smiles when he leaves her. He says you don’t deserve this, I wish I could hang you. He goes. Vivaan says Saanvi, your mum is very clever, she stopped me from killing Imli. Chakor says Saanvi will happily hug you when she grows up and knows this, she will also be proud of you. He says Suraj didn’t come till now. She says Imli can’t fill his ears, I know Suraj, I trust him, he won’t believe her. She says I have made kheer for Saanvi, can you taste this and tell me if sugar is fine. He says yes, I can tell you, you have to feed me. She feeds him. He likes it and asks for one more spoon. She sees Suraj in the mirror and gets shocked. She asks what happened, why are you seeing us this way, did Imli fill poison in your mind against us. Suraj says nothing. She says your eyes are saying yes, tell me.

Vivaan says I knew she will do this. He makes Saanvi sit in pram. He says I can’t see more drama, Imli should die. He locks them in the room and goes to Imli. He points gun at her and says you know why I have come here, to kill you. Imli says no, I didn’t shut you in the dark cell, why are you punishing me. She closes eyes. He hears a phone ringing and finds a phone there. He gets a call and thinks its her call, who has held me captive. She says its that woman’s call right, see I was saying truth, I didn’t torture you, leave me. Chakor and Suraj come and stop Vivaan. Suraj asks whose call is it. Imli says its that woman’s call who kept Vivaan captive. Suraj says you kept him captive. Imli refuses and asks Vivaan to answer call. The lady says you are giving my hard work credit to Imli, I won’t come in front of you. He shouts who are you. Vivaan says Imli is behind this, I will kill her, else how would call come at this time, she is the problem. Suraj says no, Imli is tied here, no one knows about it, she has no phone to contact anyone. Chakor says who is our enemy, who is calling Vivaan. Imli says that woman is a Devi for me. Vivaan scolds her.

Chakor says you did many crimes, we will send you to jail. Imli asks why are you so angry today, did Suraj and you had a fight because of someone. Chakor holds Suraj’s hand and says we have no fights between us, I started living happier since you are caught. She goes with Suraj. She leaves Suraj’s hand and goes. Vivaan locks Imli. Vivaan hits the punching bag. Suraj and Chakor stop him. Vivaan says I wish I could have killed Imli and calmed down, whom shall I blame and take revenge. Chakor says we have to find that woman, but we have to give Imli to police first. Suraj says you were giving her a chance. She says no, she tried to make you against me and Vivaan. Suraj recalls and says no, she didn’t tell me anything. He goes.

Imli says leave me, I don’t want to go jail. Kasturi gives evidence against Imli. Some people attack Suraj and everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t think Imli poisoned Suraj’s mind but it’s his insecurities that are torturing him, sometimes there are fears that you don’t believe but you can’t get rid of. It’s evident from the way he held Chakor’s hand and from the fact that Imli expected them to fight but they didn’t. I would’ve preferred if Suraj have defended Chakor’s character or attacked Imli’s.
    Suraj lied to Chakor because he doesn’t want to admit that Imli’s words affected him because he knows that they aren’t true, and Chakor is disappointed that he hasn’t shared this with her. I’m sure they’ll clear the matter soon.

  2. I hope they don’t lose the evidence tomorrow.
    It’s disappointing how even though Imli is captive, she’s in control and shows no fear. Makers have wasted the chance of showing her suffer, there should be a balance between good and evil that’s sadly lacking. They simply don’t want to show Imli suffering, even in the current montage, she’s the only one happy.
    Same goes for Sukor MU, MU tracks work better with good emotional scenes between the leads, but here we hardly get any and what they show is filled with bitterness and anger and not with vulnerability and hidden love, the only good scene was the bedroom scene with drunk Suraj and yesterday’s scene, the rest were a big disappointment.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    Udaan writers…would you pleaae stop making Suraj so gullible and susceptable to Imli’s lies and manipulations. Enough is enough.

  4. According to the latest spoiler Imli will go mad after knowing the truth.So finally Imli’s chapter will be over.
    I want Imli in a positive role but she will have to be punished for her crimes. The worst thing Imli did was helping KN to kill Chakor’s child.In that episode I felt that she is the worst sister in this world.
    Imli has murdered many people and sold the girls.So the writers should definitely punnish Imli.

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