Udaan 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Vivaan to manage here, and she has to go and see Imli, its imp. She goes. Tejaswini announces that Suraj and Tina’s marriage is on same day, as Vivaan and Chakor, and invites everyone. Ranjana tells Vivaan that Tejaswini is doing this intentionally to stop your and Chakor’s marriage, where is Chakor. Vivaan says she went for some imp work, she will come. Chakor looks for Imli in the jundle and prays for Imli’s safety. She looks out everywhere. She sees Imli at the end of the cliff and shouts Imli. She runs to stop Imli. Imli falls down. Chakor jumps to save her, and holds her hand. Imli sees Chakor and gets to senses. She asks Chakor to leave her and let her die. Chakor pulls her and says I won’t go, else I will also die with you, what about our parents if we die.

Imli cries and says leave me. Chakor pulls her hand and saves her. She then angrily slaps Imli.

Vivaan tells guests that Chakor went for imp work. He asks Suraj why did he not say his plan before. Suraj says I wanted to marry same day. Ranjana calls him mad. Tejaswini says we will do arrangements well, Suraj is marrying in rich house, think about your bahu, she had no time to sit in mandap, will she have time to take wedding rounds. Vivaan says we will manage. Suraj taunts him. Vivaan also taunts him on Bhaiya ji.

Chakor scolds Imli for committing suicide. She says I was shocked seeing you so weak, where is my sister Imli, who used to dream to win the world, who loved me so much. Imli cries. Chakor says you killed that Imli, you are someone else. Imli says no, I did not change, whatever happened with me, I did not know what to do, I had no way than to die. Chakor asks what happened with you, that you were going to die, we can face big problems, tell me, I want to go. Imli says I m going to become Suraj’s baby’s mum. Chakor gets shocked. Imli cries and hugs her. Chakor asks does Suraj know this, did he tell to abort baby. Imli says yes, I did mistake, beat me. Chakor cries. Imli says I should have not done this sin. Chakor says you did not do sin, you loved an animal. Imli says you understood my heart, save me, I can’t show my face to anyone now. Chakor promises her that Suraj will repent for his sin, he will accept you and your baby, you will get your right, this is my promise, I will not leave that Suraj.

Kasturi calls them. Imli says if Kasturi knows, what will she do. Chakor says I won’t tell anyone, promise me, you won’t think of committing suicide. Imli promises and says fine, I m ready to trust you after 10 years. Chakor hugs her.

Chakor brings Imli home. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask what happened to Imli, she looks unwell. Chakor says Imli will get fine, tell me what happened after I left. Kasturi says Suraj is also marrying same day with Tina, whats the need for same day marriage. Chakor says its fine, no need to worry. Kasturi says you look in my eyes and tell me, does Imli love Suraj. Chakor gets quiet. Kasturi says I knew this, I was scared and did not ask Imli, I think Imli is upset because Suraj is getting married, I will talk to her. Chakor says give her some time, she will forget Suraj, trust me.

Chakor gets a call and disconnects. Kasturi says it was Vivaan’s call right, remember this, no one is more imp than husband after marriage, go and meet him, I will manage Imli. Chakor goes. Kasturi sits taking care of Imli. Imli asks can I sleep in your lap, will you sing lullaby for me. Kasturi says I feel like getting my daughter after 10 years, come fast. She sings lullaby for Imli. Imli smiles and sleeps.

Chakor aims the gun at Suraj and asks him to marry Imli, as Imli is not a toy to play with.

Update Credit to: Amena

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