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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Ajay why did he call her to meet. Ajay thinks of her and smiles. Constable says you have stolen a valuable thing. Ajay says how to say. Constable asks her to read this Fir. She checks file and sees Ajay’s love letter. She gets shocked and recalls Suraj’s words. Ajay says I did not had courage to say, when you came to my house and hugged me before leaving, I realized you also like me, so I wrote this. She asks did you feel I ……, that we are more than friends. He says I know this won’t be easy for you. He talks to her.

He says I know person takes time to trust someone after getting cheated, I can wait till you want. She gets worried. Suraj comes to Bhaiya ji. He says I did not come to sit, you said you want my help to get my mummy here, I m ready.

Bhaiya ji says I knew you will agree. Suraj says I have some conditions. Bhaiya ji asks what. Suraj says she should not be hurt, I don’t trust you. Bhaiya ji says I promise she won’t be hurt. Suraj says I will forget all relations if you change from your words, I m doing this for my mummy, it does not mean I m with you. Bhaiya ji says I will always support you, time will show you. Suraj goes.

Chakor comes home. Suraj comes and asks what happened, tell me. She says don’t get angry, Ajay proposed me. He gets angry and asks what. She says I did not want this, I was provoking him so that my love…. Mahiya…..plays…. She cries and says I will tell Ajay about us. He laughs and says it means he has really proposed you, did he get on knees and propose. He jokes. She pushes him and says I was so scared of your reaction, you are laughing. He says I got much angry on you, he has proposed you, he does not know its tough to lock wild cat. She says stop making fun of me, tell me what to do.

He says just tell him, Chakor stays in Suraj’s heart. She says I can’t tell him, he is a nice guy, I can’t hurt anyone, I wish something happens that does not break his heart. He says fine, I will tell him, I m expert in breaking heart, I will say it was our mischief. She asks will you do anything else. He signs no. She thanks him. Constable says Chakor’s answer will be yes. Suraj comes and says I did not come to fight, I came to talk about love, which happened by mistake with Chakor. Ajay says Chakor does not want to keep relation with you.

Suraj laughs and says you don’t know about Chakor. Ajay asks him to sit and talk with manners. Suraj shouts Chakor just loves me, she was doing drama to make me jealous, forget her. Ajay says you stop this drama, Chakor has forgotten you, she has left you, she wants to make a new start with me. He pushes Suraj and says you don’t move and doesn’t let her move on, now Chakor is mine, I won’t let you come in between. Suraj punches his face. Ajay gets angry.

Vivaan gets soup for Imli and says I made this for you, its good for you and baby. She refuses. He says sorry, I will try to end your annoyance, you have to drink this soup. Chakor comes. He signs her and goes. Chakor says baby wants soup. Imli refuses. Chakor says you are not doing right, you know Vivaan did that by Ragini’s influence, you are dragging this matter, you are hurting Vivaan, yourself and baby. Imli says old things stop me. Chakor says you will be frustrated till you forget old things, Vivaan is trying, you have to try too, have soup now. Vivaan comes and says police caught Suraj, he had a fight with some policeman. Chakor says what, I will leave, Imli have this soup.

Chakor comes to Suraj. Suraj says I came to tell Ajay, your lover boy is not listening to me. Ajay comes and says now I understand why you are troubled by him, he will be good staying here in lockup. Suraj scolds him. Chakor asks Suraj to be quiet. Suraj asks Chakor to say truth, that she loves him. Ajay says I already know, Chakor does not need to say, its okay. Shee worries.

Bhaiya ji says get my son out. Suraj says Chakor, you just tell it, I won’t need bail. Chakor goes. Bhaiya ji says I want my family with me, you are not part of this family. She says maybe I come back here. Suraj can’t live without me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    Uff i hate Chakor got this she could clear the matter but no she didn’t. Suraj was right n I liked the way he reacted very mature n the way he talked to Ajay was right too coz being her (ex) husband he has a right to fight for his wife but I hate it that she kept quite. Ajay is doing too much he has no right to do n talk as Chakor is his own. He dies t know the real story n should tjink before talking. KN n Suraj talk was ok I’m happy he cleared I’m doing this for my mom n anything goes wrong we r gone.

  2. A simple sorry I can’t would’ve solved the whole thing, but Chakor was too shocked with how she led him on that she couldn’t react. Suraj took the matter better than I expected but she shouldn’t have sent him to Ajay because he will never believe him.

    I don’t know why Chakor didn’t support Suraj in the police station or why she’ll leave him in the next episode although he’s calling her but that was disappointing. Sooner or later she’ll have to admit her mistake to Ajay.

    We are completely in the dark about next week, can’t wait for the new olvs.

    Have a great weekend guys!

    1. Sukorian

      Haan right n I liked what she said in the precap but by not supporting zmSuraj it could get reversed on her he could drag him to KN unknowingly n maybe Suraj just play being bad but who knows

    2. Sukorian and nemo i agree what is it with cvs first suraj lied about imli cuz he thought imli would die which was lame excuse and now chakor dont wanna break ajay heart cuz he is nice is also lame and it was dumb sending suraj cuz ajay thinks suraj is jealous and thinks very little of suraj and in olv chakor says in jail ajay was going on about suraj being a drunk etcand chakor was gonna tell ajay but kamal comes and chakor gets sad seeing kamal and ajay is becoming obsessed with chakor claiming chakor is mine etc he doesn’t even know anything about suraj etx and howis he assuming chakor is his cuz chakoe didn’t say she loves him seeing ajay today even if chakor tells him he wont bk down and will go through great lengths to get chakor and i see kamal taking advantage of all this…

    3. I hate the precap, Chakor is so confident of Suraj’s love that instead of talking to Ajay and talking to Suraj, she’s busy challenging KN.

  3. The rumour about the show ending is on a video saying after vimli reunite and ajay story comes to end sukor will get remarried and show will go of air on happy note…. i hope this aint true as thier is much more tracks that cvs can use…
    Loved sukor conversation so cute but chakor tell ajay! The truth ajay wont listen to any1 unless she says it from her face kamal wants a famliy so i think kamal will look for a girl for suraj to chakor needs to tell ajay the truth and ajay is to rude to suraj poor suraj in lockup happy weekend guys and some1 thats commenting on ff page is being rude to every1 etc i dont like it ffs r for sukor fans to enjoy and it is not important to comment etc

    1. Sukorian

      ya even I read this abt the ff but don’t know what happen n ya tippu u r right ff r for fans not for haters.

    2. I think KN may try to find a bride to Suraj to make sure Chakor is out of his life but we know Suraj and Chakor are meant to be. I felt for suraj today, he was so understanding and did nothing wrong but he was let down by Chakor. Ajay is starting to act as an obsessive lover.

      Exactly tippu, some people don’t have time to comment or have nothing to say, there are many silent readers to all ffs.

    3. I think this started when vidhi said something like a happy ending for both couples, she just meant the end of the track but some people misunderstood her. I don’t think the rumor is true.

  4. In the starting itself chakor should clear to ajay abt her love. Initially Suraj talked maturely with ajay n tried to clear but ajay even not listening to him n insulted him n how can anyone tolerate that someone says to ur love is not urs n now mine u cant come in between. Still chakor not replied anything n how can ajay think she loves him. She fought with suraj n blaming him
    in front of ajay when there was imlis mu but when it is cleared only for teasing suraj she behaved so (which was wrong) but ajay not trying to understand at all. After listening suraj n ajays todays conversation i felt that ajay already turned negative for chakor bcos how he waa showing his right on chakor wrongly.

  5. What’s wrong with chakr? Like seriously? She had a chance to clear the matter but all she did was stay quiet and then she will leave. Surj’s dialogues were bang on today. The only thing I liked , was the precap when chakr says that she will probably come back as Suraj cant live without her.

    1. And when she puts the ace down which makes KN all worried. The tables will turn!

  6. Chakor is very strong… still she allowed to develop misunderstanding in ajay s mind. Very bad thing that she sent suraj to ajay to clear the misunderstanding whom ajay didn’t like from the beginning and more over she didn’t support suraj when things needed to be cleared. Need to see how kn is going to make use of this situation.

  7. Lol found it funny wen vivaan came in and sed shikhu told him suraj is in jail how.would shikhu know he works for kamal then again kamal most of sed to him keep an eye on suraj and chakor is right bout imli at first she forgive vivaan and blamed everything on ragini etc but now the excess drama is not needed What are cvs doing with these lame excuses sukor r using first suraj now chakor and ajay is a possessive lover i dont like the way he taunts suraj he doesn’t even know him like that and made suraj the 3rd person wen he is and chakor not speaking up is making ajay more secure about his feelings…but the side inspector sed that chakor has yet to answer and ajay sed she will agree so guys this is my theory kamal releasing suraj is part of a big plan now tejswani is bk idk why i feel kamal is gonna put tejswani and suraj lives in danger and also chakor mai baapu cuz in olv kamal sed he gonna harm chakor parents and then kamal will blackmail chakor to agree and accept ajay proposal if she wants suraj safe etc chakor will agree and suraj will get angry and may join kamal and this is all evil kamal plan he will gain and control suraj again and will punish chakor as chakor will be away from her love thats why cvs arent letting chakor say she dont love ajay as cvs are gonna make chakor accept the proposal under some.kind of pressure and i posted my ff enjoy

  8. Now a days too much make up for chakor and imli.. I liked chakor in the beginning..simple and natural..

    1. I noticed that too, I like the simpler look for chakor too.

  9. Chakor ne ak47 se kuch nhi bola i think smthing would hapen like blast bt poor suraj unka kya ksoor tha jst once she should tell ak47 that she lvs suraj n only suraj unko hurt hota bt suraj ko to itna bura nhi lgta na vo unke husbnd the. Vimli scene n kn ji suraj convo scene was also fine.can’t wait for monday epi.

  10. Hii
    Suraj saying I m expert in breaking hearts means what??? Referring to college days???

  11. Sukorian


    an interview of vj abt the current track n nothing was mentioned that the show is doing off air…

    I love this scene I don’t won’t them to separate


  12. Thnku sukorian n i knew it hw is this posible gys bcz sukor n vimli reunin isn’t the theme of udan.u forget gys main theme is ‘fredom of ajadgnj’. N gys BB time slot could be 11pm naa or sat.sun.9pm so wts the prob.if colors wana end any project so that should be SSK. Agr yeh serial itna lamba ja skta hai to udan kyun nhi n mthylogical shws bhi jyada lmbe nhi hone chahiye.n it jst 3 years of udan its not fair.mai iss liye nhi bol rahi bcz i lv udan.even i lv colors also mujhe colors ka sirf ‘ksm’ serial psnd nhi others r fine bt my best budy is ‘udan’.mai nhi chahti ye jldi khtm ho agr hua bhi to i wish udan cast ko itne project mile k vo offers lete lete thk jayen. Kn ji n teju maa,vivan,chagn,ksturi kaki,bubn kaka inko to bhut serials mai dekha hai bt don’t knw sukor kbhi ek saath dekhenge ya nhi or ragini,imli,shikhu dhokebaj unka bhi khuch pta nhi.i wana see vandhna singh as a main viln or positive rool in other new projects of colors.even i wana see all of them in upcming new projects of colors.

  13. Sonia agree with u bt kl wale epi.mai chakor ka look bhut bhut bhut acha tha evn unka hair stile bhi.jo unhone kl pehna tha mera dresing sensce same hai bt not so much heavy bcz i like printed top n plan botom n duppta or mai kbhi hair open nhi rkhti i lvd her dress vo floor tuching dresses se to accha tha yeh long cm anarkli suit. Gys in yesterdy epi. I like kn ji’s room decor also mostly armchairs.

  14. Tippu don’t wori dear bashers ko trol krne ka moka chahiye hota hai.pr hm sbko to sukor ffs psnd hai na sbke ideas unique hai.aap sirf unki baat sunho jinhe sukor ff psnd hai ok like nemo di,sukorian,shruti di,suny ect.

    1. I dont tbink sukor will seperate its to early the will habe nok joks instead cuz we need to see their love devlop too its only been a week since they patched up

      1. I don’t think they’ll separate now, Chakor will keep giving hints to Ajay that she’s not interested but he won’t get her meaning. Ajay will become a problem and KN will use this later to his advantage

  15. Thanks sukorian,
    It seems Suraj and Chakor are still talking. I liked Teju scene with Kasturi and Bhuvan too, I hope she doesn’t forget how they helped her.

  16. Shut up tippu u loser no1 likes u or ur ff u dont even get more than 4 comments loser and tippu nemo sukorian and aanaya think they queens that rule the page tippu loser and ur stupid nemo defends u losers they think they know everything

    1. Thank you

    2. I’m so flattered that we irritate you so much that you come here to comment, I assure you just as you don’t care about our opinions we don’t care one ounce about yours.

    3. See, turns out you’re one of the silent readers I was talking about.

  17. Sukorian

    @Bechia whats going on y r u being so rude… n dont comment if u dont like or u dont have something gud to say. No one insulted u y r u doing it. Did we harm U?

  18. Agree aanya, chakor’s clothes needs updating. I didn’t notice KN’s furniture to comment on it.

    Thank you to all Udaan ff writers, you don’t know how much you entertain your readers.

  19. Guys its tippu birthday happy birthday tippu

  20. Bechia every1 that likes sukor read ff they dont need to comment and tippu aanya nemo and sukorian do not rule page this is rude ffs are made by writers who enjoy writing about sukor

  21. Sukorian

    happy birthday Tippu

  22. Hey tippu many many many mooooooore hapy retns of the day my dear.

  23. Bechia i’m not owner of this page n i don’t wana rule’ere. Wt y r u try to fighting with us is there any prob.dear.nemo di,tippu n sukorian aapke baare mai khuch bhi nhi bola. Jst enjoy udan n [email protected] all let her speak gys fight k liye he shi i think silent want to enjoy [email protected] silent readrs plese join us bt don’t be angry n try to bash about anyone ok m waiting for u gys.ye page jitna hmara hai utna he aapka to jhgda kyun gys lest enjoy sukor n udan jrny gys mai udan serial yaad rkhna chahti hu jhgda nhi @ bechia so frnds dear pleeees n u knw wt tippu,nemo di n sukorian they r so lvly n can’t hurt anyone.if u hurt so sory dear bt tippu didn’t say anything to hurt u.

  24. Happy birthday Tippu, I wish you a happy and successful year ahead.

  25. I dnt understand why writers make chakors character like this now. She got so many chances to tell truth to ajay n at every step from starting suraj was warning her abt ajays intentions as she understands every thing then this time why she behaved like this n let suraj escape on Kn’s bail. She cant tell truth n break ajays heart as he is nice n what abt her love suraj how can she play wid his emotions n love. On this stupid track now cvs will drag the story. But spoilt chakors character n behaviour..

  26. I was worried about a long MU but the new olv, you can see Suraj going to talk to Chakor, so apparently what happened in the police station didn’t make him very angry with her. They want Ajay to keep chasing Chakor and fighting with Suraj. I think Chakor will only give hints to Ajay that she’s not interested in him without directly telling the truth or she’ll try to avoid him and he’ll think she’s shy.

    Chakor’s excuse isn’t good, sooner or later she’ll have to hurt Ajay’s feelings and the longer she waits, the worse it will become for him. Still she made one mistake and she admits it. I know it’s not the decisive confident Chakor we know, but it’s a new situation for her.

  27. Happy bday Tippu di. ?

  28. Sukorian


    New spoiler all 4 going out for lunch

  29. Great n hapy news sukorian don’t wori nemo di.

  30. Happy birthday Tippu (what can I call someone younger than me in hindi?)

    Just ignoring someone who come to disturb us and don’t have something good to tell. They don’t deserve our attention. Hehehhe

    1. Just their name is fine otherwise choti.

  31. Hi aanya…hw r u dr…check my cmnt on Piya Albela page…

  32. Sukorian

    seems no1 is interested anymore n that stupid imli drama will never end


  33. Suraj-vivaan fighting on the issue of imli’s food!i mean imli will get attention no matter how irrelevant it gets!Don’t know why Suraj has to come between husband-wife matter!It is becoming hard to tolerate him day by day.

  34. Thanks for the links sukorian and Tani.

    It’s unfortunate that they chose Imli to be the reason of the fight, but the truth is the two of them wanted a pretext to start fighting. I’ve seen in an olv, that before going to the restaurant they were fighting who sits in the front seat. It’s not about Suraj’s obsession with Imli, it’s about Suraj and Vivaan’s differences and CVs’s obsession with Imli.


    1. The trip was planned by Chakor and Imli to clear the air between Suraj and Vivaan.

  35. I don’t like Suraj’s care for Imli. Please CVS let Suraj happy with Chakor without third person between them. Remember, Imli and Suraj have past, at least makes Suraj keep distance between him and Imli for shake of Chakor. Make clear about Suraj feeling, because if he always care for Imli not because of chakor, his feeling for chakor seems not real. And I hate that.
    Seriously, I miss sukor togetherness when chakor always fight for Suraj in every condition. When they didn’t realize their love, their love always look beautiful and real. But now… Please make them as a happy couple even just little…

    1. there won’t be a separation track for a while. If you check TOI spoilers below chakor will explain things to ajay, vivaan and suraj are back as friends and so on. Sukor will have some trouble free time.

      1. What a relief, finally this week everything going to be fine. Hahaha waiting something nh good in Friday. I hope tajeswini will not be bad person again..

  36. TOI Spoiler for the week
    Episode – 829
    KN gets Sooraj out of the jail. Later, Chakor assures Sooraj that she will tell the truth to Ajay. Kasturi and Bhuwan get emotional when Tejaswini leaves for the haveli.
    Episode – 830
    Sooraj gets happy when he sees Tejaswini back in the house. Meanwhile, Chakor tells Ajay that she was trying to make Sooraj jealous by her antics and apologises to him for her mistake.
    Episode – 831
    Chakor and Imli try to solve problems between Vivaan and Sooraj and take them out for dinner. Meanwhile, KN tells a businessman that Sooraj will participate in the elections.
    Episode – 832
    When KN asks Ranjana to get out of his house, Tejaswini stops him. Later, Vivaan and Sooraj realise their mistakes and apologise to each other.
    Episode – 833
    Chakor and Sooraj spend some quality time with each other. KN goes to Imli and tells her about his plan of bringing the family members together. He asks her to forgive Vivaan.

  37. It seems Udaan will revolve around either imli or suraj.Everything else is just filler. After bride swap, their is no track based on Chakor.
    1.imli’s 1st baby track 2.suraj bandhua track 3.imli 2nd baby track 4.suraj election track

  38. After ajay’s entry,i hoped to see a chakor track.but no.This obsession with sukor has ruined chakor. Her role has reduced to just keep supporting imli and suraj.I hope meera do a star plus show after this mess of a show ends.She deserves better script and wider viewership.

  39. Thanks for sharing Tisa

    I’m looking forward to the new track, it seems interesting and it’s different.

    The show is about Chakor’s fight for freedom. Although the last track was not related to that, it didn’t exactly revolve around Imli, the suffering of the four of them was equally on display.

    The bandhua track was related to the core of the show, it focused on how Chakor helped Suraj to survive his ordeal and how she helped him get free, it was as much about Chakor as it was about Suraj.

    When Chakor was fighting to free the villagers, did you say the show is revolving around them instead of Chakor?

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