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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I won’t give divorce to Suraj. Vivaan and Imli ask her not to joke and sign. Suraj asks whats this drama now, Chakor wanted divorce. Imli asks Chakor why is she saying so, when she gave this idea, sign on it. Ranjana asks Chakor to sign and move on in life. Suraj gives her pen. Chakor says I don’t want divorce and throws papers. They all get shocked. Vivaan says you said this marriage is bad dream, what happened in day that you changed your decision. Chakor cries. She does not say anything. Vivaan keeps on asking. Chakor says I won’t give divorce to Suraj and they all get shocked. Vivaan says you can’t play with our emotions, you cheated us, you can’t do this, I will never forgive you. He goes.

She steps on the glass pieces and gets hurt. She asks Vivaan

to stop and runs after him. They cry. He says our story ended Chakor, don’t try to call me, from today your Vivaan is gone from your life. Tejaswini asks Imli to pick the glass pieces. Ranjana thinks I can say truth and make things fine, but I can’t let my son go away from me. Imli picks glass and her finger gets hurt. Chakor worries for her and says I will get aid. Imli says leave it, you can see this wound and not the wound on my heart, you wanted divorce from Suraj, why did you refuse then, you used to hate Suraj. Chakor says no. Imli asks what do you mean, tell me, is Suraj threatening you, is he forcing you. Suraj looks on. Imli asks her to say, whats the matter. They cry.

Chakor recalls Suraj’s words. Chakor says no, Suraj did not force me, its my decision. Imli asks what do you mean, you like Suraj. Chakor says yes, I love Suraj. Imli slaps her hard. Tejaswini and Suraj look on and smile. Imli scolds her and goes. Chakor sits crying. Suraj says I have made Chakor lose. Tejaswini says I had fun seeing you win, Imli slapped Chakor. He says see what happens next.

Imli cries and says I knew my fate is bad. She recalls Chakor’s plan. She says why did this happen and cries. She goes to Kasturi and Bhuvan. Kasturi cries and asks why are you crying, what happened, you and Chakor were going to come here. Imli says divorce is not happening now.

Chakor talks to Lord and asks how shall I assure everyone that I did not change, why I m doing all this, I did not break their trust, how to make them believe me. Suraj comes and says you can’t make them trust you now, I heard Imli has slapped you, how can she do this, she is your Devrani, she should touch your feet, she has slapped you, it maybe aching. She says you maybe having fun.

He says I have made Chakor lose, Suraj has failed Chakor who failed the world, you told me that I can’t make you lose, now do you agree I m smarter than my father. He asks Lord am I saying wrong. She says Lord won’t listen to you, as you killed your father. He plays drum and says it was necessary to do this, else he would have killed you and Vivaan, then Imli’s baby. He says Bhaiya ji would have killed everyone, what wrong did I do by saving so many lives by killing one man. She cries.

Bhuvan scolds Chakor and ends relation with her. He does last rites of Chakor and says now I have just one daughter, Imli. Chakor cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is obvious that the new bonage story is about chakor and suraj, about her being tied into a forced marriage. The weird thing is they cv’sare and giving the viewers a mixed sign about other she will fall for him or whether she’ll fight her way out. The first option might be the 99% possibility! So stop going on about how the story is so silly! Read the title again! UDAAN!

  2. Chakor character has been turned into an imbecile, this kidfought so hard from her childhood to end bondage slavery, but the writers are pro slavery they had to change the story and portray a strong woman as helpless stupid character llike they always do to indian women characters. you have to be a mother in law in indian serials to have power otherwise you are a slave

  3. Yes exactly. Chakor was such a strong kid in her childhood. She never cried. Now she has become so weak like every other lead character in every serial. She has become so helpless.. And can her mother not trust her??? It’s really amazing..

  4. Always portraying women as low grade….wat u showing is that there is no respect for women…truth n happiness…bhaiya ji was so cruel..he never repent…just died. ..now negativity in show..no wonder trp is low…bakwaas…

  5. Showing chakor as weak character is very disgusting too much negativity

  6. Don’t show chakor as a weak character. She always fought for her dreams since childhood..

  7. Bhaiya ji is still alive it is suspense story will take new turn

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