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The Episode starts with Kasturi bringing Chakor home and crying. Imli and Dadi cry. Kasturi asks Chakor not to go anywhere and tell Ishwar that she will with her mum. Bhuvan asks why is she saying so. Kasturi says she is my daughter, I will not send her to study or run, I want her alive and fine, I will not hear anything. He asks her to understand, its not just Chakor’s dreams, its Ishwar, Arjun, Baa and many villager’s dream, you gave birth to Chakor and but future is not in our hands, she has to take a big flight and go to heights, you don’t tie her to your pallu/saree end. She asks her not to divert Chakor.

Chakor says she will not run away, she knows my mum loves me a lot, so she is stopping me, she is strong, she wants me to go and come back after winning the race. He says yes. Kasturi hugs

Chakor and cries. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to learn something from her daughter, and feed her food now. Arjun comes in his room and sees Bhagya. Soniye…………plays…………… He smiles and says Bhagya I don’t believe that we got married, but maybe Lord wanted this.

He says now Bhagya is Arjun’s, and Arjun is Bhagya’s. He holds her hand and says we have become one, so we have to understand our love language. She says Arjun Sir, I like you. He says this is not done, I know you like me, tell me what else do you think. He says he will train her for talking, and train Chakor to run. She says I accept. He smiles and asks her to be careful, I m very strict when I train. He asks her to sleep now, good night. She holds his hand and stops him. He thinks he will be her friend till she understands the meaning of this relation. Arjun goes.

Its morning, Arjun starts training Chakor and asks her to run faster. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………plays…………… He says no one can stop her from winning if she runs so fast. Geetha and the girls plan to fail Chakor and make her lose. Ishwar talks to the villagers and tells how his office and home are ransacked, and he felt Bhaiya ji has done this, do they know anything about this, Bhaiya ji did this to take the papers. He asks them to give the statements against Bhaiya ji. Ishwar says once we prove Bhaiya ji is wrong and bad man, you will get your freedom. Dadi thanks him for being their protector, and apologizes to him. She says he is like Ishwar. He says his name is Ishwar, he is not Lord.

He says if we do this work, Lord will really bless them. Vishnu types the statements and takes their thumb impressions. Chakor does the training and comes to them. Everyone get happy seeing her. Kasturi gets sad as Chakor is leaving today. Chakor comes in her uniform. Ishwar asks Bhuvan to keep all the papers, and asks Chakor to get ready to come. Bhuvan says his daughter will go ahead, and asks Kasturi not to get sad. Baa sees the proofs and says Bhaiya ji will be punished, I will be happy on his failure. Ishwar says I feel I m small kid and going for exam, I m scared thinking will I pass or fail. She blesses him and says he will pass. Lakhan sees the files and thinks the proof is infront of him, he has to inform Bhaiya ji. Ishwar sees baskets and asks Baa about it. Baa says its gifts that came in Bhagya’s marriage, I m thinking to give this to villagers. He asks for some empty baskets, he wants to hide proof in it. She says fine. Lakhan hears it and goes. Ishwar has seen Lakhan and thinks he will get trapped as well.

Lakhan informs Bhaiya ji about Ishwar’s step. Bhaiya ji asks him to stop Ishwar from reaching court. The goons shoot at Ishwar’s car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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