Udaan 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj saying villagers did not forgive me, they did not pity on me. She says no Suraj, you did not slap me as you are old selfish Suraj, I m saying this change will be in everyone, they will understand fire is blown off by water, hatred can be won by love. He says I did not change, once I get these bad villagers in hand, see what I do, poison kills poison, you don’t worry for me, leave me on my state, go from here. She thinks you are saying this so that Bhaiya ji does not insult me, I will not let you die, I will try that you get food, one day you will see good winning over hatred.

She goes to haveli and sees her reflection in mirror. She recalls Suraj. She says I can’t believe what Suraj said, you gave me respect, you proved there is a nice person in you, I know you

lost faith in people, you will know love wins over hatred.

Bhaiya ji says Suraj is surely in love with Chakor, I can see my benefit. Ragini asks what benefit. He says your generation goes to any extent for love, love is their weakness, Chakor is becoming Suraj’s weakness, we can use it. She says you are great, I did not understand. He praises himself. He says let them sing love songs, then they will get separated. He sings do hanson ka joda……He says stop joking, Chakor is clever and will think to feed Suraj. He says nothing will happen.

Chakor thinks who will help Suraj. She recalls the little girl Pakhi. Girja gets food for Chakor and asks her to have food. Chakor says yes, this will be right, its not that everyone hates Suraj, maybe people are afraid to show sympathy, but children’s heart is pure. Girja asks what are you saying. She keeps food. Chakor thinks I will show goodness is alive and it can keep Suraj alive too.

She gets Kasturi’s call. Kasturi says Imli is not answering my call, are Vivaan and Imli fine. Chakor says yes, they came on time today. Kasturi says yes, what to tell you, Vivaan was angry on Tejaswini. She tells everything. Chakor gets shocked. She says don’t tell this to Imli and ends call. She says Vivaan has done this with Tejaswini, why did he try to kill her, what happened.

Vivaan recalls whatever he did. Chakor comes to him and asks are you regretting now, why did you do this. He says you got to know. She says yes, mum and dad are worried and wanted to tell Imli, I stopped them, did you think what will Imli go through, I know you are worried by police case. He says no, I m worried because of Tejaswini. She made me drug addict and ruined me. She asks him to tell everything. He says I can’t give Imli what she wants, what she lost once, I can’t father a child. Chakor gets shocked. He says all this happened because of Tejaswini, she gave me drugs and ended my life, I should have killed her, I could not do that, I m useless.

He sits crying. She cries and sees him. She wipes her tears and consoles him. He says I can’t tell this to anyone. She asks did you tell this to Imli. He says no, I did not say, even you don’t say. She says fine, but Imli is your life partner and has right to know this. He says I will tell her on right time, till then no need to tell her. Imli comes and asks what’s not needed to say, what are you hiding. Chakor says he is worried for court hearing, he does not want you to worry. Imli says so his behavior changed, Vivaan does not need to worry, nothing wrong can happen till we are together, have food, come. They leave. Chakor cries and says problems always come on us.

Its morning, Suraj tells Ragini that he won’t sweep the locality, I don’t have energy. Pakhi sees him and smiles. Servant gets broomstick. Ragini says its not my mistake, you threw food, Papa asked you to work as bandhua, you have to sweep the locality, have this broom. Pakhi says we should help him and give him food to get energy. Her mum scolds her and takes her. Chakor hears Pakhi and thinks Pakhi made my thought certain, now she will help me. Suraj says I will not work till I get food.

Chakor says no Suraj, you have to work with or without food. He asks what are you saying Chakor, are you mad, can I do something in this state. She says you made this state on your own, you should have slapped me, but your inner man got awakened, who could not raise hand on a woman, I m tired of fighting for you, fight on your own now. She signs him and gives him broom in hand. She goes. Suraj sweeps the locality. Chakor meets Pakhi and kids. She asks will you do this. Pakhi says yes, feeding hungry people is good deed, my mum is angry with Suraj, he can work after having food, I will explain my mum, she is good by heart, she cries seeing this stamp, its bad sign. Chakor says you are good, I will give you food to give Suraj. Pakhi says no need, I have much food to give him. Chakor thinks Suraj will be sure that goodness did not end.

Chakor shouts for help. The goons run to see. Pakhi asks Suraj to come fast and have food. She feeds him food. Suraj says you are the goodness which killed the badness in me. He hugs Pakhi. Chakor smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ye drama ab nahi saha jata

  2. Good episode, precap was emotional and finally sooraj get food. Chakor u r super and your ideas r excellent.

  3. Janani9789

    nice epi!!!feel bad for suraj as always when this bandhua track will end!!!!??
    today vj entred udaan one year back!!so lets Congrats him guys!!!???
    chakor thinking of suraj is good part!!!and best part!!???
    kn really makes me laugh harder by his acting!!!whenever kn try to separate suraj and chakor,it only makes them so close,as before…and stronger!!!bechara kn!!!!???
    ragini really irritates me!!!i want suraj to get free!!!take revenge from kn and ragini,co…????
    vivaan shouldn’t hide this imli…he is doing wrong!!!
    suraj!!now understand love changes hated in person!!precap is amazing…
    waiting for sukor scenes!!!??

  4. Nice episode .. The precape was too emotional and heart touching
    Finally can see sukors romance.. Their dance, feeding food etc.
    What happend to you guys? Nowadays there is only few comments in the comments section? Where u all gone?

  5. Sukor ki feeling hr koi feel kr raha hai siwae sukor k
    according to spoilers
    Abb mazeed vivaan ki negtivity brdasht krni pRe ge woh kn ka trust jeetne k liay sukor ko hr trah ce torture kre ga phir kn aur ragni mai phoot dilwae gae mager uss ce pahle hm viewers ko mazeed torture cell track brdasht karna hu ga
    Jb yeh cheap track khtm hu tu story ko diffrent type tracks per chilana mager sukor ko juda mat karna werna color k mostly dramo mai hero herione bar bar juda kiya jata hai jha wo milte hai waha drama khtm kr diya jata hai sawaragni abhi Chal skta tha mager
    1 mnth is torture track ko June ki shaadi hoi hai imvaan ko tou September ka milwa dia hai bechare sukor ki b perfect love Story chila du abb current torture track bore kr raha hai

  6. hello guys!! udaan page per itni less cmnt 🙁 sub kaha ho exams chal raha he kya ? guys sub mujhe yaad rakhe ho ya bhool chuke ho ? I’m missing u all pata nahi ye xmaz kyu hote hai
    aaj vday tha mujhe laga ki aaj kuchh romantic SuKor moment hoga per ….. aachha hua maine TV pe nahi deka otherwise mere half an hour time west ho jate
    anyways come to d epi finally suraj have got food m very happy for this

  7. Wow what a good episode oh no kn is gonna seperate chakor and suraj i wonder what he is gonna do latest spoiler is chakor putting cream on suraj wounds becoz some1 beat suraj up then suraj ask chakor why is she doing all this chakor says nothinh chakor trips and suraj catches her they both sleep in the stable hugging each other and use chakor scarf as a blanket then they both wake up and look at each other another spolier is chakor and suraj eat and feed eacg other they also dance together but ragini comes and spoils it

  8. pata hai broomstick bare main padh ker maine socha kash ye broomstick magical hoti to SuKor iss per baith ker in sub mental logo se kahi door chhumantar ho jate aur aapna ek ghar bana ker uske bahar likh dete HERE ANY KIND OF MAD,PSYCHO, BRAINLESS, CRYBABY PEOPLES R NOT ALLOWED

  9. Wow that was a nice episode, precap is very touching, eagerly waiting for today’s episode.

  10. Nice epi. I m fed up f hoping tht this banduwa track will end cz this gnna continue, pre cap is very touching.like the way when chakor reminding suraj.

  11. Janani9789


    new olv,vivaan joined kn,ranjana is back!!!this trio joined are back…now vivaan also…
    new promo where suraj and vivaan are fighting…

  12. Janani9789


    guys link of new promo…kn is irritating

  13. Janu iss link me chakor ne kya kaha.muje samaj nahi aaya…ragin n kn ko alag karne ka pln he kya

  14. Pura week awsm tha m happy to see u happy gys sukor moments such beautiful.Welcome back tapa.Guys mene to ek bhi episode mis nhi kia u know guys mere comment post hi nhi ho rahe ab main meri sis ka phone use kr rhi hun .guys ho hi nhi skta mujhe udan ka single moment bhi psnd na aye.aap ko lg raha hoga kitni bkbas batain kr rhi gun.bt i love kn ji vo kitna jldi smjjate hai sukor ko unhe khud ko nhi pta k vo ek dusre se pyar krne lage hai.Dusmn ho to kn ji jesa.
    Sory gys syd phir mujhe cmnt krne ka moka na mile pr jb bhi milega mai krungi.N Zoya, tapa aap logg itne km cmnts kyun krte ho. tapa good luck for ur exams.Sia please jldi aao.I love u all sia janu tapa angel zoya BT not more then udaan.

  15. nice episode,precap was even more good….

  16. how to register in forum pls tell

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