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The Episode starts with Imli and Chunni playing. Imli asks her why is she not playing well, when she taught her the game. Chunni sees her friends and gets tensed. Chunni does not hold the money box and it breaks. They get shocked. Imli asks her what is she doing, what happened to her, she forgot everything. Chunni signs her friends. Dadi worries. Chunni says don’t make me upset, I have come after long time, I changed. She asks Imli to understand this.

Tejaswini asks Laali to throw Chunni’s belongings, Bhaiya ji has gone out and will get good news. Laali cleans the room and gets Bhuvan and Kasturi’s pic. Laali says it will be her parents’ pic so she kept it. Tejaswini says but they are not Chunni’s parents. Laali asks what, who is Chunni. Tejaswini says nothing. Kasturi scolds Imli for

talking to Chakor like this. Imli says Chakor broke my money pot. Kasturi asks her to talk to Chakor well, and goes to get Chakor. Dadi goes with her. Imli thinks she should apologize to Chakor and runs after them. Chakor asks Amma are we doing right by going Mumbai. Amma says don’t know, I m worried for Chunni, if Bhaiya ji knows about her, don’t know what will he do. Chakor says don’t worry, Chunni should also get parents’ love. Amma says I wish so, I will pray everything gets fine and hugs her. She asks Chakor to sleep.

Chunni goes to talk to her friends. Chunni talks to Pintu and tells him that she will always stay with Kasturi as Chakor. Kasturi hears this and gets shocked. Chunni asks him why is he seeing that side and turns. She sees Kasturi and is shocked too. Bhaiya ji is on the way and laughs. He says I will reach in some time and thanks the man. He asks driver to drive fast and horn to signal the bus to side. Nayantara Amma and Chakor are in the bus. Bhaiya ji’s car passes by, Chakor’s cap flies and she is sleeping. Her hair get loose.

Kasturi asks Chunni what did she say, she is not Chakor, answer. Chunni says I m Chakor, and asks her friends to say. Kasturi slaps Chunni. She asks is she not ashamed to lie to her, answer where is my Chakor, I knew this but my love made me blind, I m sure you are a lookalike. Dadi comes and says its true she is not Chakor, but she is your daughter. Kasturi cries and is shocked. Dadi says she is Chakor’s twin. Tejaswini also hears this and is shocked. Dadi says you gave birth to two children, I thought your womb is mortgaged and both girls will be bandhua, so I have sent one very far, I did a mistake, I did not tell you. Imli and Kasturi are shocked. Chunni cries.

Tejaswini says Kasturi has two twin daughters….. Bhaiya ji’s car comes infront of the bus. Amma asks what happened. The man says its MP Bhaiya ji;s car, what happened. Amma is tensed and sees Chakor without the cap. Kasturi cries and says Dadi is lying, I have just two daughters, Imli and Chakor, this is not my daughter. Dadi asks her to ask her motherly love, this girl longed for your love, no one can take Chakor’s place, but Chunni can take her place, accept her. They cry. Kasturi hugs Chunni. Tejaswini looks on.

Kasturi is glad and says Lord gave my one daughter back, I wish Chakor was alive, it means Chakor is dead. Chunni recalls Dadi’s words. She says if I say Chakor is alive, then…. Kasturi says I know why you are saying this, to keep my heart, I know Chakor is dead. Chunni says no, Chakor is alive, she told me to stay in Aazaadgunj, she did not wish me to become bandhua, she has come here before me. They all get glad. Kasturi asks what are you saying. Chunni says yes, Choka Bhaiya is Chakor. They smile happily. Tejaswini gets shocked. She says Chakor cheated us, I should tell this to Bhaiya ji soon. She leaves. Kasturi asks if Choka is Chakor, she will be with Amma, where is she. Chunni gives Amma’s phone number. Kasturi says we will go to post office and call Amma, come. The driver gets bus driver out and scolds him. Amma says Chakor, wake up, see Bhaiya ji. Chakor gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji asks Ram Singh to get all people out of the bus. Amma tries hiding Chakor. Chakor asks what shall we do now, we are stuck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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