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The Episode starts with Vaibhavi welcoming Mr. Nawaz uddin Siddiqui. The locality people get glad seeing him. Chakor is unconscious and brought back to all the kids. Billu gets worried and asks is she fine. He asks the man about her. The man says they took her blood, she will get conscious, don’t worry. The kids get sad. Billu recalls how Bhola taunted Chakor and doubted on her. He says this happened because of Bhola, you have eaten the food given to her. Billu gets dizzy and cries seeing Chakor.

Nawazuddin says hope never ends, we end it by losing, courage and strength are necessary. Chakor gets conscious and hears him. The people clap for Nawaz. Nawaz motivates everyone. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………plays………… Chakor imagines Ishwar and walks to him. He asks her to get up and gives

her Indian flag and tells some poetry by Robert Frost. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

He explains her that she has to keep going and fulfill her promise. She gets up and Billu asks is she fine. She hears Nawaz saying about freedom of their dreams. Chakor says we have to get free too, but how to get out from here. Billu says there are many people here. She says it all depends on their courage. Billy asks her to see the kids, they all look scared and weak. Chakor says she will give him courage, they will go out. They all ask how. She smiles seeing a pic on the wall of Kanha holding cheese pot tied by ropes.

She looks at the roof and says moon will help them. She says we will stand on each other and climb, like Dahi handi. Vaibhavi says Nawaz has inspired a lot, he said great words, person can do anything if he is determined. Chakor asks everyone to climb on each other. Billu asks how did she know this. Chakor says Aditya has shown her. FB shows Aditya telling Chakor about Dahi handi. They see the video on laptop. They get tensed hearing someone coming. Chakor says don’t make sound, if they see us, we will say we were playing. She says maybe he went, climb fast.

Billu sees the boy shaking up. He says Chakor is weak, he will stand instead her. She says I m fine, you are also weak. He says my body is weak, but I have courage. Chakor asks him to be strong. Billu can’t manage the boy’s weight and they all fall down. She gets stunned. Nawaz raises the flag and everyone clap. Billu apologizes and Bhola blames him. Chakor says its not Billu’s mistake, only few kids could go out. They ask why did she make them climb them.

Billu asks Bhola to stop it, Chakor is helping them. He says he has an idea to go out and brings the bed. They ask what is he doing. He says if we make the beds aligned one over another, we can reach on top. Bhola likes the idea. Everyone sing Saare Jahan se aachha………. While the kids place the beds.

The man tells Babu about the roof repair. Babu says its not a problem, let the roof be broken. Billu asks Chakot to climb fast. He asks them not to give water to kids, let them drink the water falling from roof, take good care of Chakor, give her mineral water. Chakor comes to the top and smiles seeing the sky. She sees Babu and the goons, and gets stunned.

Babu asks the goons to check the kids and sends them. Chakor holds her head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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