Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor showing Imli the illuminating I love you Suraj written on wall. Imli smiles. Chakor switches on lights. Imli says you wrote this to confess love, Suraj will get mad seeing this. Suraj comes and asks what were you saying. Imli says nothing, ask Chakor, she will say. She smiles and leaves. Suraj says what nonsense was she saying, I don’t understand, I m tired, I m going to sleep. He pulls the sofa bed. Chakor smiles and goes to switch off lights. The light does not get off. Suraj asks what are you doing. She says I wanted to show something, switches got bad. He asks what’s it that will be seen in darkness, I won’t get sleep in lights, I will get screw driver. He goes. She switches off lights and calls Suraj to come fast.

He says yes, coming and collides with something.

He enters the room and lights get on. She says how did lights come and tries to switch off lights. He asks what are you doing, haveli lights went off. She asks him to get room lights off, else leave it. She gets annoyed. He says fine, don’t sit upset like a kid, I will go and do something. She asks him to go fast and come, I m waiting. He goes and checks fuse box. He thinks which is my room fuse from them, maybe this one. He switches off the light in his room. Chakor smiles seeing the wall. Suraj hears Pakhi and asks guard to let her come. He asks why are you crying. Pakhi says my dad is ill, my mum is crying, come with me fast. He says nothing will happen to your dad, I will come along. He goes with Pakhi.

Chakor sits and smiles. Suraj comes there and asks Chakor to come fast. He sees I love you Suraj written on the wall. He gets surprised and smiles. He sees Chakor loves Suraj written. He says Chakor….. She smiles and says Suraj…… He says its strange, we wanted to say this since much time and could not say, its a beautiful day in my life, I came back in this haveli and got that thing what I was dreaming since many days, Chakor I love you a lot. Chakor wakes up hearing the alarm and sees time 1am. She looks for Suraj and says he did not come back, I did many arrangements for him, he does not want to know what I have in my heart for him, how much I love him, what’s the use for all this. She cries and angrily throws the glowing hearts down. Imli comes and asks what are you doing, Pakhi’s dad is serious, Suraj took him to hospital, come fast.

Chakor says Suraj did not come here for this reason. They leave. Suraj asks doctor about Mohan. Doctor says we treated him as of now, but we have to call specialist, operation will cost 25 lakhs. Suraj asks him to do operation. Doctor says we have rule, we do operation after deposit. Suraj scolds him. Doctor asks him to come when he has money. Suraj recalls his old days. Chakor comes. Suraj says I will arrange money. He asks Pakhi not to tell her mum about money. Chakor asks how much money is needed He says 25 lakhs. She asks how will we arrange. He says I have an idea, don’t worry.

Its morning, Ragini says I m glad seeing your work. She praises his smartness. Vivaan says its not easy to make gun, see this coil spring, our bandhuas can’t make this, their fingers can’t make this. She says if its about their fingers failing to make thin springs, we will make kids make springs. He says but they won’t send kids. She says if we give them more money, they will send kids. He says great, I m sure you are not Bhaiya ji’s daughter, you are his father. They laugh and join hands.

Suraj comes to room. Chakor asks did you arrange money. He says yes and gives her. He says I know some people who give money on loan. She asks you know what they do if we fail to return money. He says yes, we have to treat Pakhi’s dad. She asks why did you ask me to pack bags, where are we going. He says you are going, we have to return this money in 6 weeks, I called my friend, he organizes events in Mumbai, he said he will give us money if you participate in events, we won’t need to ask anyone for money, will you do this.

She says its strange thing, I used to do this work for you before, you used to make me do this for your greed, today you are doing this to help someone, I will go Mumbai. He says its fine if you don’t want to go, I promised Pakhi, not you, its my problem. She holds his collar and says we are husband and wife, its our problem, if you don’t return money on time, they can do anything to you, its good I will get freedom from you, else we always fight. Imli comes and says you guys always fight, Suraj told this to me.

Chakor asks her to take care of Suraj. Imli says yes, I will take care. Suraj says 6 weeks, it means Chakor won’t be here on that day, no I won’t let you go Chakor. Chakor asks what. Imli says you can’t live without each other, Suraj don’t worry, Chakor is not going forever. She goes. Suraj reminds Chakor the date after 6 weeks. She says so what, we have to end work after 18th. He asks don’t you remember. He thinks she does not remember anything, what will she love me, she ended all my hope.

Chakor says Suraj did not come to say bye to me. Suraj looks on and hides. Chakor leaves in the car. Suraj runs after the car and shouts Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya.

    Hii everyone…..tapa dr I can understand its very dangerous….at d same tym u try to comment here dr….mama dr I cmnt here bcz I love udaan nd I never met u before bcz am from TN so am sure in dis….tippu tanx for d latest spoiler dr…nd I agree with u nemo….i wish there is no more seperation between our sukor…..guys I read latest spoiler update vivaan went village after he heard tat mechanic words nd he beat chagan also after tat vivaan vows to ruin suraj’s lyf…nd guys anyone remember tat our sukor already sign their divorce papers tat tym only kn re-enter haveli so they didnt submit the papers in court….nw tat paper is in ragini’s hand…anyone remember dis guys???….

    1. Sukorian

      imli burned the original divorce papers when Chakor reenters the house. After diwali party they tried to kill suraj remember?

  2. aap esa mat socho di.
    Har kisi ki life mei sirf gam ya sirf khusi nhi hoti.
    Jaise rat ke bad din n din ke bad rat ,wesehi gam ke bad khusi n khusi ke bad gam ata hai.
    Mujhe bhagban (GOD) ke upar pura bharosa hai ki woh aapke life me bhi zarur khusiyan bhar denge. I think sabhi ko unke upar bharosa rakhne chaiye.
    Aap bhi unke upar bharosa rakho , ek din zarur aega jis din aapke armame puri honge my pyari di.
    @thanks shasa dear for your suggestion. I have not a fb account but soon i will open .
    @friends here all r girls ya here r also boys?

  3. Shreya.

    Thanks for d lyrics link sukorian

  4. Hi shreya i think now ragini havn’t anything against sukor bcz imli ne vo divorse papers to phad diye the right [email protected] its posible dear bt drugs n all that its not posible.khuch bhi ho ye suvimli k iss chakr mai my dear chakor fs skti hai bt i know khuch bhi hoga na to vo suvimli ka saath nhi chodengi or nahi apna trust hilne dengi.don’t wry gys jst chil n enjoy this new track.gys i know m mad bt jst once think like me that vivan n imli is act n kn ji too.gys remember that scene in which after sukor iv all four make belev ech other that they r unite n against trio so …….i hope u can understand wht m tring to [email protected] i think dear u got misunderstand i jst wona say tht i can’t visit bcz m alone know agr moka mila to mai mere ghr or cleg ki duniya se bahr jrur niklungi bt for that i need smone na right?gys ek idea hai agr hm ek dusre ko whtsaap pe add kren to?

  5. Right aanya hm v yahi soch rhe but hme us k liye ek dusre ka nmbr chahiye hoga.

  6. Aqua

    Guys watch this sukor vm


    1. Sukorian

      too gud yaar

      1. Aqua

        It’s the original background song. I love the vm.☺

    2. Thanks for sharing, great vm.

    3. Sukorian

      yeah I have the song now its from movie striker

  7. Don’t wry zoya isske bare mai bhi soch k btati hu bt mai to wtsaap bhi nhi chlati.phele yeh btao kya aap sb tapa,zoya,mama,shreya mere saath add hona cahoge to he mai whtsaap bnaungi right.phele aap iska reply kro to hi mai aage btungi.bt gys aap bina mujhe dekhe muj pe vishvas kese kroge?

  8. Don’t worry about trps zoya, they’re down mainly because IPL. All shows that run from 8:00 till 11:00 except those on star plus had large drops. Let’s hope the numbers don’t slide further and start to improve but we will get a better picture at the end of May.

  9. Very excited for this week’s episodes, can’t wait for sukor confession and romance.

  10. Shreya.

    Ya guys u r ryt imli burned tat papers….i forgot tat yaar….nd tanx for remembering me sukorian nd aanya dears….nd mama dr according to my knwldg here all r girls, so dnt wry….nd aanya nyc idea dr bt hw to exchange our number….i trust u aanya, tapa, zoya, mama, dil d, sukorian, janani, philo, shasha, sruthi, nemo, aqua, subi, tippu, divya (if am nt mentioned anyone’s name am sry) nd all d guys in dis page…thn aqua dr tanx for sharing dis vm….

  11. Thnx fr the links. Nice vm. As far as I knw everyone is a girl dr. I’m a girl.

  12. Aqua i agree with you imli will blame chakor becuase she knows that vivaan cant be a dad because when vivaan found out about ranjana and when chakor told imli imli shouted at her i also think suraj and chakor will go through a phase were they seperate bevause after hearing the mechanic chakor will get doubts becasue suraj lied to her but i think the main reason will be becasue of vivaan as he has promised to ruin suraj life so he will do somthing major one think i want to say is if vivaan is not the father what if it is chaggan becuase he also loved imli and onholi nightimli stayed in the village and alot of them had baang but thats my asumption mostly likely vivaan will be the father i want kamal to get better so that he can puinsh ragini and vivaan in an interview kamal said that when he gets better he will favour imli as she saved him from the dog embarrassment i think imli will join hands with him if she losea the child

    1. Aqua

      I wanted chagaan for ragini so we could ship chagini lol

  13. Tippu can u give me the link please for this iv.nd shreya don’t wry dear serial end hone se phele sb bta dungi.i think now we should consntrate on udan.tippu,aqua it jst ur thinking or this is about spoiler?

    1. Aqua

      Dear we are only sharing our thoughts , not spoilers ???

  14. thanks for answering me pyari dil d n shreya.
    Di meri to whats up account nhi hai ,or ye kaise chalate hai ,mujhe ye bhi nhi pata.
    N di jo rista dilse joda hua ho uspe to apne ap hi trust aa jata hai , to kya hua ki hum sab bahot dur ke hai ya kabhi mile nahi hai.

    Hai na di?

  15. my sweety shreya ,what is the full of TN? N dear what r u trying to say in that coment i can not understand dear.

  16. When i share these spoliers this site dosent let me paste the link i dont know why thats why i explain them for everyone to know the latest spoliers

  17. K aanya dr, v will decide soon….nd mama TN means Tamil nadu…am from Tamil nadu dr nd i said I trust everone in dis page…nd tippu dnt wry yaar sometimes dis page wont support na…nd aqua ur thinking is nyc dr…

  18. Thanks for d link riya

  19. Thanks for the link Riya!

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