Udaan 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with the man scolding kids and saying they are going to become bandhua now. Suraj asks for bullets. Imli gives him bullets. Suraj asks other servants to learn from Imli. The servant asks from whose side will she clap, Suraj or Chakor. Suraj says mind your language, Imli is not my bandhua now, she is serving me by her wish, I gave her prize, I got bandhua stamp removed from her wrist, show them Imli. She gets tensed and hides her hand.

She shows her left hand. Chakor comes there. Suraj walks past Imli and she gets jerk. Suraj goes to Chakor. He says if you say, I will take you on shopping after competition, there are many good type of lipsticks. Chakor asks are you sure to give me what I ask for if I win. He says I m Suraj Rajvanshi, I do what I say. She says fine, lets compete.

He asks will you refuse after losing, it will be fun. She recalls his condition.

Chagan tells the first round rules of hitting the cow dung pack in air. Suraj says ladies first. Chagan throws the cow dung pack and Chakor misses to shoot it. Suraj laughs. Chagan says its sad, Chakor missed her first shot. Chakor recalls the crying villagers and their hope from her. She aims again and shoots right. Everyone clap. She shoots right second time too. Kasturi says Chakor will win. Chagan says now its Suraj’s turn. Suraj shoots superbly and with confidence. Everyone clap for him. Chakor gets tensed. Suraj looks at her. Chagan says Suraj’s three shots are right, he has 3 points, Chakor got 2 points after first round, we will start second round, there are 6 bottles and they have to break it by 6 bullets, we will start it, Chakor will begin first.

Kasturi asks Chakor not to be scared and aim. Chakor shoots at the bottles and breaks them, all in one go. Suraj gets stunned. Chagan says Chakor did right, she has shot 6 bottles with 6 shots. Chakor smiles. The lady compliments Chakor and says she is best is everything, but how did she learn shooting. Chagan asks Kaka to note down Chakor’s 6 points. He asks Suraj is he ready. Suraj shoots at the bottles and breaks them, one gets left. Chagan says Suraj got 5 points, now Chakor and Suraj’s points got equal, the third round will decide who will win and lose. Suraj recalls Bhaiya ji’s words. The boy asks Chakor to make Suraj lose.

Suraj sends his servant to tell Chagan. Chagan asks what, how can this be. The man asks him to say what he is told to. Chagan nods. Chagan says this last third round will make competitors aim and shoot the apple kept on live person. The man stops Kasturi and Imli. Chakor gets shocked. The man keeps apples on Kasturi and Imli’s hands and over head. Chagan says whoever does not break apple will lose.

Chagan says Chakor’s turn is first. Chakor’s hand gets shaken. Kasturi asks Chakor to shoot. Chakor says how can I shoot on my mother, this is injustice Suraj. He says I have my best worker Imli infront of me, its best phase of game to test capability, we will know who deserves to win, you or me, if you want, you can back out and accept defeat. Kasturi asks Chakor to aim and shoot. Chakor cries and her hands get shaken up seeing Kasturi. Suraj smiles. Chakor prays to win, she has always risked her life, but in this test Kasturi’s life is in risk, Vivaan you also pray that your gun does not harm my mother.

Vivaan is in his room. Ranjana asks him to go to fair, he will feel fresh and Chakor would like it. he says I can’t meet Chakor, my good wishes are with her. She smiles. Kasturi stands daringly. Chakor recalls the villager’s suffering. She aims to shoot the apples. Kasturi closes her eyes.

Chakor shoots and everyone get shocked……..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what does this babu literally means. …everyone calls suraj as suraj babu….plz can anyone tell

  2. it is a word to respect someone

  3. babu is like ‘sir’ ..said in respect.

  4. hi im new here……..i also share tha same doubt as salluzz………i really hope chakor wins this game…………

  5. This show is getting interesting day by day, Iiking this show a lot.

  6. Plz show love story.,.,,chakor & suraj..,.

  7. Suraj (Vijyendra Kumeria) usesImli to fulfill his evil intentions towards Chakor (Meera Deosthale)The upcomingepisode will show that Imlilikes Suraj and is ready to do anythingfor Suraj.Chakor has defeated Suraj in shooting competition and saved bandhua children’s from Suraj’s clutches.Suraj is irked after being defeated by Chakor and wants to take revenge from Chakor.Suraj plans to use Imli against Chakor and touse her to fulfill his revenge plan.Suraj’s evil intentions Imli being madly in love with Suraj willblindly support Suraj and help him
    .Suraj will take advantage of Imli’s innocence to reach Chakor and will try to win her heart.
    Suraj will soon
    start liking Chakor and will fall in lovewith Chakor.

    1. Omg…..is this true…iam eagerly waiting to see this triangle love story….east or west charaj pair is the best..forever..

  8. I’m already guessed this story will be happened soon. Interesting styline. I lyk suraj more than udaan cast. I’m happy to see suraj and chakor pair more than vivan and chakor pair.

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