Udaan 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor meeting Devi. Devi hugs the book and smiles. Chakor sits talking to her and says she looks like Devi. She says Roshni fainted seeing her, everyone will thank her and shows down to her. She asks for her book. She tries to take it from her. She sees the mark on her hand and leaves the book. She sees her bandhua stamp and asks does she also has sign, but its different. She shows her sign, giving by Bhaiya ji, and asks who gave her the sign. Devi looks at the sky. Chakor sees and says now I understand, even I felt that its given by Lord, then I came to know its by Bhaiya ji, does you also have any owner.

She asks why is she smiling, can’t she speak. She apologizes to her and says she did not know her sign, and says those who has this sign does not have clothes and food,

but I did not like your clothes, it look good for Devis, and my clothes are free, I have two frocks, I can give you one but I will not fit you. Devi smiles. Chakor says now I get it, you can’t speak and can understand everything. She asks for the book and then she will say thanks Devi Maa. She bows down. Devi starts laughing, and Chakor too laughs. She says now we are friends, shake hand.

Chakor says its of work for me and says she will show it to principal and go back to school, its of no use of her, I will give another. Devi gives her. Chakor says thanks and hugs her. She says you are very good. Devi smiles. Chakor asks her to always smile, she will come later and talk to her. She says bye and leaves. Suraj and Ragini study loud. Suraj scolds her. She argues with him. Tejaswini scolds them. She gets Lakhan’s call and asks about Chakor. She asks him to ask Chakor’s parents.

She calls Laali and asks about Chakor. Laali says she did not tell me. Suraj says why is she worrying, where will she go. Tejaswini says he has to manage everything, and says bandhua will not be our slaves if they get free. Roshni and Prince come there. Prince says Chakor came out home yesterday night. Tejaswini is shocked. Chakor locks the temple door and leaves keys. Bhavani comes and sees her. Chakor says she said Devi will be angry and made her run, she came to apologize for sins, she did not see Devi Maa. She leaves.

Tejaswini asks how dare she come there. Roshni says she came to make me write that we all have done that mistakes to trouble her, and I wrote it. Suraj asks is she mad. Tejaswini thinks. Bhavani asks Devi did she meet Chakor, did she take book. Devi nods. Suraj says if Chakor shows the letter to principal, it will be big problem, do something mum. Tejaswini asks them to go and stop her. She stops Ragini and says no need to go with them.

Bhavani cuts fruits for Devi’s food. Devi thinks about Chakor. Bhavani asks Devi not to tell anyone that someone came here, if Bhaiya ji knows this, then he will not leave me. Devi worries. Chakor is happy. Lakhan beats Bhuvan. Kasturi says we don’t know where is Chakor, leave Bhuvan. Lakhan tells the villagers that Chakor has run and this time her family helped her. Lakhan scolds Bhuvan and leaves. No villager help Bhuvan and Kasturi, and they cry. Bhuvan says no one is supporting them.

Chakor is stopped by Suraj and his friends. They ask for the book. She says I will give this to principal to prove my innocence. Suraj pushes her and she falls. She looks at the book.

Prince gets the book and teases Chakor. He throws it on top of the tree and they all laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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