Udaan 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chakor shares the matter with Suraj

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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor for a kiss, else he will come there to take her kiss. She says no, I love you. He shouts I love you Chakor. He asks how did you like me on tv. She says Ranvijay has caught me in his house, he doesn’t let me call, talk or meet anyone, he doesn’t let me go out, he has snatched my phone. He asks what, is he mad, I m coming to take you. She says no, your life is in danger, he shouldn’t know about you. He asks who wants to kill me, why.

She says because of Pratap Singh. He says he was Bhaiya ji’s friend, Bhaiya ji got him killed. She says yes, but bhaiya ji didn’t know he has a son who will take revenge one day, Ranvijay wants to take revenge, but not by killing Bhaiya ji, he wants to take revenge from you. He gets shocked. She says Ranvijay wants

to kill you. He asks does he know you are my wife. She says not yet, don’t know why he wants our child to be born in this house. He asks what, you leave from that house. She says I can’t. He asks why. She tells him everything.

She says you know the pain to be bandhua, I can’t leave them, I have to save them, I will come to you but I will get them along, I need some time. Suraj gets angry and says we can save them later, its imp to save our child, that child is our dream and life, leave from there. She says I can’t come, promise me you will not come here. Ranvijay takes the phone from her. She gets shocked. He throws the phone. He asks how did you get this phone. Imli comes to ask Suraj about Chakor’s call. Imli asks Girja where is Suraj. Girja says Suraj was running out. Imli asks Tejaswini. Tejaswini says he went to his room. Imli says I m afraid for him, Chakor told me I should take care of him.

Imli tells Bhaiya ji that Suraj has gone somewhere. Ranvijay asks how did you get this phone. He threatens everyone to speak out. He gets angry on them. Chakor hugs Preeti and says they didn’t do anything, they didn’t help me. He asks how did you get this phone. He asks guard who went out. Guard says no one. Ranvijay asks Chakor who got phone inside. He sees Mukul and recalls. He calls Mukul and says you did this. Chakor says he didn’t do anything. Ranvijay beats Mukul. He gets a call and I have to go out, I will come back and find out who got phone here. They all cry. He leaves.

Chakor sees Mukul. She apologizes and thanks him for not saying anything. Mukul says its small wound, your favor is big, you saved my son’s life, I can even give my life. He cries and goes. Imli asks for Suraj. Guard says I didn’t see him. Tejaswini says he doesn’t need to ask you, his mood is spoiled, he is not a kid that he gets lost. Bhaiya ji says he doesn’t think anything than Chakor, I asked Imli to keep an eye on him. Tejaswini says I m not worried, he does everything by thinking. He says that’s what I want to know. Imli says I m going to find Suraj, feed food to Vivaan. She goes.

Ranvijay asks Chakor who did she get phone. He makes his family eat chilli. Chakor says that guard helped me in going out, he will deny if you ask, they all are scared of you. Ranvijay leaves her and says yes, he would have done this. He goes out. Chakor gets water for everyone. Ranvijay beats the guard. Chakor says I feel bad to trap that guard, what could I do, if I took Mukul’s name, Ranvijay would have killed him, now new guard will come, we will get a chance to run away.

Kavya says its good you took his name, he got Mukul here. Ranvijay’s mum says Adharm is happening here. Ranvijay comes back. He warns them not to do this again. Chakor talks to baby and says what shall I do, where shall I go, I don’t get sleep thinking Suraj can come here, pray he doesn’t come here. She recalls Suraj’s words and says there can’t be any better Papa than him, our love is increasing by distance. He recalls Suraj’s pic. She sees baby’s clothes and smiles. She asks baby to come soon, then they will stay in their dream palace. She imagines Suraj kissing her. He says I have come to take you in our dream palace, come. He disappears. She looks around. She says please don’t come here Suraj, it will be worse than my bad dream.

Ranvijay says Kavya and Preeti like you, I decided I will just marry you. Chakor gets shocked seeing Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anonymousaa

    Can someone plz explain the precap what Ranvijay was saying???

    1. Sukorian

      He wants to marry Chakor bcz his family likes her but in reality he wants to take revenge from KN n Suraj.

  2. Thanks for the quick update! yet to watch the episode. I think Suraj will go to RV’s house, it’s good that the call ended before he promised Chakor not to go and it’s better that Imli doesn’t know where he is. I think RV already knows that Suraj is Chakor’s husband and that’s why he wants the baby. I think Chakor will be back in Azaadganj by the end of next week.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sukorian

    hmm no comment i can’t take it longer too long n dragging

  4. Watched the episode, Sukor phone convo was romantic at the start and Suraj called her DP again. At the end of the episode Chakor remembered some of their past moments and she has started to call the baby junior, it’s so sweet.
    Chakor saw Suraj from the window, he was wearing a hood and Tshirt, he looked more like bad Suraj.
    liked the way Teju told Imli that Suraj isn’t a baby, but she should doubt why Imli is helping KN.

    1. Sukorian

      oh thx then I will watch

  5. Since the baby is being mentioned i think it wont survive rv nd imli r planning somthing does rv wanna take the baby?? Suraj will save chakor and rv family but i feel somthing bigger will happen yet again it was very slow paced this week

  6. The show taking a few months leap after this track…

  7. The show is taking a leap? When?
    I loved Sukor convo at the beginning. Flirty Suraj is back.

    Tippu di. Where r u? Missing u alot. Plz update ur ffs soon

    1. It is supposed to happen in mid November but they haven’t settled on what they’ll show yet.

      Hi Tippu, hope you’re well

      Hi Sunny when will you update your ff?

      1. I’m sorry Didu but I don’t update here anymore. I find it so much easier on wattpad. Whenever I try to update here, TU page needs some kind of updating all the time. ?? Its so frustrating!
        So sorry once again. If u want to read them, they’re on wattpad already. My name is SCSunny737.
        Hope u can understand ?

      2. I’m so sorry Didu but I don’t update here anymore. Its so much easier on wattpad. The thing with TU page is it frustrates me when it doesn’t let me in as the page needs some kind of updating all the time ??.
        If u want yo read my ffs, they’re already on wattpad. My name is SCSunny737. Hope u can understand ?

      3. Oops!
        Sorry. I don’t know how that happened. I wrote it once and then my screen disappeared so I thought it didn’t go. So I wrote it again and realised it came twice. ?

      4. No problem, I already followed you there ?

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