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The Episode starts with Kasturi and all villagers coming to meet Chakor at the haveli. Chakor gets glad seeing her family. She goes to meet Kasturi and Imli. Chunni stops Chakor and says this is my family. Chagan smiles seeing Choka. Chakor wants to hug Kasturi and tells Imli. Imli asks Choka to meet Kasturi. Chunni says she is my mum and stops them. Imli argues and says Choka has saved Kasturi from fire. Chakor hugs Kasturi. Kasturi loves Choka and smiles. Chunni shows attitude and Chakor scolds her.

Bhaiya ji asks whats happening, Chakor has murder case on her, get out from here. Dadi tells him that Kasturi wants to do puja with Chakor, and requests him to send her. Bhaiya ji scolds her and asks her to leave. Dadi asks Chakor to say. Chunni says what can I say, I m bandhua and Bhaiya ji will

decide for me. They all get shocked hearing her.

Bhaiya ji asks them to hear what Chakor said and asks them to go. Choka asks Imli to take Kasturi and go. Imli says fine, Chakor is not coming with mum, we will go. They all leave. Bhaiya ji scolds Chunni for making them doubt, he has come and managed the matter. Chunni asks what did I say. Chakor goes to Girja and asks about Chath puja. Girja says yes, that Maai is very powerful, many people got fine after going there, what are you thinking. Chakor says I was thinking how to send Kasturi there. Girja says Chakor has to take her mother, what will you do.

Kasturi cries and says where did my Chakor go. Imli says Dadi thinks we both got mad. Dadi says no, I m sure now that Chakor changed, she is not like before. Chunni relaxes and eats carrot. Girja comes to her and Chunni argues. Girja gets angry on her and Chunni starts crying. Chunni gets adamant and lies on the floor. Manohar asks what is she doing, what happened. Everyone see her crying. Bhaiya ji comes and asks what happened. He asks Chakor to come with him and goes. Girja says whats happening, Bhaiya ji is pampering Chakor, he has always scolded her, I don’t think this is Chakor, Chakor never cried. Manohar hears her. Amma says I can’t say, I did not stay here before.

Manohar scolds Chunni for not doing Chakor’s act convincingly. Chunni says she will leave. Bhaiya ji says no, we know you are smart girl, you will do this work. Chunni says I will try. Manohar says she is useless. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to talk to lawyer to make papers. Manohar says court is closed. The servant comes and says villagers are saying Bhaiya ji got someone else, not Chakor.

Bhaiya ji gets Bhagya’s call. Bhagya says I m talking from Lucknow. He asks what joke is this, come downstairs, I need to talk. He asks Girja to get Bhagya downstairs. Girja says Bhagya is not here, Tejaswini has done her bidaai and sent Lucknow with Arjun. He drops the receiver. Manohar asks did Tejaswini get mad. Bhaiya ii says Tejaswini did not do this right.

Chakor talks to her friends about sending Kasturi for puja, she can get fine. Bhaiya ji meets villagers and says Kasturi has gone mad, I want Chakor to take Kasturi and go in Chath puja, I m sure Chakor’s prayers will make Kasturi fine, Maai will show some miracle, right Chakor? Go and take your mum, I will come there in sometime, I will pick you while coming back. Dadi thanks him for this favor. Vivaan tells Chakor about Bhaiya ji sending fake Chakor/Chunni with her mum in Chath puja. Chakor says real Chakor will also go and do puja for mum.

Chakor takes Kasturi to Chath puja. Harki plans to kill Nimboli. Bhaiya comes there to kill Chakor. Anandi and Kasturi look for their daughters. Nimboli and Chakor dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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