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The Episode starts with Abha asking Chakor not to worry as her parents will come soon. Arjun asks Chakot to get ready, as 7 other girls are taking part with her, and they are already winners. Chakor says I m waiting for my parents. Arjun gets angry and says he requested principal to make her take part in this race, and she has to win it. Abha asks Chakor to do as Arjun says. She asks Aditya to take Chakor and she will wait for ishwar. She says where are you Ishwar. Lakhan comes to Bhuvan’s home and sees everyone crying. He taunts them and asks them to come for work. They all look at him angrily. Lakhan says fine, don’t come, you won’t get wages, I came to say, I m leaving. He goes.

Arjun explains the rules to everyone. Chakor thinks where are her parents. She asks can she remove shoes. The

girls laugh on her. Arjun says yes, you can run without shoes. He asks them to warm up. A girl tells Chakor that she will win the raced as her shoes are very costly and how can she run barefoot. She smiles thinking about Vivaan and goes to tell him all the best. Arjun does not see her going. She is stopped as she can’t go in. The teacher gives freedom as the topic for drawing. Vivaan thinks what to draw now. Arjun looks for Chakor and is tensed on not finding her. He asks where is Chakor. He says where did she go now.

Chakor jumps in the window and Vivaan sees her. He smiles. She waves to him and wishes all the best. He thinks she was bonded before and sees her free now. Music plays………. He thanks her as he knows what to draw now. Aditya asks Chakor what is she doing here, Arjun is shouting, come fast. She asks did my parents come. He says mum will get them, you come. Abha is worried as Ishwar is not taking her call. She gets Prabhakar’s call. He tells her that Ishwar met with an accident. She is shocked. She thinks about him and cries. The driver says Prabhakar called and said you have to come hospital. She leaves in the car.

Aditya brings Chakor to Arjun. Arjun asks her to take her place on the mark. She goes and thinks about Imli’s words that she is coming to see her run with everyone. She thinks where are they. Arjun asks Aditya to explain her that the school will lose name if she loses. Aditya asks Chakor to win the race, its about their school’s respect, she has to run, don’t worry about family, think when they come and see trophy in your hand, they will be so happy. She looks at the trophy. She asks will she get it if she wins. He says yes, run and break that ribbon. She smiles and nods yes. Arjun looks on.

Aditya looks for Abha. Abha comes to hospital and asks about Ishwar Rawat. The nurse says he is in special room, but no one is permitted to see him. Abha goes to him and sees him getting treated. The nurse asks her to go out. Prabhakar and Soumya hold Abha. Prabhakar says see the result, Ishwar did not listen to me. Soumya says Lord will save him. Abha starts crying. Soumya says this is Ishwar’s phone, it has your missed calls. Abha takes it and looks at him.

Prabhakar gets a call from Bhaiya ji. He gets angry seeing Ishwar’s state. Bhaiya ji asks how is Ishwar now, if you want my help, tell me, I was going to say about my doctor friend, he is expert of broken bones. He smiles. Prabhakar says wounds given by friends are deep, since Ishwar came here, I m thinking how our friendship turned bad, I have gone against my family for you, and you have….. Bhaiya ji says if you have pulled Ishwar’s ears in childhood, I would have not punished him, its good he just got bones broken, else how would have died. Prabhakar cries.

Bhaiya ji says Ishwar has made my people go against me, tell me how can I be quiet. Prabhakar says don’t forget I have told you about Chakor’s family going to Lucknow. Bhaiya ji says yes, I won’t forget it, but you know Ishwar needs to change, and about friendship, the time has come now, I heard police is finding Manohar, you can solve this problem. He says I will wait for your call in this matter. Prabhakar gets angry and breaks the phone.

Tejaswini tells the inspector about Bhuvan’s complaint against Ishwar and he is worried that he can sell his daughter. She gives the blank paper with Bhuvan’s sign. The inspector says it will be too much, as Ishwar is collector. Bhaiya ji bribes him and he agrees. He leaves. Chakor waits for her parents. Ishwar comes to senses and looks at the doll Imli gave her. He thinks of his promise made to Chakor. Abha and everyone meet him. She cries holding his hand. Chakor’s family cries at home thinking about Imli.

Abha says she will free Chakor’s parents. She says get Chakor free by giving all my jewellery, as her freedom price is not his life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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