Udaan 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vivaan holding Chakor and saying we always did things together and won. Don’t worry about Tina, she is small hurdle in your way, you will win. She says I m not worried about losing, why are you getting friendly with Tina. He says I did not, Bhaiya ji wants me to be friendly with her, so that he gets related to Raichand. She asks will you break Tina’s heart for Bhaiya ji, she is really loving you. He says leave it, she is your enemy, you are thinking about her heart break. She says I was stay restless because of you, you did not set any limits. He asks what problem do you have by me and Tina’s friendship. She says because I ….. they have an eyelock. Music plays…………….

Vivaan asks her to say what did she wanted to say. She says Kasturi would be waiting for me,

I will leave. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks her to complete the words. Bolna mahi bolna …..plays…………. she says I did not say anything. He says even when your lips did not say anything, your eyes are still saying. He asks her to say once. She is about to say….. and hides hearing Tina. Tina comes there calling out Vivaan. Tina asks Vivaan what are you doing here.

Suraj comes home and asks Girja to give him food. Tejaswini comes and sees him drunk. She asks did you not sleep till now. He says don’t tell me you will make me sleep by singing lullaby, Vivaan asked everyone to sleep early, else no one will get salary, go now. Ranjana smiles. Suraj sends Tejaswini.

Tina asks Vivaan to say what is he doing here alone. He says I can ask this to you, what are you doing here. She says I came finding you. He says I came here thinking you will come here. She asks really. Chakor moves and some basket falls. Tina hears sound and asks is someone here. He says no one. She says I really felt so and looks around. Vivaan hugs her to stop her from seeing Chakor. He signs Chakor to go. Chakor gets angry and goes. Vivaan says I wanted to hug you Tina. Tina calls him sweet. Suraj goes to kitchen and sees food.

He says I will warm up food. Imli sees him and asks him to sit outside, I will heat food. He asks her to go home. She says this is not your work, give me two mins, I will get food. He says you are not my wife, just go. He could not light stove. She helps him. He says you are like Vivaan and do anything. She says even you can do everything. He asks her to heat food. She smiles.

Ranjana asks Tejaswini to get out. Tejaswini says I m Tejaswini Rajvanshi. Ranjana says you are nothing now. She throws Tejaswini’s clothes. Bhaiya ji comes there. Tejaswini asks him to see Ranjana. He asks Ranjana why are you doing this alone, I have come to help you, lets see what this woman have got for free. He asks Tejaswini to get lost. Suraj comes and asks whats happening. Bhaiya ji says I have just one wife and one son Vivaan, get lost both of you. Tejaswini begs him not to do this. She shouts and wakes up by this dream. She says I have to do something before such day comes.

Rathod trains the girls and checks Tina’s speed. He says very good, but your time is still same, there is not much difference. Tina says maybe I don’t need to do better than this. He asks Chakor and other girls to run now. Chakor runs recalling Vivaan’s words. Rathod and Tina get shocked seeing her speed. Rathod checks the speed and says excellent Chakor, just 2 secs less than old record. Chakor thanks him. Tripti says great timing wearing shoes, now no one can make you lose Chakor and hugs Chakor. Chakor smiles.

Chakor and Tina compete. Vivaan looks on. Tina says no one can make me lose. She thinks how to stop Chakor. Suraj and Bhaiya ji plan to stop Chakor from winning marathon. Chakor is made to faint by someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same precap frm last 4 days

  2. love u vivan.I’m so happy.He is not change.Good job vivan .Vikor r awsom,love them.

  3. Same precap as from four dayz…getting bored

  4. I feel bad for imliii suraj will not marry her :'(:

      1. Bcz suraj will marry chakor

  5. The kidnapper is rathod trainer of chakor who is actually Jamal narayan’s man
    But at the end imli saves our chakor

    1. It’s not jamal narayan yar.Kamal Narayan

  6. How did u get to know abput rathod

  7. Yes guyz in a news i have also read that rathod has kidnapped chakor….now see what happen

  8. yaa merin feeling bad for Imli & vivan also.They both love suraj & chakor deeply.

  9. Yes merin suraj will marry chakor.It is the track in all shows

  10. is serial main koi kisi se saadi nahi karne wala eye saas bahu drama nahi hain chill guys….

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