Udaan 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli blames Chakor

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor why did she come, will she attack from behind, since when did she become a coward. Chakor wipes her hair. Imli asks what are you doing. Chakor changes her look. She says you thought I came to attack on her, when I expressed love, why did you get worried, you knew to love people, why did you get hatred, mum and dad taught us to love each other. Imli says you have turned me into a devil. Chakor asks what did I do, I have always loved you. Imli says liar, you never wanted my good, you just pretend to be good, I never got my place, everyone praised you. She recalls their childhood and asks what about my dreams and hopes. She vents out her anger. She says you never cared for me, I wanted to get pride, I didn’t change, you made my life hell, I wanted to live like a king,

you broke my dream.

Chakor says you got the power, what did you do, you choose the path of evil and did sins, you could have won people’s heart, but you have tortured people, you made Saanvi a weapon against me. Imli asks what about me, is it always about you and your family, I wanted to become mum and lost child twice, you became a mum, whenever I saw your daughter, my wounds got fresh, I felt I would have loved my baby the same way, you made my life hell, you gave this fire to me.

Chakor says shut up, Lord knows your intentions, that’s why you couldn’t become mum, there are many girls who didn’t conceive, they didn’t become criminals, you can’t get rid of your crimes by acting helpless, you have killed innocent people, everyone doesn’t become like you, I didn’t intend bad for anyone, it doesn’t mean I can’t become bad, if you see my daughter or hurt her, I will give you a death, I m your sister and I m elder in all regards, there is still time, change yourself, else I won’t leave you. She goes. Suraj asks Chakor why did you go to meet Imli alone. Chakor says don’t worry, she can’t do anything. Suraj asks what did she tell you. Chakor says I learnt a lesson, people don’t listen and blame anything without thinking how much it hurts, one should see themselves by others’ eyes, Imli has blamed me, she holds me responsible for whatever she is, but truth is it was her own choice, person becomes one what he wants. She cries. Suraj holds her hand. He says I know you are annoyed with me, but I didn’t mean that, I have hurt you and I m much ashamed. They cry. Mahiya….plays… Vivaan rushes and asks them not to stop him, he has to question Imli why she did this with him. He explains his trauma. He thinks of Saanvi. Chakor asks him to stop at least for Saanvi’s sake, if he kills Imli, he won’t come near Saanvi. Vivaan says fine, I won’t kill her, I will punish her, I will put her in that dark cell.

Chakor says this is devilish, what will be difference between you and Imli. Suraj says yes, we should give her to police, law will punish her. Chakor thinks. They ask what is she thinking. Vivaan says no way, this won’t happen. Suraj says no, you can’t think of giving a second chance to Imli, she should get punished. Chakor says Imli needs her family, we can’t break her ego, maybe she changes, she needs love. Vivaan says wow, blood relation shows effect soon, its stronger than friendship. She says its nothing like that, I also have complains with her. Suraj says she should get punished, she should go jail. Vivaan says she isn’t answering me. Suraj says now she will answer me. Vivaan says no, she is clever, she will trap you in her sugary talks. Suraj asks him not to worry. Chakor stops him and says don’t give her a chance to ruin our lives. Suraj says let me talk to her. He goes.

Imli fills Suraj’s ears about Chakor and Vivaan. Suraj sees them together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wanted a long Sukor heart to heart and instead got Imli’s mad ravings. I liked Suraj’s apology but I wanted them to discuss all the issues between them and I wanted him to talk about his insecurities regarding Vivaan.

    I liked Chakor facing Imli with her truth, envy isn’t an excuse, but Imli’s rant and Chakor soft spot towards Imli cancelled the impact of the scene. Chakor has always stood for what’s right and this shouldn’t change for Imli, she did it once for Vivaan but his crimes were far less serious and were reversible.

    Why are the episodes revolving around Imli? why is she still bothering them instead of them feeling happy for catching her?
    The makers should remember that there are other things to show other than Imli. Also they should never turn her positive before she goes to prison for her many crimes.

  2. Please end this fixation with Imli and bring a new villain with a track related to a social issue or fighting crimes/injustice, enough of personal drama.

    One thing is clear from Suraj’s apology, he never doubted Chakor, those words were said in anger and Chakor accepted this. He is annoyed with Chakor-Vivaan bond but he doesn’t suspect them.

    Hopefully tomorrow Chakor will practice what she preaches and will look at her friendship from Suraj’s POV, respect and empathy must go both ways.

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