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The Episode starts with Raichand praising Suraj. Tejaswini says Tina and Suraj will be marrying soon. Imli looks on and cries. Suraj says Vivaan and Chakor’s marriage functions will start tomorrow. Suraj asks him to call Tina here. Tejaswini says yes, she can be here and we can fix the marriage too, get her kundli too. Raichand says I will get her anytime, who believes in kundli and all these days, we can keep marriage any day you say. Vivaan comes. Suraj says come Vivaan, Tina is going to become your Bhabhi. Vivaan says congrats, whatever is written in fate happens. Chakor goes to Imli and holds her. Imli cries and leaves. Suraj looks on. Vivaan asks Chakor where are you going. She says I m going to Imli, she needs me. He nods.

Imli goes outside and thinks of Tejaswini’s words. She cries. Chakor

asks her to stop. She asks Imli what is the matter. Imli recalls Suraj’s words and cries. She says I remember you told me Suraj won’t care, he does not love me, but I love him. She apologizes to Chakor and asks her to leave her alone. Chakor says I will be with you and hugs her. They cry.

Its morning, Tina knocks the door and asks her dad to open the door. Raichand comes to her. She asks whats all this, I feel you are staying in old age, where king’s daughter could just marry any prince, its modern age, I can’t marry that illiterate guy. He says if you don’t marry Suraj, you will lose your dad, you take the decision.

Ranjana asks servants to make ghee laddoos. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana over Chakor, and says Tina is from rich family, and Chakor is like dust. Ranjana says Chakor is a national marathon champion, I have always failed you, Vivaan has right on this haveli, not your son, you can get Raichand’s property, but Suraj and Tina can’t do anything, I m sure Vivaan and Chakor will make world fall on their feet, I will make desi laddoos for my bahu, you can make oil laddoos for your bahu. She goes.

Tejaswini tells Suraj that Chakor’s marriage is getting many people from other villages, media and famous people are coming to praise Chakor, do something, I feel we will lose respect, tell me am I saying wrong. He says trust me, Vivaan and Chakor’s marriage won’t be centre of attraction. Kasturi cries and tells Chakor that you would leave this house soon. Chakor says if you say this, I won’t wish to go anywhere, I will come daily to meet you and have roti by your hands. They hug.

Chakor says Imli is with you. Kasturi says Imli stays depressed these days. Chakor says I know its because of me, her childhood got snatched because of me, don’t worry, I will talk to her. Kasturi says Imli does not talk and you talk round and round, how shall I understand. Bhuvan comes and asks them to come, a car came from haveli. Kasturi applies bindi to Chakor. They all leave. Imli thinks of Suraj’s words. She thinks where to go.

Raichand and Tina are on the way. Tina sees Imli and asks driver to stop the car. She asks Raichand to go, she has to meet someone and will come later. He says fine and leaves. Imli gets shocked seeing Tina. She starts scolding Tina. Tina gets shocked and says I just came to greet you. Imli says you came to marry Suraj, you could not win in race and came to snatch Suraj, you are equal to his feet dust. Tina asks what, just shut up, I forgot you are Suraj’s puppet. Imli gets angry.

Suraj comes there and asks Tina to come, everyone is waiting for puja. Tina leaves with Suraj. Imli cries and says I was mad to run after Suraj, this can’t happen. Tejaswini welcomes Tina. Ranjana and Tejaswini have an argument. Vivaan comes and greets Tina. Suraj compliments Tina. Tina leaves. Vivaan looks on. Imli goes to the cliff, and recalls Tina’s words. A man asks Imli won’t she come to haveli for puja. She goes ahead. Vivaan goes to Tina and says its not good habit to forget old friends. She says sorry, I did not see you, congrats for getting your love, I knew you and Chakor are made for each other. He says I can’t say this for you and Suraj, how are you marrying him, you used to hate him. She says its not necessary that its true whats seen, you and Chakor acted to hate each other. He says we did that for Aazaadgunj, why are you doing this. She says its better if you don’t argue, go, don’t make your would be bride wait. He goes. She cries.

The man tells Chagan about Imli not going in puja for Chakor kept at haveli, she went that side. Chagan gets tensed and runs to see Imli. Chakor and Vivaan sit in the puja. Pandit says puja is completed. Ranjana asks everyone to have lunch. Suraj stops them and says before you all have food, I want to announce something imp, even I m going to marry, and my would be wife is Raichand’s daughter Tina. Suraj gets a ring and looks at Tina. He holds her hand and makes her wear the ring. Tina gets upset. She smiles seeing Vivaan. Everyone clap. Chagan comes there and sees Suraj’s engagement. The ladies congratulate Suraj and Tejaswini. Chagan rushes to Chakor and tells about Imli going towards jungle, I went there to find her, but I did not get her anywhere. Chakor gets shocked.

Chakor shouts Imli and finds her standing at the end of the cliff. Imli cries. Chakor runs to stop her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really hate vivan chakor and imli suraj just hate these two jodis….i love sukor and sukor have much fans the vikor or imraj…we want suraj to marriage chakor on the last day of chakor’s marriage…please understand we want something new we all have watch love stories like vikor and imraj we want tashan-e-ishq like sukor we want sukor ? ? ? ? ??

  2. we want sukor

    OMG suraj and Tina the worst Jodi in the world becoming husband and wife uff…tina suits on vivaan vivina ❤
    We want my cutieeee chakor with handsome hunk suraj not that baby vivan ?

  3. Vikor together perfect couple forever and ever please marriage of only vikor

  4. dont worry tumhari khaoyish puri hone wali hain…..sukor & vimli hone wala hain & I quit ds show…..I dont understand ek loose character ko tumhne chakor ke liye chuna sirf isliye ki u vijayendra play kar raha hain ……par pura bachpan vul gaye aur us saytan ko hero banane chale…..shame on u….& also ur thinking& yea the phyco cvs also

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