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The Episode starts with Chakor hugging and apologizing to Imli and her child. They cry and hug. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to come to haveli with him. She says I don’t believe you, you do everything for some greed. He says I would have lost trust on women after what Ragini and Ranjana did, but you are like devi, so I trust on women, you have been good to me always. Bhuvan comes. She asks him to keep water barrels out. Bhaiya ji signs no. She says you think getting water will make me change decision, I will forgive you and come to haveli if Suraj forgives you. He asks sure. She says yes. Suraj comes. He sees Suraj and goes.

Suraj asks did he trouble. She says no, he is not able to control anyone, his ego can’t hear refusal. He asks for Chakor. Bhuvan says she went to police station. Suraj thinks why

did she go again. Imli and Chakor come home. Imli says I m happy, our annoyance end. Chakor hugs her and says I was wrong, your anger was justified, I will leave now. Imli shows her toys in room. Chakor gets plane and holds her while talking. Imli says my baby’s heartbeat got faster hearing Udaan’s name, baby will go on you.

Bhaiya ji sits alone and imagines his family dining. Suraj comes. Bhaiya ji asks did you have food. Suraj asks when did you start worrying for me. Bhaiya ji says you are my son. Suraj laughs and taunts. Bhaiya ji says I don’t get angry, Ragini gave me injection and made me mad, my ego, pride and greed ended, when I got conscious, I understood I don’t have a happy family, I want my family to be with me, I want my son and bahu, my wife Tejaswini to be with me, I did not bend in front of anyone, I regret for mistakes, forgive me. Suraj holds his hand and says you gave good lecture, this magic won’t work for me, crocodile’s tears are just water, you are crocodile, I can’t forget what you did with me, mum and Chakor, I can’t forgive you. Bhaiya ji says I m calling Tejaswini back, she said she won’t come till you forgive me, you want her to get her real place right, forgive me, decision is in your hands.

Chakor comes. Suraj says Bhaiya ji is fooling me, you are troubling me. She asks how. He holds her and says I did not punish you to trouble, I was teasing you, you are punishing me. She says I know you wanted me to apologize, now I don’t want any forgiveness, Ajay is waiting. He says you are doing this to tease me, he thinks you love him, end this misunderstanding, else he can come to you with red rose. She asks are you my husband, if he gets rose, it will be my decision to say yes or no. Ajay gets bouquet and says now its time to tell you, how much I love you. He smiles.

Suraj asks are you waiting for his proposal. Chakor says Ajay has no time to do this. Ajay calls her. Suraj says he will propose on phone. Chakor tells Ajay she will come, what’s the matter. She goes. Suraj gets angry.

Ajay gives love letter to Chakor. She gets shocked. She tells this to Suraj. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    After a long time I liked the half of the epi. Teju n KN great act poor Bhuvaan. Chakor n Suraj were amazing n Suraj expression wah great really excited abt the proposal of tomorrow n ya KN n Suraj scene was also great Suraj knows him now much better. I won’t talk abt Chamli…Waitibg for tomorrow

  2. I’m not surprised. this was bound to happen. their immatureness has lead them to a big problem. Chamli part was cute. my fav part was when imli said that her baby’s heartbeat is beating faster hearing udaan’s name and baby will go on chakor.

  3. What! Is kn is acting!but y!don’t know what plan he is making to take revenge from sukor
    I m so confused with what kn said I can’t believe him! I like when hero nd heroine tease eachother but now chakor should stop this act.this act is going to create so many MU between sukor. I m eagerly waiting that now what will happen between suraj nd ak

  4. Finally hoepfully now we don’t have to see chakor begging imli and kamal is evil he wants to create misunderstandings between sukor and suraj was right chakor should have listened to suraj he was right i dont think ajay will back down even after chakor refuses him and kamal is gonna take advantage of the situation and will use ajay and suraj against each other to hurt chakor

  5. dramebaaz chakor… why in the world do u need to flirt with ajay n give him wrong signs dat u r interested in him??? cant u think of other ways to make ur husband jealous?? wat is the need to make him jealous??? WHY ON EARTH CANT ANY SERIAL BE A LITTLE REALISTIC???????

    1. Sukorian

      it’s a serial I stopped thinking of realistic I dramas u will just get headache

  6. Why Chakor is behaving so stupidly now.?.what she really wants now. Today suraj talked so maturely with her n was realising her the reality but then also she was behaving like idiot. She really loves suraj or not or now she really waiting for ajays proposal…. In precap also she told to suraj abt ajays proposal but why she herself not cleared the truth abt her n surajs love to ajay at the same time. To whom she is fooling now to suraj or ajay dnt understand. Because of her big stupidity now Kn wl definitely take advantage against sukor n she herself gave him chance. Unnecessarily she hurt suraj lotttt this time n purposefully.

  7. Why Chakor is behaving so stupidly now.?.what she really wants now. Today suraj talked so maturely with her n was realising her the reality but then also she was behaving like idiot. She really loves suraj or not or now she really waiting for ajays proposal…. In precap also she told to
    suraj abt ajays proposal but why she
    herself not cleared the truth abt her n surajs love to ajay at the same time. To whom she is fooling now to suraj or ajay dnt understand. Because of her big
    stupidity now Kn wl definitely take advantage against sukor n she herself gave him chance. Unnecessarily she hurt suraj lotttt this time n purposefully.

  8. I think, Chakor never thinks that Ajay will like her. She just loves teasing Suraj. Makes him jealous. Actually I like the precaps when she tells Suraj about Ajay letter. It means she never realizing that Ajay has feeling for her and doing wrong and need suraj to fix it. I hope chakor will apologize to Ajay and tells him that she loves Suraj so much.

  9. I hope there is no misunderstanding between sukor. As the olv chakor and suraj will make each other sad, I think this is not really suitable for sukor kind relationship. I hope every plan kn does just makes sukor come closer and improve their cooperation step by step so the problem like misunderstanding never happened again. I wish this Ajay problem will lead them to start their journey not only as a sweet couple who has romantic nhok jhoks but also as a team work who understands each other. It’s time for sukor to protect their own world together. I also wish that Udaan is not only focus for chakor to fly but it is the time for sukor flying together and save the people. And of course it has to full of romance. I will be patient waiting for remarriage track, just give us the sweetest sukor married. And not give it in the end. Please

  10. Overall, nice episode. I enjoyed all scenes except the initial apology. My favorite scenes were KN dining alone, and KN-Suraj convo. Tejaswini matches well to KN. So KN is using Tejaswini to make Suraj join him.

    Sukor scene was nice, liked what Suraj said when he saw Chakor and the smile on her face when she first noticed him and how she was looking at him in the eyelock. Chakor went too far in teasing Suraj, I know she doesn’t think Ajay loves her but she should’ve been more reserved with him. There was no need for the hole you’re not my husband dialogue, just last week she was saying she’ll never leave him.

    About the precap, I don’t understand why Chakor doesn’t tell Ajay right away that she’s not interested in him. Telling Suraj without clearing matters with Ajay is going to lead to a fight between the two guys. She looks worried while talking to Suraj so she should’ve corrected Ajay’s misconception. I can’t see Chakor leading Ajay on, so does that mean he’ll turn negative?

    Of course another simple solution is for Sukor to set a wedding date, but CVs like to ignore simple solutions to suit their plots.

    1. Cvs wanna form a lovr triangle but this is making chakor look bad i felt sorry for suraj wen she sed he aint her husband and its up to her to accept it or not ajay is already turning negative wen suraj goes to clear the air that sukor love each other ajay doesnt believe suraj and taunts him so suraj fights bk ajay think he suits chakor and suraj is just a gunda etc but chakor isnt saying anything and kamal is taking advantage of this suraj was right but chakor didnt understand and in precap she tells suraj everything but i think she never told ajay cuz she didnt expect it and just thought whatever suraj was saying was cuz he was jealous but chakor will realise what she has done and yes sukor should get remarried alot of people are demanding a sukor remarriage

      1. It’s an unnecessary love triangle and the way they are showing it, it’s all Chakor’s fault. She has many chances to tell Ajay the truth but she doesn’t. I think she should’ve gone with Suraj to meet Ajay, then he would’ve believed them

  11. New spolier suraj gets angry he goes to confront ajay and tells him that chakor and him love each other and ajay should back of but ajay is not ready to listen and chakor what is she doing felt so sorry for suraj wen she sed to him r u my husband if ajay proposes its my chocie to accept it suraj gets angry in precap cuz he has had enough of ajay eyeing chakor and chakor i think gets shocked and is not able to reply to ajay as she never thought this would happen in a million yrs but i like the way she tells suraj its like chakor realises what she has done and wants suraj to help her but instead he will get arrested and even in jail lockup ajay was bashing suraj i just wished chakor spoke up how can ajay question anyone’s character like he is doing to suraj that suraj is not good enough for chakor only he is i think chakor is about to tell ajay but kamal comes and chakor gets sad seeing kamal

    1. So true piyal i remember in bundua track wen vivaan became.evil he.came to taunt suraj but chakor got angry at the stuff vivasn sed to suraj and defended suraj but infront of ajay chakor says nothing ajay always bashes suraj and chakor says nothing which also makes ajay think that he is right about suraj wen he doesn’t even know anything about suraj recently cvs only showing suraj love for chakor it seems chakor doesn’t care much anymore i knoe its only to tease suraj but cvs used a wrong joke and now its making chakor look bad and i dont like the dialogues about how suraj is not her husband etc even though its not chakor fault for the divorce cuz of the stupid buchua track (chakor was totally inncoent)but suraj fighted to not give it as chakor was adamant for divorce and now chakor taunting suraj for divorce is not right cuz he never asked for it and in recent days i know cvs changing the plot now but i didnt like the way chakor blames everything on ragini to save vivaan is all wrong cuz chakor was about truth and justice but now she helping evil vivaan etc all wrong vivaan should be in jail too he made every1 bundua including kids etc

    2. Chakor is made to look immature and insensitive when dealing with Suraj and Ajay, she should’ve stopped Ajay from insulting Suraj. There is no excuse to her and Ajay blaming everything on Ragini and hiding Vivaan’s role.

  12. Bhut acha epi.tha spcly kn ji n teju ji convo. part.chamli n sukor parts’ere also best.precap’as scary hope for the best.kn ji chakor k elawa sbko imagn kr rahe the i knw he is act bt i lv that scene amazing n kn ji or suraj convo.bhi acha tha.nw wt about ak47,chakor ne khuch jyada kr dia.lved it.waiting for the next epi.

  13. U r right tippu @ nemo di n raha agree with u [email protected] aditi u r right kn ji’ll definatily take it as an advantage bt m exited to knw wt’ll hapen next.

  14. Sukorian


    I like the new hair style n the dress is looking cute on her.

    Suraj jail KN pays bail for him

    1. Thanks for the link
      I heard that Meera said in an interview that Chakor doesn’t tell Ajay that she isn’t interested in him because she doesn’t want to insult him/hurt his feelings, which if true is the lamest excuse ever. I wonder how long and how big this misunderstanding will be?

      1. She said she didn’t tell it in the police station in front of kn as she didn’t want to insult him in public.I think that’s humane as it is his workplace.In my opinion,she should be given some slack as this is the first time she has faced such situation unlike her irresistible sister.I’d hate it if she creates a scene like imli did when suraj proposed to imli. Trust me,i want sukor remarriage,but i think the serial itself demands that chakor should fight for villagers living among them. It will be odd if all of them(sukor,imvaan) fight for azadganj living in haveli.The story ends when she enters the haveli with respect as the elder daughter in law.

      2. Another thing,whenever chakor wanted to do good for villagers while living in haveli,they have showed hostility saying,’you are among haveli people who live in luxury.How will you understand our woes.’They did the same with suraj too..in fb interview last week,vj said they are now mainly focusing on the bondage slavery issue.Unfortunately,the trp increase also shows that sukor is not priority for tv audience like us. I’ve convinced myself this way so that i don’t get disheartened.

      3. @Diya, all these MUs are getting tiresome, if they can’t bring Chakor to haveli, then it’s better to get Suraj out of it. I thought their confession was too soon because I knew it will lead to endless separations. Even now I don’t want them to get married soon, I just want them working together.

        As for Chakor, I’ll just wait and see how long it will take her to explain things to Ajay.

      4. @Diya, it’s true that what interests viewers is different than what fans care about, but having two back to back MU tracks is annoying. And the last one wasn’t a success TRP-wise. Still, I think the new track will be better than the last one.

  15. Once Suraj goes to jail KN will release him and SuKor will be separated, starting to honestly feel Chakor doesn’t deserve Suraj. KN will probably bring another girl for Suraj to marry, he is divorced after all and Kn does not want Chakor as his bahu.

    1. That’s possible, especially if Chakor is unwilling to explain the truth to Ajay.

  16. This whole week highlighted imli and ajay-chakor-suraj angle.Sukor was like guest appearance.Does the high trp imply that general audience actually liked these themes?Ajay-chakor-suraj theme i can understand,but if the makers start showing more imli scenes giving the excuse of this week’s high trp,that will be a nightmare.

    1. I’m fearing the same @Tani. There is a stark difference between general audience and fans active in different platforms.It was clear in the college reunion track.Fans were going gaga over the track that week,but the trp surprisingly decreased.Fans everywhere are saying they watch online their favourite scenes only and skip the rest of the episode,but this increased trp is giving a different picture.At the end of the day,just trp matters.Now makers will sideline fans’ demands to retain this trp.

      1. Those two weeks all colors shows suffered because some cities lost the channel. I know that viewers like different things but this trp was for last week which had some imli scenes but not as much as this one.

    2. The trp was for last week when Ragini was exposed and KN came back, even if trps stay good it’s not because of imli it’s because people are curious about the new track.

  17. Tani i don’t think so trp vimli ki bjha se increse hui hai.vimli scenes’as jst fine bt sukor scenes n kn ji reentry’as awsm n [email protected] nice xplanation dear pr hme vo hi dekhna hota hai jo cvs dikhate hai mujhe bhi achae nhi lgte chakor k dialogues it hurts bt unki smile dekh k sb theek ho jata hai or sochti hu she jst teasing suraj bt smtimes ye tomuch ho jata hai bt m hapy kn ji back nw it’ll be more [email protected] esa mtt bolu if it would hapen like this nobdy’ll watch udan bcs sukor is the hear n sole of udan even kn ji can’t do [email protected] gys don’t take much stress jst enjoy evry bit of udan bcz sukor to gulab hai naa or kn ji,ak47 n other vilns kaante so i’ll choose rose (sukor) for my smile now u decided wt u’ll chose sukor or vilns.

  18. Very cute episode
    Everyone is asking for forgiveness

  19. Hi guys
    Hey guys everyone here just like the starting of ff no one here likes the title ‘nafraton me chupa pyaar’ I like the title of ff nafraton me chupa pyaar

    1. Sorry guys I didn’t ask this question on ff page because I think no one of will visit ff page after once commenting on it

    2. What does it mean?

  20. Tippu it may be true cuz if imli stays pregnant then vimli will reunite and after they done with ajay plot sukor may get married again and live happily ever after i think that’s why cvs never got sukor married again they may get them married in last epsiode and yhen they will live happily ever aftet

  21. Hey lily aap esa mt bolo apke ff ka titl bhi acha hai ok .or titl se he to pta chlta hai ff kitna intrsting hoga pr mujhe to hmesa dr lgta rehta hai story half reh jane ka ek baar story start krke hmare brilint writers aage post he nhi krte or ab hmare top brilint writers mai se ek’sukorian ji’ bhi post nhi krengi or or ‘mis ping pong’ ka kya unhone to 2 part post krke khuch likha he nhi schchi i feel upset nw or aap bhi ab esa bol rhi ho.its not fair very bad i lv n i’ll lv alwys sukor ff. Aapne swragini page pe ffs dekhen hai kbhi agr utne sukor ffs mile na to mera to hr din awsm wala sukor day ho.piyal k 2nd seson ka kya.sb loge busy ho rakhe hai abhi mai bhi busy hone ja rhi hu ok. Fir mai bhi muskil se iss page pe dekhungi good bye.

  22. Tippu what is this bad news i saw the link its saying after ajay love track is over the serial is going of air soon ending on a happy note so is this the final track were kamal will try to win suraj and tejswani but will fail vivaan will try winning imli back and after ajay track is finished sukor will get married kamal will go jail and vimli will have the baby so the serial going of air by August no i dont want this to be true is this why they added ajay so they can delay the marrige track so they can get sukor married on last epsiode ??? and the only way to know the serial wont end (i know this sounds mean) is if imli loses her child cuz normally in serials wen couples start having children is either they have a leap and the children become the stars of show or the show is ends and i think it will end as the show already had a leap but little chakor track ran for 2 yrs but its only been a yr since the leap stars were intoduced why are cvs pulling of air there are more tracks that can be used i really dont want this serial to end im upset

    1. The thing that upsets me is if Udaan comes for season 3(like naagin),the flag bearer of chakor’s legacy will be imli’s child.Today’s episode has a hint of it:’Imli says my baby’s heartbeat got faster hearing Udaan’s name, baby will go on you’.

  23. Whhat are colors doing i saw link to andita says bad news serial ending soon on happy note i dont watch othet shows on colors but i heard they are finshing devanshi thapki pyaar ki dil se dil tak and kasam to cuz kasam is a placeholder for bigg boss and now udaan too! That just leaves swabihman and simar being thr only dramas on air on colors udaan is a good show and it is not promoted as much as dil se dil tak (thats the msot promoted show on colors wen i watxh always a promo regarding that serial) and colors ends thier serials based on trps but udaan is doing good its the only serial from colors channel that is in top 10 i know shani and chandrakatha be in it too but they are mythological shows so they really dont count as drama serials leaving udaan as the only top show for colors so it may be fake etc cuz last week in uk udaan was most watched colors show all week

    1. Forgot to say that high trps are needed to run a show since udaan are doing well i dont understandwhy the link is saying bad news that serial is going of air soon?? And wen they show interviews recent one of kamal he says that his character has alot of action todo etc looking at the story it wont make sense to end the show it will also seem rushed considering how slow buchua track went i hate these rumors cuz i cant stop worrying unitil i get confrontation from a reliable site thag ensures me if the serialwill end or not

  24. Guys, written spoilers aren’t reliable. Even if Imli has the baby, they can go on for two years. Remember in KKB Tanu stayed pregnant for more than a year. the baby can get kidnapped, vivaan getting in trouble again, ragini coming back, kn escaping, etc. .

    Sukor marriage doesn’t mean the show ending, they can have ragini coming back, a leap or many other things. The show is doing ok in ratings, so there is no need to end it now.

    I’m more worried about the new misunderstanding and how long it’ll last.

  25. Can someone say who’s saying the serial is ending, is this person a member of the crew or is this a news item. On IF no one shared the news that the series will end soon.

    Maybe those on twitter or instagram could ask the actors or the director about this.

    1. It was on a link sharing saying that it is sad news for fans the show is going of air soon but will end on happy note and on cites since July multiple people r saying its true and show will end it will be great if some1 can confirm if the show is ending or not cuz im worried

  26. Hi guys how are u all

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