Udaan 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji scolding Tejaswini. He asks Suraj to sign on the contract. Suraj says I will not sign. Bhaiya ji asks him to see what he does now. He sends Ragini. Ragini gets kerosene bottle and asks the goon to pour it around Tejaswini. Chakor shouts no. The goons pout kerosene around Tejaswini and in front of her too. Suraj gets angry and restless. Suraj runs to Tejaswini. Ragini beats up Suraj and makes him fall. Tejaswini shouts. Goons catch Suraj again. Bhaiya ji says you are seeing this line, its kerosene, Ragini has the matchstick, fire will go to Tejaswini, think what will happen, its last chance, sign on it, else she will be burnt. Tejaswini asks Suraj not to sign.

Suraj asks Bhaiya ji to let Tejaswini go. Imli and Kasturi ask Chakor to do something. Suraj says I will

not sign. Ragini says fine, we will burn Tejaswini. She ignites the matchstick. Suraj says don’t do this. Ragini lights the fire. Everyone get shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to be ready to die. Chakor jumps over the fire and runs to Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji says Chakor can’t save Tejaswini, sign on the contract. Goon hits on Chakor’s leg and makes her fall. Suraj shouts Chakor.

Chakor sees Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji says both of them will die, sign fast. Suraj signs on the contract. Chakor gets up and jumps inside the fire round. Chakor gets the knife and cuts rope. She asks Imli to get something to blow off fire. Imli, Lakhan and Chagan get Tejaswini out safe. Suraj says I signed, save my mummy. Bhaiya ji laughs seeing the signs. Suraj sees Tejaswini fine. Bhaiya ji says my wish got fulfilled, you saved your mummy, you became my bandhua.
Chakor and Tejaswini cry. Ragini says Suraj has become our bandhua, now Vivaan will also become our bandhua. Vivaan meets the clients. The man says we liked your project plan, Raunak you got a good man in your company. He praises Vivaan. Raunak says don’t know how Vivaan has passion for work. Pooja looks on. Vivaan says this is just the start, I have to go far.

He thinks to make his name and take more projects, don’t know what is Bhaiya ji doing with Suraj. Pooja starts acting and asks what, you came till here, I told you can’t come here, go from here, I can’t meet you, fine I will come. Vivaan asks what happened, is your ex husband troubling you. She says yes, I don’t know how to get out of this problem, I will meet him and come. He says wait, you should not go alone, he may misbehave with you. She says I don’t want you to get in this. He says I will come along. She thanks him. Raunak sees him going with Pooja.

Suraj says none can become bandhua by just signing, slaves are those who don’t have courage, you can’t break my courage. Bhaiya ji says you said right, none can become bandhua by just signing, see this, bandhua stamp, you can become bandhua by this special stamp, I made this special one for you, you will be my bandhua.

Suraj recalls the stamp and thinks he has prepared this before, why did I not see this before. Chakor says you can’t make Suraj bandhua. Bhaiya ji asks will you stop me. Ragini says let me do this work, Suraj did not let me tie Rakhi. Bhaiya ji stamps bandhua sign on Suraj’s wrist. Everyone feel sad. Imli asks Chakor to save Suraj. Chakor says I have no power to do anything. She cries. Udaan hai…..plays…………

The man gets the tattoo machine. He makes the bandhua stamp tattoo. Suraj screams. Chakor shuts her ears and cries. Suraj sees the bandhua stamp on his wrist. Bhaiya ji says this is the result of cheating me, you all are witness, now no one will look at me. He asks goons to take Suraj and put him in his special place. Suraj says you can make my body bandhua, but my soul can never become bandhua. Suraj is dragged. Chakor recalls her old days and runs after Suraj. Bhaiya ji laughs.

Chakor asks Suraj to have food fast, before anyone comes. Suraj says thanks, I m much hungry. She says I can do this for you, have food. Goon throws the food away.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sia

    Heart wrenching episode…iss se jyada Mai kuch nahi bhol sakti Ho😭😭
    Kn is on cloud nine now….but a day comes definitely when he has to suffer like hell😠😠
    I was in tears when udaan hai played….his screams are still echoing in my ears.mera Suraj😡😭 I didn’t see this much painful epi in my life😢
    I thought Precap is a sort of relief until kn goon came to spoil it😢

    • sia

      Ragini really disgusting how can she shoot him😠 and thank god lakhan and chagan me kuch akkal hai,baki gaav wale tho kade kade tamasha dekh rahe hai😠 sometimes I wonder that why this people are so stupid enough to fight against kn,kn Ragini and goons are less than 20 in no. and these people are more in no. why can’t they beat up goons by forming groups,are they just frightening for a gun?? If a young girl chakor can snatch a knife from a good to save Suraj…why can’t they??if they wished to do so…at least after remembeing what chakor dud to them….Suraj
      would never become a bandua
      In logon ke samne koi apna bhi mar jayega na tho bhi ye kade kade tamasha dekte rahenge😠😠

  2. Riya

    How should I stop crying but guys I think Ranjana is just for waste is of standing there and smiling waiting for Monday

  3. Kalika

    Udaan’s TRP is going to drop if they drag Suraj’s torture, I will not watch and give them TRP until KN and Ragini are gone, more people will stop watching if they prolong this stupid track

  4. sreeya

    poor suraj i was crying by seeing suraj in this condition.. vj u are a wonderful actor and a hatsoff to you.. i love you so much ummaaaa
    i have a request here. actually its a request to colors channel. after bigboss end, please telecast udaan at 11pm. even if we missed the episode, its a big relief that will see it on that time . even if its retelecast is there on 11am,2pm and5pm i really missed it because i have classes … so its a big request pleaaaaaaaseeee…. please make its retelecast schedule at 11pm pleeeeeaasssee

  5. Titli

    You know guys, i am hating vivaan and imli.. vivaan always thinks of hinself, such a selfish person.. i hate hind imli, she was always with suraj.. always kept gun with herself, nd protected suraj.. now when tejaswini needed someone, she was standing like a statue.. always gives big dialogues, that humare hath nahi kapte banduk uthate huye n all.. disgusting.. vivaan ki chamchi.. vivaan is a coward, and imli, she was so brave.. she could have saved tejaswini.. but she didnt thought of her sister.. left her alone.. also she said that if it is very necessary then she ll pick up gun.. dont you think, this was the biggest reason to pick up gun.. stupid imli.. vimli r disgusting.. hatao inko yaar..
    Sorry if i hurt any vimli fan.. i dint mean.. but their characters r going waste in the serial..
    Coming to the epi, it was very emotional.. love btwn sukor is awesome!!!

    • sia

      Titli there are no vimli fan here…every one knows how selfish they are…i think today u let out ur frustration on vimli today. Sometimes i get so much frustrated that i will skip vimli scenes and don’t bother to read in written updates also

    • Angel

      Titli u know i m also watching old epi of udaan on rishtey and in many epi vivaan was fighting for villagers and also saying that he will do anything to save the villagers and he and chakor were always stand for villagers but when he us with imli he dont think about anyone and now he really dont give a damn about anyone he just want to save his wife and him from trimurti he is soo changed now and when ragini was acting to help the villagers vivaan give his support to ragini and said he will always help villagers but what happen to him now really it doesnt make any sense..

      • janu

        angel he always thinked he loved chakor…he support chakor so that she may accept his love,after she accepted his love also he behaved like that till marriage,even in marriage when chakor want to imli help imli he refused first and then accepted…after marriage with imli,he wanted chakor to come with him,but later he falls for imli,true love he becomes selfish and he only thinks about his own good…because imli is not like chakor….
        even suraj said in drinking state but he said true…imli only loves vivaan but chakor loves whole world….for vivaan want a girl who loves only him…..
        when chakor gets drunk…he told that all guys won’t like imli like girls….even suraj as attitude,angry,and free sprit mind like chakor….but sukor are awesome in their own way…they are selfless

    • Titli

      We can understand that vivaan is a coward.. let it be.. but imli.. she was no less than a tigress.. she was so daring.. why her character is getting spoiled.. from starting only vivaan was self centred.. he always thought of chakor and him.. and i am damn sure, if chakor married him, her freedom would be lost.. he is egoistic yaar.. always thinks that imli cant be bttr than him.. see he took the gun from her hands.. which is why their team work got weak.. atleast if she was that old imli, then she could atleast delay tgis bandhua process.. could threaten kn.. but no.. vivaan is the main culprit.. hating his character now..

    • Aqua


      |Registered Member

      I felt the same thing about vimli. .. why they gave up so easily seeing chakor was fighting a one female battle by herself. … I was too worried to express my dislike of the way vimli behaving in this tract since I didn’t wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings.

      I am glad you see the situation same as I do 😄

    • Tarn 💜

      I agree with you. Vimli as well as the villagers are so selfish and annoying. All they care about is themselves and would gladly sacrifice anything for their own selfish purposes. But when it comes to taking action they are completely useless and act helpless. They hide behind Chakor and expect her to be the only one to fight and free them. God forbid they have to do anything themselves 😑😒😐

      • Amrutha


        |Registered Member

        Guys you people are absolutely correct . See, when vivan falls in problem ( fake molestation) then this vimli will not even allow chakor to sleep or to think for our suraj.
        And that blo*dy imli slapped my chakor for suraj and shameless went with vivan without even thinking twice.
        Anyways good thing has happened that is 💖sukor💖.
        Chakor, first think about suraj not anyone.

    • Subi

      Yes, vivan limited imli from using gun. If imli had gun, we would see sisters power to outcast slavery. We want to see fighter imli. Her shooting skills. Always FIGHTING for JUSTICE !!! Really felt bad to see chakor helpless.

    • Titli

      I hav one questn guys, why kn doesnt hav heart attack😂😂😂.. i mean, sometines he gets so hyper, nd also his age is not less than 65.. he can get heart attack..

      • Vinlora


        |Registered Member

        This was epic titli. …👌👌👌yes even I was thinking the same while watching yesterday episode….why can’t he get heart attack or brain hammerage 😉😉😉 kitna chillata hai yaar😕😠

  6. Tapa

    I think ye trimurthi abb 7th heaven per hogy after making suraj as a bandhua iss episode ke bare main bol be ke lie koi word nahi hai mere pass a super painful episode I’ve no idea how will I watch the upcoming episodes 1 thing I literally like the new montage only SuKor free from vimli

    Riya hairpin ki dukan I mean ranjana is here to say “Jamal ji saant ho jaiye” n to make me…………

    anyways happy makar sankranti to all in advance

  7. Nithya

    Oh god sukor😭😭😭😭😭.if this stage continues dragging then sia im surely stop wacthng this serial.I oly luv serial is this bt nw.I hve no words.Sia me too feel very sad my heart cnt tolerate this all.Im sry if this is nt the real time 2 tell u angel frm whre u?.guys plz its a request plz contribute or share this 2 all.its a vry good movie for the release they need few money.watch trailor here link.sia u hve 2 watch surely bit.ly/appaavinmeesai..im sry guys i hve oly u 2 my best pal.so I shared it. If it is wrg maaf karo muje.sry hindi is bad.

  8. Nithya

    Titli u r right dr.vimli are selfish.if anything happnd 2 vivan then imli becme real don.bt anything happnd 2 our Skype nobody is there even though the greedy villagers. I hate dragging .2 much of draggging.I’m sure that udaann yep will fall.

  9. Angel

    Seriously i dont want to comment today as i dont want to remember any scene from today epi it was so disturbing😥 and more idiotic was that ranjana face 😠she was smiling like a witch😯 in full make up with dark red lipstick like a new bride😮 i wonder does a 47 to 50 year old woman do that much make up and hairstyle like she do 😱😷and kn and ragini smiling face were tochering me in full epi 😠😬and suraj was screaming mang times 😪😰and chakor was crying 😢and 2 days without udaan noooo i want to see next epi 😖and for that i have to wait till mon night😭

    • Kalika

      If someone would just slap that Ranjana, like really slap her black and blue that would make me happy. I am waiting for Imli to either shoot or beat one of the evil trio or Chiku, someone should definitely kick Chiku repeatedly in the nuts till he can’t breed. I hope Tejaswini takes some action this time, they stamped her son! She needs to tramp KNs head. Why the hell is she still wearing her mangalsutra? She should strangle her ex husband with it. Is the law in India really that flawed?

    • sia

      I have one word for ranjana(when I was seeing naagin, today,I thought this suits to ranjana)” make up Ki dukaan”really she don’t have any work than smiling wickedly and saying”Kamal ji saanth hojayeye”
      I don’t understand why Suraj is quite about ranjana,he can inform about manohar murder to police at least for vivaan or chakor. By this we don’t get to see ranjana every day.

      Guys happy sankranthi to you all

  10. Sonia

    Hi all, iam a big fan of sukor.. this is my first comment… i could not control myself from commenting on this page seeing sukor in pain… and i know there is lot such incidents to happen. But same time wé will get to see many nice touching SUKOR scenes. Bonding become strong through hardtimes… i started watching udaan from thé shooting compétition between sukor.. felt good chemistry between the two.. good to see sukor supporting each other in difficult times.

  11. Kkkkkkk (keema)

    today episode was a hard episode to sukor fans. whether I was there I will kill kamal narayan & ragini.I am angry with them😠😠. actually chakor do everything to save suraj. but what is vivan doing? he is so selfish. he only thinking about his name but not about his brother. our chakor is the jagath matha because she tried to save suraj’s mom who made her bandhua, somehow it’s good because she is her lovely huby’s mom.

    but kn and ragini must be die,but she won’t punish them.friends, I also agree with Titli .imli didn’t support her sister to save suraj.

    however I enjoyed this episode by looking chakor’s effort to save her huby.. …..

    now I am hating on the drama going pathway.

  12. Dil dhanushi

    Even I hope they wnt drag this track much ahead cz it’s very hard to see sukors pain. Evn I dnt feel like watching these days due to torture undergoing by sukor, bt I watch it nly fr sukor. I still didn’t watch the epi bt after reading updates evn I’m getting nervous .

  13. janu

    guys iam late…
    hmm all are irritated with today episode and feeling bad and teary eyed seeing suraj in pain….
    even iam..to…
    but iam only want this bold and attitude suraj who doesn’t give up and doesn’t give on chakor also….
    can’t see him in pain…but waiting eagerly that chakor do some plan which release from this bandhua pain,…
    like suraj said chakor should worry for her also because if any problem comes to her means even all people(villagers ),especially vimli also doesn’t care about her….they always think about their personal life and themselves and their future…..even imli is chakor sister she standing like a statue…watching her sister helplessness if chakor in her place she can anything to save her sister imli,like this vivaan he escaped from this problem..in saving suraj and saved himself….suraj is in his place he will surely helped as chakor to vivaan .he will not the understand till the problem(suffering ) comes to him….they both vimli are selfish…
    iam very feel bad for chakor she alone helping suraj…which also shown in today segment also….
    iam happy that surely chakor will understand suraj is the only one who cares for her more than his life and than others….even suraj will also feel the same…
    villagers,vimli all are always ungrateful to sukor….but they never return the favour to our sukor…
    so don’t worry guys…and hate the show keep watching udaan there many more things to come surely sukor will overcome this problem(kn and group),come closer,and realise their feelings this is surely will become interesting so don’t worry….

    • Titli

      Did u all see, suraj did not sign the contract till chakor was captivated.. because he had faith, that chakor will save his mother, till then he would fight, bt after she was caught, he knew that imli was of no use.. then he agreed for chakor and his mom’s sake.. love these trio bonding.. atleast tejaswini tries to save his son, unlike imli, cant help her own sis also..

      • Aqua


        |Registered Member

        Honestly, i think imli and suraj did not shared love…the just shared infatuation… suraj and chakor shares love with its trust and understanding… both chakor and suraj trust each other more than they would trust them selves.

  14. Aqua


    |Registered Member

    Harder the KN will attack our sukor, the stronger their bond will become 😄 even though it’s painful to watch them like this but there is a lot of unspoken love in this story 😇

  15. Mina

    Guys this has got to be said – Udaan is just not cutting it anymore. It is dragging and nothing seems to change story-wise. Please bring us viewers some relief so we can go back to enjoying the story of Chakor, the marathon runner who achieved her dreams despite all odds.

  16. Tania

    I feel bad for chakor and suraj. I mean sometimes I think people standing there are just watching Can’t they just make a video and give it to police that would be a big evidence. Well anyway i am looking forward to sukor romance.

    • Subi

      Agrèe. They are too dumb. If not video, audio could also be great proof. Imli used a smartphone, that would be great help to chakor, instead of asking her to do something. How can they just watch in silence?

      • Kkkkkkk

        have you thought it? I mean if imli already done it. I blamed at her but I can’t believe her behavior. because imli isn’t like this. (selfish).

    • Dil dhanushi

      Even I didn’t expect frm imli jst standing n watching without helping her sis. Vivan is very selfish. Villagers also same boat like vivan , nly chakor was fighting .even I love the bonding of sukor n suraj s mum.

  17. Tapa

    u no guys this bandhua tradition still exist in our India don’t no about other states bt in Kalahandi,koraput,Kandh mal n many other blocks of Odisha people sell their children to brick industries, coal industries n also out of the state like Hyderabad,Bangalore, Delhi for work

    • Kalika

      This is something the Government needs to fix, you guys are decades into independence yet so much of India are still following backward traditions (not just bonded labour). My ancestors were indentured labourers who arrived in South Africa decades ago, I thank God they left India I would never want to step foot in India the country is steeped in backward practices and so much other BS. All these people following old practices deserve a bullet. India should implement a child limit the way China did. It seems the poor have no better entertainment than mass producing little people for all sorts of bullshit like child slavery and begging or worse.

  18. kriti

    episode was so emotional can’t explain in words.guys please someone talk to team udaan to change the track as soon as possible.and guys what is the position of udaan in trp chart. please tell angel

  19. Tapa

    true aqua they are unknowingly bringing SuKor closer tats why I’m bothering these evil trio bt now I wanno kill that Ram Singh after watching d precap

    the villagers de r like sheep tum unke sath jo vi karo vo chup chap kadhe rahenge such a brainless people Suraj ke alava koi aur vi hota na ye log kuchh nahi karte sirf ullu ke tarha ankhe phadke dekhte rehte

  20. Aqua


    |Registered Member


    Guys I have submitted my second Sukor OS based on last night’s episode… I hope you will read it once it is uploaded. It is called Roar of an Wounded Tiger

    I was terrified by Suraj’s scream… i am still being haunted by it today… I can’t wait till next week’s epi..


  21. kriti

    I think this track is going to be boring because guys team udaan is going to show suraj like a slave means like a coward but we want our suraj as a tiger he was only a man in the aazadganj

    • Titli

      No.. it will show how brave he is.. being his bandhua also he ll challenge kn.. becoz he said that, kn can make suraj’s body bandhua, but not his soul.. nd his soul haa the courage to challenge kn.. he ll fight back.. and chakor and tejaswini ji r their.. with their help, suraj will fight back, and it will also have sukor love nd romance.. have patience, say good, so that everything happens good..😊

  22. kriti

    how many of you watched the new olvs where suraj is very thirsty and kn does not allow him to quench his thirst really that kn is so terrible ..he has no rights to be called as father.

    • janu

      thanks angel for the link.want ragini should cheat the kn and throw kn out,with support of chagan….he is such bad father…who doesn’t care for his son….
      what will happen don’t know

  23. Kkkkkkk

    guys…………………………………….. I’ve got a new idea.😊😊
    suraj will say “I love you chakor……..” on valentine’s day episode..😘😘
    please comment on my concept.

    • Angel

      Yeah even i was thinking the same team udaan pls make this valentine special for us pls give us some romantic passionate sukor couple dance and love confession plsss Team udaan🙏🙏

  24. Aanya

    You all are right gys as a sukor fans even i’m also wona romance but gys team udan couldn’t show only romance gys we should try to understand .every thing is importent gys like action,reaction,romance,theme,emotions both good n bad.we sould coments on their acting.team udan need us gys agr hum ese coment karainge gys to obeous trp dawn he hogi.as a viewr i want every thing in my fav.show not only torture thats y i always see south indian movies.i hope u understand wt i’m try to say gys to fans and team of udan.n gys i wona say that i’m fan entire udan cast bt m also think ranjna ji is useless in show without a specialty.n sory to all of u if i hurt u. And sory tapa i couldn’t reply u bcz m not well.i hope u n janu recovering very well gys.janu u need more care dear 4 ur studys if m right u r in 10th std.so take care everyone.n think about trp of udan.one more thing m college student gys.

  25. janu

    thanks varshu for sharing a link…
    vivaan can’t escape from the this trouble…how he selfish and leaved suraj and chakor alone…when they need the help most….he is a selfish..guy…
    even imli also…both are selfish…
    now if vivaan get into jail means surely imli will fight for vivaan,thus vivaan should understood imli can anything for him,shouldn’t underestimate her…
    but one thing iam sure about imli ask help from chakor till chakor to say ok…she won’t leave her.i think so…because imli always ask help chakor for her problems and doesn’t leave her. doesn’t let chakor what she wants to do….
    i don’t want chakor to help vimli…chakor should take care of suraj and herself….because vimli are selfish…if their problem solved they doesn’t care about sukor…

  26. Angel

    Guys chakor will help vimli as she is jagatmata she always help them whether they did or not that’s is the main reason why we love sukor and dislike vimli as vimli only care for themselves but sukor wants to help others and chakor is a girl who changes people by her goodness and kindness when she was with vivaan ,vivaan also helps others and think about them bcoz of chakor and now when she is with suraj she changed him totally but imli is not that type of girl she can make others to fall for her but she cant change there neg into positive as we all know she never able to convinced vivaan to help sukor neither she has changed suraj into good man before so chakor will always help others and that is the diff between her and imli…,the most imp thing chakor has changed imli how can we forget how she was before she disliked her sis she even has slaped chakor many times but chakor is chakor she never hate someone..

  27. Tapa

    it’s k aanya u are unwell n I thought tat u r enjoying ur festive tats why…….. udaan is on 3rd position
    I no ye bandhua track subko rula raha he per humme abb pap ke panch sakha (kn, r&r ,sikhu n ram Singh) ko future me kya punishment hoga ye sochna chahiye guys sajja soch kar share kar na

    I’m sorry janu I didn’t read ur comment properly tat u were hospitalized think u OK now

    aanya n Janu u both r college students in which class

  28. Nithya

    I think that the torturing of kn and rag. Will lead to undrstd well their feelings and support,trust etc bw sukor .and it will leads them 2 make a strong bonding bw them.that bond cnt break by kn.actually truelove suffer a lot .bt the ending will be hppy .I’m hoping that one.plz team udaan make it soon.dnt drag 2 much plz its a request.I dnt knw that when a bad person turns 2 good then the evil minded people [kn] torture them hardly.hope everything will be alright.

  29. Nithya

    Angel im frm Kerala .I’m stdyng in 3rd bsc botany.I’m 21 yr old.and wat r u stdyng?angel sia is frm AP.andra pradesh

      • sia

        Angel I’m going to complete my intermediate 2nd year very soon
        And from tomorrow I may be unable to comment as my college starts off tomorrow and there is a loads to study
        Mostly I will be back in may with a bang 😃
        This is the last comment. I’m Going to miss you guys a lot😓😭

    • Angel

      Nithya u r from kerela woww which city nithya my family is planning for a trip to kerela pls tell which is the most chillest month in kerela..

  30. Angel

    Omg poor suraj kn and ragini are tochering him his lips were dry and he is soo thirty and begging for water from chakor

    Guys chakor cant ask help from police or media bcoz kn has his dupe test reports but if chakor can destroy those reports she can take a stand in front of kn., why she is not planing something to destroy those papers and imli can help her in this before she has destroyed sukor divorce papers than why not now..

    • Kalika

      It’s time Suraj’s mother did something, what kind of mother is she! She’s just as selfish as ViMli does Tejaswini not have her own family on her side who can help her secure Suraj. I am sure she has parents or siblings, KN wouldn’t have married a nobody. As for Chakor, she needs to make a plan soon, someone needs to use one of the evil trio as leverage, threaten to burn Ranjana the way they threatened to burn Tejaswini. It’s all Chakors fault, she should have let Suraj kill KN when he had the chance…. Tired of KN and his make up ki dukan wife

  31. sanya

    Guyz I ws looking for a scene…in which suraj refused a sponsor’s 50 crore offer to sign chakor and chakor ws listening frm behind the gate…can anyone tell me what episode was that?

    • subi

      13th september 2016.
      This Dubai BUSINESSMN can be another male antagonist. Previously, udaan had many male villians, nowadays, this has decreased to only KN. I had thought the entry of Dubai man would test the bond between suraj and chakor. From this episode, chakor sees the goodness in Suraj. I really enjoyed Suraj fighting for Chakor at that time. This is one of best episodes.

  32. Kkkkkkk

    13th February udaan episode
    NDTV news- former m.p. kml narayan & his daughter ms. ragini rajavanshi arrested by police yesterday because……….bla. bla.bla…..
    chakor thinks I will stay here for a night and I will go tomorrow

    14th February (valentines day)special episode

    it’s morning. chakor gets up.and go for some work while she sees sleeping suraj and she laughs looking at him. she thinks rest is needed to suraj…..but, because of some noise suraj gets up….. and tries to go somewhere.. chakor stops him and said not to go anywhere. and please rest. suraj angrily ask “I want go to bathroom. are u stop me?” and he goes at that moment they both remember it’s 14th Feb. and it’s valentines. they both are remembering their romantic situations.
    at the same movement vivan get up and sees a decorated background and he is surprised.he hugs imli

    both chakor and suraj think about their love.suraj thinks I hated her before but now I love her more than my life. chakor thinks same.

    chakor is thinking and thinking. how nice suraj also same.both are thinking about their valentines surprise to other they both get ideas.

    it’s night. suraj ask chakor to say some imp. thing chakor thinks is he know about my plan…..no… suraj is saying “chakor.. …ahh…actually I want to say….” chakor asks “suraj … what’s the problem.suraj said no it’s nothing. and chakor tries to go…but suraj stops her and says” actually I wanna say something…. “suraj say please say it immediately”
    suraj- actually… I love you chakor (chakor surprised )and ask to say it again suraj tells it again “I love u chakor……. 💓💓💓 she laughs and they hug. chakor says ” I love you too….suraj but I couldn’t tell it till.”suraj hugs her again ……… suraj wanna see her something..
    he invites her to the hall and it is dark… she says “suraj it is dark” light on and she surprised by seeing the beautiful decorated hall. and she hugs him.
    chakor gives a gift this time…. suraj asks what is this.chakor tells to open it.it was her trophy.and says this is my gift to you..and she apologized because she failed to give a nice gift. suraj says “hey mad girl….. no gifts needed from u because u are the god given gift, and u are jagathmatha…..
    they were looking each other when episode ended.

    sorry for spelling mistakes…

  33. Tapa

    thanx angel 4 sharing
    why tat hell sikhu is back???? ragini gave him lots of money right. wasn’t tat enough for him ?

  34. sreeya

    Nithya im also from kerala. and im from calicut and where are u frm? Angel in kerala Alappuzha is the most favourite tourist place.backwater and house boat journey will be a great experience to u and kerala special spicy seafood wil defintely make your mouth watered

    • Angel

      Thanks nithya and sreeya for info and my family is planning to visit kerela at august or dec.,well which is best month for exploring kerela?

    • Angel

      Thanks nithya u know delhi ki thandi its so called here in delhi u know .,is it same in kerela does i have to wear winter clothes there in month of dec bcoz i want to wear summer clothes in kerela..

  35. Aanya

    Gys i think runk vimli ki help kr sakta hai.bt sukor can much better even they don’t deserve.pata nahi kab sukor iss sub main se bahar niklega.bt agr dono pairs ko equal torture karainge to?kuch esa ho k ragini jail chali jaye to kn ji ki taqat adhi ho jayegi.i know sukor can’t sit relex in this situation.kuch to bada jarur hoga m wating 4 that. N gys m happy to know that u all r college stu.m also 2nd year economics hono.student.m happy to know that angel is younger then me.all my friends i should se jabrdasti k frinds r 2to5 months elder then me.tub bhi mere sath bethne k liye jgadte rehte hain n i can’t talk to them about wt i want.jo main apne hum umar se kar sakti hun.par ek faida jarur hota hai sub k pas meri ek jagha khali hoti or kis k sath btu ye meri prob bn jati hai.bt next month main bhi 20 ki ho jaogi.n tapa in which class do u read.n gys smbody knows vivan jail kse phuncha i think puja did all this.

  36. Nithya

    I thk so angel u jst take winter clothes along with other clothes.its better 2 hve dr.kkk sia where r u my dr there is no reply frm u .??????I’m vry happy that I had nw a delhi[angel],AP[sia],and a mallu [sreeya]frndssss nw

  37. Tapa

    I’m happy tat vo selfish vivan jail jaa raha hai
    I’m 16 a +2 2nd year student
    angel,aanya n nithya abb mujhe tum subko dii bulana padega

  38. Nithya

    I dnt underst tapa.wat r u telling?and sia dnt go yar v mis u lot 😥😥😧😧😧😧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Angel

    SIA pls dont go yaar atleast just do 1 comment daily yaar plssss..
    Guys new spoiler chakor ask vimli for help to rescue suraj but vivaan refused as he cnt risk his and imli life any more he already facing molestation charges but chakor will be shocked to hear this and get hurt lets see what will she do and i hope when vimli gets into trouble they wont trouble sukor also…

    • sia

      Angel actually we are 2nd year na so we have hetic schedule from morning 7am-8pm,then coming back home and freshening up watching udaan and getting back to studies….this is my routine schedule… I find less time to open internet….so normally I used to comment after 10:30 or early morning hours
      Ok on ur request I will try to comment at least once a day…but sorry I will be unable to reply back 😭😭

      Coming to vimli I expected it from them…they are selfish and will always remain….poor sukor,I was unable to see Suraj in such a state…the baap beti are getting on my nerves 😠😠
      If this goes on…one fine day my Suraj will turn a ruthless man ,will take his pistol and shoot trimurti…if not I will do this neak kaam on his behalf😠😠

  40. janu

    guys did anybody know new spoilers other than suraj suffering from thirsty…know means pls share it yaar….
    iam enjoying pongal with my family so no time for seeing comments and for reply…iam miss u guys …

  41. Aanya

    You r right angel.y they r become so selfish.n tapa u can call me wtever u want.please sia don’t leave it no fun without u angel,sia,janu andtapa. Kash udan sat.sunday bhi chlta.

  42. Nithya

    Angel I hve a doubt that Suppose chakor will becme banduha for freeing suraj is the oly solution of her

    • sia

      Nitya di chakor is already bandua so what I think right now is kn has already stooped so low….so he may ask sukor kids(sukor kids….so sweet 😍)to turn bandua to free Suraj may be😢😢…which happened with kasturi
      It is udaan na…aise hi koi twist ayega😓 iss baap beti ka koi umeed nahi hai…if he don’t care for his only son…what will he care about his family 😞
      Plz don’t get angry on me I was just guessing 😝

  43. subi

    Udaan is the only serial which has many main leads name starting from the letter “V”: VJ, Vidhi, Vandana. Letter “V” signifies for VICTORY and PEACE. peace lover. Can’t handle this high volt of torture. Till then, goodbye udaan.

  44. sana

    Guyzz i think av suraj v udaan bharega ..with chakors sr ..an it wll b a intrsting part…an guyz hb u sen the nw olv …vivaan betrayd chakor …..???

  45. Nithya

    Oh sry sia i dnt knw that I didnt watch udaan frm starting.I jst start ed watch ing few episde oly .sry….

  46. Nit

    I thought chkor was bandua once nw free.sry sia and angel 😩.plz sia its a request dr that atleast do 1 comment.

  47. sia

    Ha titli ek din dialogue bazi maar maar ke kn jaroor mar jayega especially while laughing aloud….right now I’m imagining ranjana,make up Ki dukaan Ki reaction….”Kamal ji aap hame akela chodke kaise jaa sakte Ho…ab Mai make up ko haath bhi nahi laga sakti Ho”sobs”..make up ke bina Mai kaise jioo😢make up ke bina mera ek din bi nahi gusrega😓”(😅😅)

    Ragini’s reaction…papa aap kyu chale Gaye ho”sobs”and inside thinking….”accha Hua budda mar Gaya..ab Mai asaadgunj Ki rani Ho 😈 ”


    • Titli

      Hilarious sia di.. calling u di.. as i am a frst yr student, studying b tech.. but seriously its so hilarious, especially ranjana’s dialogue.. a bit more funny dialogue can be, “kamal ji, ap mujhe chod k chale gaye? Mujhe apke sath dkh k hi toh baccho ko pta chal jata ki bhoot, chudail sb koi aa gaye.. ab mai chudail jaisi makeup karke kya karungi.. meri saari mehengi makeup barbaad ho gayi kamalji.. iske zimmedar surf aap hai”😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Titli

      Dialogue baazi toh hai.. par jab wo gussa ho jata hai, tab??? Usme toh mujhe lgta hai, ki chalo ab ye buddha gaya.. hospital scene dikhao..

  48. sia

    Nitya di u are so elder than me so I prefer to call di…shall I call you Nitya Akka😃
    Nitya di actually chakor wasn’t free but she freed herself after getting fame,now she lost everything na so she is indirectly kn’s bandua

  49. Tapa

    akhirkar ye ViMli apni real selfish face SuKor ko dikha diya per ek baat achha hua SuKor ko patta chal jayega ki unke X lovers kitne selfish hai. SO

    “The selfish couple of the year” and the award goes to………

    • sia

      Thank you Nitz and titli…as there is a sad week ahead i thought to do some masti😂.
      Titli u are also hilarious dear😂
      Titli u are only one year younger than me…u may come me sia

      • sia

        Titli sorry I didn’t read properly,I was in a hurry….after seeing 1st year I thought inter😝 actually I’m in inter 2nd year…instead I should call you di

  50. Tapa

    nithya di maine ye keh raha tha ki I’m 16 years old n I’m studying + 2,2nd year so main aap ko didi bulaungnithya di maine ye keh raha tha ki I’m 16 years old n I’m studying + 2,2nd year so main aap ko didi bulaungnithya di maine ye keh raha tha ki I’m 16 years old n I’m studying + 2,2nd year so main aap ko didi bulaungnithya di maine ye keh raha tha ki I’m 16 years old n I’m studying + 2,2nd year so main aap ko didi bulaungi

    tq aanya di . di aap ne kaha tha ki aap ka bday next month means February ko hai date batao plz

  51. Aqua


    |Registered Member

    I don’t like vimli they r so selfish. .. they do not want to help chakor to save suraj…

    Watch, when they will get in trouble they will come running back to chakor.

    I really wanna see sukor hug today😄

    • janu

      angel thanks for the link….i can’t able to tolerate this….
      everyone is against suraj and chakor…
      only both suraj and chakor only support and trust each other is the best thing..
      all are cruel….
      terribly felt sorry for them….

      • janu

        how dare shikoo can do this with chakor….he has no rights on her…he throw her dupatta…i want to break his hand…
        the way suraj hold shikoo throat..i really like it…angry suraj…who can’t tolerate the other man hold his girl…. can’t able to bear other man misbehave with his wife….(i like angry suraj)
        even suraj told him he is his friend….but he became betrayer just for money…he is such a selfish….who betrayed who trusted him for his own good…

  52. ankur

    Ye sikhu to aur bhi saitan ban gaya hai chakor ki chunri kheech li how dare he is wo bhi suraj ke samne

  53. sreeya

    hey guys im 21years old and doing 1st year mcom
    that shiku how can he behave like this with sukor and i hate vimli they are so selfish

  54. Aqua


    |Registered Member

    The new spoiler, KN planting doubt against chakor in suraj. So silly… suraj must be mentally exhausted to think like that , after everything chakor did for him. 😢

  55. Nits

    Hw dare that dirty fellow shiku throw our chakor duppata and hold her hand.im fed up with all thiss😤😤😤😤😤🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅😡😠😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  56. kriti

    guys bad news , kn is trying hard to create misunderstanding between sukor.and guys really I can’t understand from where shikoo get such hate for our sukor..

  57. Kalika

    You know what, I am not watching this anymore, I’ll come back in a month and it will probably be the same. This stupid track which the CVs regurgitated from God knows which orifice is going to get worse. Stop feeding these CVs with TRPs maybe then they will show quality programming and not BS. There are so many gaping plotholes in this story it is becoming laughable. Suraj knows Ranjana killed Manohar, does he use it? NO. Imli is way more dangerous than Ragini, they put sindoor and mangalsutra and make her bheegi billi, and the villagers don’t care about their own freedom. If there are any Udaan writers reading this I’d like to say you’re all a bunch of brainless twats! Tejaswini has a daughter whom she could have gone to and saved herself a lot of torture but the CVs forgot that Bhagya exists, Aditya was helping Chakor and he just faded away because that’s what friends do when you are in need disappear! Even if the actor playing Aditya left they could have replaced him! While we’re on that subject of people disappearing, Chakor helped soooo many people who weren’t even from the village are you trying to depict that no one gives a crap for this poor girl, that helping anyone will gain you nothing as no one will ever come to your assistance when you need it? Lastly, sports stars don’t fade away when they retire, if Neil Armstrong decided to turn into a woman tomorrow it would be big news even though he has been banned and will probably never compete again, being a sports star makes you a celebrity, companies would be approaching someone like Chakor to endorse them irrespective of her retirement status. So Team Udaan, from someone who was once hopeful with this show good bye. I hope VJ and Meera get better roles in other shows other than this BS.

  58. Kalika

    One more thing, more like a prediction, Chiku will try to force himself on Chakor, only then will others boycott this nonsensical track.

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