Udaan 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji scolding Tejaswini. He asks Suraj to sign on the contract. Suraj says I will not sign. Bhaiya ji asks him to see what he does now. He sends Ragini. Ragini gets kerosene bottle and asks the goon to pour it around Tejaswini. Chakor shouts no. The goons pout kerosene around Tejaswini and in front of her too. Suraj gets angry and restless. Suraj runs to Tejaswini. Ragini beats up Suraj and makes him fall. Tejaswini shouts. Goons catch Suraj again. Bhaiya ji says you are seeing this line, its kerosene, Ragini has the matchstick, fire will go to Tejaswini, think what will happen, its last chance, sign on it, else she will be burnt. Tejaswini asks Suraj not to sign.

Suraj asks Bhaiya ji to let Tejaswini go. Imli and Kasturi ask Chakor to do something. Suraj says I will

not sign. Ragini says fine, we will burn Tejaswini. She ignites the matchstick. Suraj says don’t do this. Ragini lights the fire. Everyone get shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to be ready to die. Chakor jumps over the fire and runs to Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji says Chakor can’t save Tejaswini, sign on the contract. Goon hits on Chakor’s leg and makes her fall. Suraj shouts Chakor.

Chakor sees Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji says both of them will die, sign fast. Suraj signs on the contract. Chakor gets up and jumps inside the fire round. Chakor gets the knife and cuts rope. She asks Imli to get something to blow off fire. Imli, Lakhan and Chagan get Tejaswini out safe. Suraj says I signed, save my mummy. Bhaiya ji laughs seeing the signs. Suraj sees Tejaswini fine. Bhaiya ji says my wish got fulfilled, you saved your mummy, you became my bandhua.
Chakor and Tejaswini cry. Ragini says Suraj has become our bandhua, now Vivaan will also become our bandhua. Vivaan meets the clients. The man says we liked your project plan, Raunak you got a good man in your company. He praises Vivaan. Raunak says don’t know how Vivaan has passion for work. Pooja looks on. Vivaan says this is just the start, I have to go far.

He thinks to make his name and take more projects, don’t know what is Bhaiya ji doing with Suraj. Pooja starts acting and asks what, you came till here, I told you can’t come here, go from here, I can’t meet you, fine I will come. Vivaan asks what happened, is your ex husband troubling you. She says yes, I don’t know how to get out of this problem, I will meet him and come. He says wait, you should not go alone, he may misbehave with you. She says I don’t want you to get in this. He says I will come along. She thanks him. Raunak sees him going with Pooja.

Suraj says none can become bandhua by just signing, slaves are those who don’t have courage, you can’t break my courage. Bhaiya ji says you said right, none can become bandhua by just signing, see this, bandhua stamp, you can become bandhua by this special stamp, I made this special one for you, you will be my bandhua.

Suraj recalls the stamp and thinks he has prepared this before, why did I not see this before. Chakor says you can’t make Suraj bandhua. Bhaiya ji asks will you stop me. Ragini says let me do this work, Suraj did not let me tie Rakhi. Bhaiya ji stamps bandhua sign on Suraj’s wrist. Everyone feel sad. Imli asks Chakor to save Suraj. Chakor says I have no power to do anything. She cries. Udaan hai…..plays…………

The man gets the tattoo machine. He makes the bandhua stamp tattoo. Suraj screams. Chakor shuts her ears and cries. Suraj sees the bandhua stamp on his wrist. Bhaiya ji says this is the result of cheating me, you all are witness, now no one will look at me. He asks goons to take Suraj and put him in his special place. Suraj says you can make my body bandhua, but my soul can never become bandhua. Suraj is dragged. Chakor recalls her old days and runs after Suraj. Bhaiya ji laughs.

Chakor asks Suraj to have food fast, before anyone comes. Suraj says thanks, I m much hungry. She says I can do this for you, have food. Goon throws the food away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. You know what, I am not watching this anymore, I’ll come back in a month and it will probably be the same. This stupid track which the CVs regurgitated from God knows which orifice is going to get worse. Stop feeding these CVs with TRPs maybe then they will show quality programming and not BS. There are so many gaping plotholes in this story it is becoming laughable. Suraj knows Ranjana killed Manohar, does he use it? NO. Imli is way more dangerous than Ragini, they put sindoor and mangalsutra and make her bheegi billi, and the villagers don’t care about their own freedom. If there are any Udaan writers reading this I’d like to say you’re all a bunch of brainless twats! Tejaswini has a daughter whom she could have gone to and saved herself a lot of torture but the CVs forgot that Bhagya exists, Aditya was helping Chakor and he just faded away because that’s what friends do when you are in need disappear! Even if the actor playing Aditya left they could have replaced him! While we’re on that subject of people disappearing, Chakor helped soooo many people who weren’t even from the village are you trying to depict that no one gives a crap for this poor girl, that helping anyone will gain you nothing as no one will ever come to your assistance when you need it? Lastly, sports stars don’t fade away when they retire, if Neil Armstrong decided to turn into a woman tomorrow it would be big news even though he has been banned and will probably never compete again, being a sports star makes you a celebrity, companies would be approaching someone like Chakor to endorse them irrespective of her retirement status. So Team Udaan, from someone who was once hopeful with this show good bye. I hope VJ and Meera get better roles in other shows other than this BS.

  2. One more thing, more like a prediction, Chiku will try to force himself on Chakor, only then will others boycott this nonsensical track.

    1. Right kalika i hope soon this all things get changed and yeah i hope udaan gets its new villian..

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