Udaan 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj tricks Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying you didn’t think of anything I said. Suraj says don’t fool me by the baby’s story, I just know you killed my dad. He tears the posters and scolds her. He says stop dreaming to win in these elections, I won’t let you win. He throws posters. She stops him. Chakor says I will test the power of love and see who wins, you will always be my husband, so I have kept Maha Shivratri fast for you, keep hatred aside, come in the aarti. He says never, I won’t come, if I get a chance, I will kill you. He goes. She says whatever you say, but I trust my Lord, my Maha Shivratri fast won’t go waste. Pakhi asks Chakor to come. Suraj burns Chakor’s posters. Ranvijay comes to provoke him. Suraj says sorry, I can’t kill Chakor, I can’t go against Imli.

Ranvijay says

Chakor killed your dad, she has made you an orphan, don’t you have revenge fire in you. Suraj says I m helpless. Ranvijay says I will talk to Imli, I m not helpless, I understand your pain, you are loyal to her, I will do your work now. He tears the posters. Suraj says but…. Ranvijay says no, your dad was a great man, he had done many favors on me, I will take revenge for his death, you can pay back my favor later, just get Chakor to the cliff, then I will manage. Suraj asks how is this possible. Ranvijay says its Maha Shivratri night, just get her there, then I will manage everything, it will be last Mahashivratri for Chakor. Suraj says fine, but I don’t think Chakor will agree to come, I told her I hate her.

Ranvijay says you hate her or love, she will be ready to come to you, you are her weakness, just tell her what she wants to hear. Suraj asks what do you mean. Ranvijay says I will tell you, I have arranged everything to kill her. Suraj agrees. Ranvijay leaves. Suraj recalls Ranvijay’s words. Chakor is at the well and fills water. She sees Suraj and recalls his words. He gets a dupatta for her. He says you have worn this on Karwachauth, I hate you, but I feel I have a relation with you, I went to the room which you said its ours, I got this chunni, I felt you had kept the fast for me. Chakor nods and cries. She says I had kept Karwachauth fast for you, this is the same chunni.

Suraj says I don’t understand why I see you, I get worried, you are my enemy, how can I have relation with you. She says you will recall memory soon. He says this can’t happen till I ask you some questions. He sees Ranvijay signing him. Chakor asks what questions. Suraj says no, I can’t ask you anything here, it won’t be good, you have to meet me at the cliff where we last met, when everyone is busy in puja, we can talk there, tell me, will you come there. Chakor smiles and says yes, I will come, you can ask me anything, I will answer you, I m sure your memory will come back, then we will do puja together. He says I will wait. He goes to Ranvijay and says I told her what you said. Ranvijay says well done and goes.

Chakor says I m sure Suraj will get his memory back and I will succeed in my aim. Everyone comes for the aarti. Chakor and Imli see each other. Manju says I didn’t know anything about the room. Imli says Chakor, you have kept fast for your husband who has become your enemy. Chakor says I have faith in Lord, he will get Suraj’s memory back, where is your husband, look for him, at least I know about my husband. They do the aarti. Chakor say forgive me, I can’t complete the aarti, if you bless, Suraj and I will complete aarti together. She goes. Kasturi asks where are you going. Chakor says Suraj called me to meet, he will get his memory back, I m going to meet him, we will do aarti together. Kasturi blesses her.

Kasturi asks where did you leave Chakor. Suraj says Chakor will die, I left her with Ranvijay. Ranvijay beats Chakor. He snatches her mangalsutra and goes to push her down the cliff. Chakor shouts Suraj….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. how painful is this episode…. I wont watch it , waiting for memory regain!

  2. I know we’ll get a happy outcome but I hated how Suraj tricked Chakor, I think his words were true until he looked at RV, they even showed he had a flashback abiut their karwachauth reunion. Loved how Chakor taunted Imli.

  3. ugh. how many times will chakor get beaten up in this serial? from her childhood kamalnarayan tried hundred times to kidnap her or her harm. chakor’s twin sister got killed because of this. then kamalnarayan stabbed her and thew her in the river. then kamalnarayan murdered her child so mercilessly, it was not even watchable, men kicking and whipping a pregnant women. after all this, the writers are showing suraj attacking Chakor, ranvijay beating Chakor. what the hell! chakor should forget running and join a karate class for real. those sticks are being of no help. and i am sorry but chakor was never stupid, the child chakor used to come up with interesting ways to fool kamalnarayan, pretending to be mata during the bhagya case and what not. but ever since the romantic plots the writers had dumbed down both suraj and chakor. before the leap, suraj was practically useless, always running after chakor, crying for her and drinking and thinking only about marriage. he never listened when chakor told him that she had more important goals to achieve. and now, chakor is doing the same, she never listens to suraj or tries to understand what is going on in his brain. and all the dangers that chakor faced, she brought on herself willingly, never once listening that suraj cannot be trusted. she doesnt even take precautions. after suraj took off her clothes, it must be clear that suraj cant be trusted. but she still goes after him, ALONE. i used to love this serial. kamalnarayan died, it could have been happy ending but no. chakor is doing nothing about imli’s women selling racket or organ racket. no one is trying to get back the girl who was sold off initially, doesnt her mother care anymore? all we get is weird imli-ranvijay scenes and chakor is essentially mentally harassing suraj. he needs a doctor. the story doesnot progress at all. the only good thing that happened is the villagers finally grew some courage and now stand together behind chakor, supporting her and getting her released from jail. but the main protagonists of the show are soooo frustrating. why did suraj had to have a memory loss? and does memory loss changes the very nature of a person? suraj may not have been a very good person in the beginning but he was never one to take silently take orders. imli and ranvijay must have tortured him mentally but the writers never show that. we got only one scene of suraj getting beaten up and thats it. suraj is suddenly sabu to imli’s chacha choudhury, only worse.
    i am sorry about this long rant but i am feeling so frustrated with chakor getting beaten up again and again.

    1. absolutely true!!! and thank you for your comprehensive message 🙂

    2. Utama Seshagiri

      I totally agree with Dhara ‘s comments ?

    3. Faiza al Kadry

      Absolutely HIT the NAIL on the HEAD Dhara!
      You are one good writer I must commend you on that and the WRITERS should get Psychological HELP IN THE MISTREATMENT of ALL WOMEN, CHILDREN and MEN who are ABUSED each and everyday of their LIVES and THEY should get on with the STORY and get to the FINISH of this UGLY Season.
      Dharma you would make a GREAT PRODUCER and DIRECTOR I mean it.
      Regards from CANADA.

    4. thank you all

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