Udaan 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Bhaiya ji to give medicines and food to Suraj, as he is unwell. Bhaiya ji asks did you lose trust on villagers. Chakor says yes, I lost belief in them, you won, give food to Suraj, save Suraj. She holds Bhaiya ji’s feet and says please give food to Suraj. Suraj gets shocked. Bhaiya ji says I m not stone hearted, I will give food to Suraj, but before that, Suraj will slap you 3-4 times. They get shocked.

Imli smiles seeing the toys in the room. Vivaan hugs her and says I have got all the baby toys, I wanted to decorate this room, I wanted to give you happiness, I went for the tests. She says it means your reports came positive. He says yes. She says I knew this, but you were scared to go for tests. He recalls doctor’s words and pushes her. He scolds her

and asks why will I get tensed, you say anything, you ruined all hardwork. He throws the toy and goes. Imli cries and says there is something behind his behavior, else why will Vivaan behave such with me.

Bhaiya ji asks Suraj will you slap Chakor. Suraj says better kill me, what will you get if I slap Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks him to do what’s said. Chakor says its enough, Suraj should get food now. Ragini says Suraj did not complete the work of painting wells, Vivaan did favor and got him out of well, you have to get slapped by him, you jumped in well for him, can’t you bear slap. Chakor says you punish me, but Suraj should get food. Bhaiya ji says we are making you get punishment by Suraj’s hand. Chakor sees food and Suraj’s weak state. She says Suraj slap me, its their simple condition, slap me so that you can get food. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to slap Chakor hard. Chakor asks Suraj what are you thinking, slap me, else you won’t get food and medicines, you need food, its not our failure, slap me. He holds his hand and asks him to slap her.

Suraj sees the food. Chakor nods. Ragini asks Suraj does he have no power. Chakor says you can close eyes and slap me, its not our insult, but our need, slap me. She closes eyes. Suraj raises hand and stops. He recalls how Chakor has always protected him from all the enemies. He thinks how Chakor worked hard to get some water for him, how she jumped in well for his sake. He holds her face. She opens eyes and sees him. Suraj refuses to slap her.

Bhaiya ji asks will you not slap her, don’t you want food, I will give this to dogs. Suraj gets angry and throws the food. He says I don’t want this food, by which Chakor gets insulted, for which I have to slap Chakor, I will die but not raise hand on Chakor, there is just one human in this animals’ locality, who is helping me, I should do Chakor’s puja, you have kept me hungry for 12 days, if you keep me hungry for 112 days, even then I won’t slap Chakor. Chakor cries and asks what did you do Suraj, why don’t you understand, its imp for me that you stay alive. He says its better I die, but I can’t hurt you.

Bhaiya ji asks servant what is Suraj saying, he does not want food, you make sure Suraj does not get any food. Bhaiya ji and Ragini leave. Chakor explains Suraj that if he slapped her, she would have not got insulted, she would have not died, they have to do this. Suraj says I don’t want to become his puppet, I can never slap you. She asks till when will you survive. He says my strength is not in my body, now you are my strength. She says but Suraj…. He stops her from saying. He says you never lost, you are not made to lose, why did you accept failure in front of Bhaiya ji. She says my belief on villagers broke now. She cleans his face. He says you are one in a million, you are good, so you think everyone is good. She says goodness never loses, good person always wins at the end.

Vivaan shouts and tells Chakor that he can’t father a child. She gets shocked and says Imli is your life partner, she has right to know this. He says no need to tell her, I will tell her when right time comes. Imli comes and asks what not to tell Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Janani9789

    i totally loved sukor parts!!!othres are totally tested my patience!!!even the particular scenes where kn and ragini shouting suraj to slap chakor!!the way he raised his hand and thinking of chakor,and their moments,and how she stand by his side always….etc…the way he hold chakor face gently….waah…what a scene!!!????i totally loved that scene!!!their acting is amazing!!!suraj rocks totally!!kn and ragini shocked!!!
    even in that situation kn make me laugh with his expression of like suraj holding face!!can’t stop my laughing…???
    this ragini really irritating me…..she should stop calling suraj as bhaiya…she is totally annoying ….devil….daughter of devil…????
    no one hurt the person they love even in any difficult situation…even if they have to die…suraj!!!he changed a lot!!!even he didn’t realise that he has feelings for chakor!!he didn’t hurt her!!!???
    vivaan!!he loves imli a lot…but he hurt her…i know he is upset…but its not right…to hurt who u love….poor imli….???
    suraj only strength is chakor…same as chakor only strength is suraj!!!!???
    waiting for upcoming sukor scenes!!!??

  2. Kn is really funny… really nice to watch kn and suraj act. Kn is devil… but udaan without kn and chakor.. Is not interesting… what would have happened if kn and suraj are not enemies and chakor becomes suraj s wife ?

  3. sukor are amazing.

  4. Sukor lv uuuu…precap boring..

  5. ya really precap seems boring..
    anyways angel,janu ,sia …where are you all guys…

    1. Janani9789

      Hi kriti,how r u. I am missing angel,sia…

  6. Sab kaha gaayab hogayi….angl,sia,sai.wr ayooooooooo…wt hpn…

  7. sukor are great lovers, to watch their scenes are amazing, they looks like a made for each other.

  8. Any new spoiler pls

  9. Love the way hw sukors bonding growing in each step , I agree with janu kn ws funny. Wht hpn to sia n angel n many people ? Angel was commenting till last few days I guess.

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