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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor not to worry, you look that side I will change, and then I will see this side, you change clothes. Chakor nods. She turns that side. He changes and says its fine, we will do as they say, I will not have to fight with goons. She asks what do you mean. He says don’t turn, I did not change yet. She says I don’t know where is washroom, now you close eyes and turn towards door. He says why this drama, I will turn that side, why to close eyes, we stay in same room in haveli and I don’t see you, will I attack on you here. She says turn that side and close eyes. He says fine, you think you are heroine.

She asks him not to think he is hero. She changes clothes. He stands with closed eyes and asks her to hurry up. She says whats this blouse, I can’t even

tie this strong. He asks shall I help. She says no, stay there, don’t come this side. He says fine, then stand like that, just your injured fake husband is here to help and say thanks too, I have an idea. He says I will tie cloth to my eyes, see this. He ties a kerchief to his eyes and turns to her. He says now I will show how to tie string without seeing. He walks to her and holds her.

Music plays……He ties the string. He says its done. She looks at him. He removes the cloth and opens eyes. She thanks him. He says you look good. She compliments him. They go out and do puja. Pandit asks Suraj to fill sindoor in Chakor’s maang. Suraj fills sindoor. Pandit asks them to lift Ram and Sita’s idols and take one round around the havan. Suraj and Chakor take one round. Pandit asks them to repeat the mantra, they will please Ram and Sita by this. Chakor and Suraj read mantra. They all clap. Kaki says you all are lucky, the couples who sit in this puja are together for seven births. Suraj and Chakor get shocked and say no….. Kaki and everyone look on.

Kaki asks what do you mean. Chakor says no, such blessing is not got easily, I can’t believe to get such big blessing. Suraj says yes, so we said no. The lady says such love to say same word. Chakor says our thinking is same, we want to be together for 7 births. Suraj nods. Kaki blesses them. Chakor thinks I will leave Suraj once he gets secured. Suraj thinks I will not tie up Chakor, she will get free of me soon. The lady asks them to start the Jashan. Chakor and Suraj dance on nadaga sang dhol …… He holds her. They have an eyelock and smile. Everyone clap.

It starts raining. Everyone run to shades. Chakor enjoys rain. Suraj takes her to the shade. They play in rain. He says I like the rain, I m happy and want to do something childish. They both play with rain water. They have a talk. She says I like icecream. He says I want tea and pakodas. She says I will tea after icecream. He says you want cold and hot together. She jokes. He compliments her beauty. Music plays…..She looks at him.

He sneezes and takes her dupatta. She says you are so sensitive, you caught cold by this rain. He says yes, you are stone, you are not affected by heat and cold. She says I have a way to make your cold away, first go and stand in rain. She says we are so different. He says yes, like ground and soil, I was fainting when Kaki said we will be together for 7 births. She says even I was scared, how will I manage 7 births with you, anyways I have to end Bhaiya ji’s story so that we get separated. He says yes, but tell me one thing, when this ends, you will marry someone right. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean there will be someone, with whom you would like to be for 7 births, tell me what type of guy you want. She asks will you find him.

He says yes, I will have to say you are mad, fighter, stubborn. She goes to beat him. He holds her hand. She says I want such guy who is much educated, who is sweet at heart and caring, who does not drink. He says then say you want someone different than me. She says yes, what type of girl do you want. He says one who is brave, big hearted, more famous, who helps me, who loves to fight with me, who always gets after me to make me quit drinking. She asks are you saying your choice or showing me mirror. He looks at her and smiles.

Suraj stops Chakor and says I m standing here, I will stand here, if anything wrong happens, call me out, I will come running. Chakor smiles and goes. Later, she comes out and cries saying Chakor lost, Kamal Narayan won. Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Angel

    Woww so romantic sukor epi😍 love every second of it and the best part is no vimli or kn scenes are there to spoil there chemistry and scenes, soo good epi 😘😘love how suraj tied dori and chakor expressions though and there damce was too good thanku team udaan for giving us there first dance thankuuu sooo much 😇😄

  2. Madhu

    It was Really Awesome…………… I am agreat Sukor friend…. Omg their bachpana…. Umhhaa… I hope they won’t confess their love soon and before confeesing their should be ROMANCE between them…….. I am sure if it remains like this it will soon reach the first position…..

    Love U SUKOR….

  3. suhani

    Episode is awesome..sukor dance and romantic talks also superb…I loved it…..waiting for tomorrow epi eagerly..

  4. Shanaya

    Today’s episode was sukorlious no vimly or kn and ragini here…. Suraj was soo cute when he tells chakor the type of girl he wants to marry…. thnx team udaan

  5. antara

    full of sukor scenes love this….thank u team udaan we want sukor romance nd plz bring aditya back…. nd don’t make chagan negative plz fulfill all sukorians wish… it would be great if aditya came back…. nd we don’t want negative chagan….ri8 sukorians??

  6. sia

    OMG a full on sukorlicious episode and must say an epic episode of udaan must say its the outstanding episode of udaan till date 😊

    Dori scene was too hot to handle 😝😍 aww the dance scene….superb😍.aaj tho Suraj babu Ki nazar chakoriya se hat hi nahi rahe the…..😂 and the entire conversation is awesome.Suraj was about to say “tum khub….”loved it and we today we got to see kiddish Suraj 😍 and oh god when villagers said u will stay together until next 7 births…and both shouted NAHI..😂😂 honestly I couldn’t control my laughter and during convo I feel Suraj doesn’t want me to leave her as he already started feeling for her and everything was clearly seen in his eyes.. VJ your eyes are so expressive.
    But the precap..no rona dhona shuru 😠☹….but we are gonna get a passionate sukor hug 😍 😍

  7. Nandana Dilip

    Today’s episode was the best…😃😄 love you sukor… 😘😙thank you team udaan for such a lovely episode…I’m sure udaan will be first soon and the best serial with such an awesome sukor chemistry being showcased in it….😍😍

    • Kalika

      Probably a prayer… hear they are going to start Ragini and Chagan’s track soon… maybe Ragini is marrying Chagan that’s why Chakor totally looks like the choti malkin of the haveli… i doubt people care about ViMli or RagGan or this new Pooja who is going to get between ViMli, we want more Sukor!!!! I would love to see chakor chase some girl away from Suraj and stake her claim

  8. Riya

    I am happy there was no vimli scenes… They just spoil my mood.. I watch the show for sukor only 💟
    And today’s episode was just too good 💟

  9. Sukanya

    What an episode. Its reallyyy amazing. There are no words to express my feelings. Love u Sukorrrrr. U r different from every other couple. Suraj indirectly said that he loves Chakor and he wanted to stay with her.

  10. sreeya

    i missed todays episode.. bt definitely will see on voot .. what an episode it was just awesome no words to describe it.. when i read the scenes i can imagine it in my mind.i was feeling like aawwwww…… a full sukor episode. suraj indirectly says that he needs her. she is the one who is there with him in his entire life,.. love you sukor

  11. ankur

    What an episode.only sukor scenes.i am speechless.This is a treat to every sukor fans.Sukor thinks that they r just the way to vimli together but according to me they r together because of vimli.

  12. Angel

    sia or kitne vivaah krenge😜 but may be some function or festival in haveli or village khi ragini to shadi nai kr rhi😂

  13. sonu

    This was the best sukor episode interuppted by no vimli no KN…It took my breath off!! I can clearly see Suraj drowning in Chakor’s Love 😛 😛 He coldn’t take his eyes off of her…whole episode, he was staring at her!! Chakor was looking really pretty today. Suraj was being child like…n Suraj looked so down when Chakor told her liking of the guy!! Suraj ki aaj toh dil ki baat zubah tak aa hi gayi, he totally said , he wanted a girl like chakor (or maybe Chakor only)…It was a superb episode, best!!!

  14. sia

    Angel 😅😅 by the way she is pretty and stunning Ragini Ki shaadi itni jaldi😂.hey bhagwan khi vimli ka punar vivah?? Ya kn-ranjana ki😅

  15. janu

    today episode ia amazing!!!full of sukor scenes no other vimli or kn scenes.i totally enjoyed today epi!!!.they really forgot their own problems and enjoyed each other company…
    the way they screamed when the lady told they will be together was can’t able control my laughter.
    even chakor and suraj want to separate from eachotherand doesn’t want to hold each other don’t know when they realise their love!!!waiting eagerly for their confession..
    i don’t want love triangle because some times it make the series bore and udaan also become like other drama.udaan is unique from all .
    want adithya but as chakor friend only sukorians don’t want love triangle.what say guys???
    but today episode was just awesome.
    even suraj want agirl like chakor he started liking chakor and as feeling for her..only now chakor as the problem when she realise her feelings for him..
    every fans of sukor want their love story should be unique pls udaan team make as such..thank u udaan team for this wonderful episode!!.

  16. Arrasukman

    And this episode is so lovable. I love this episode so so soo much. I can’t describe how my feeling now to see sukor full episode. This is such amazing gift for sukorians. I do really thank you for udaan team to make this episode. I hope there will be another gift for us in the future like today episode.
    And I hope chakor will realize her feeling soon, and knows its not only just care for other person like she always does, but the love she has even before vivaan leave her, I really want her feeling for vivan is only miss interpretation like what vivan said in episode 14th november 2016.

  17. Renu

    Episode – 676
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 14 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Chakor learns that she failed the drug test and is banned for the next 3 years from participating in the racing competitions. Sooraj tries his best to comfort her.
    Episode – 677
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 15 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Chakor cries profusely in front of Sooraj. Tejaswini tells Sooraj to run away from the village as there is a threat to his life. Later, Sooraj mixes alcohol in Chakor’s juice.
    Episode – 678
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 16 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vivaan and Imli go to Chakor and inform her that the media is waiting for her. Later, everyone is stunned when KN proves Chakor innocent. Ragini gets upset with KN for his actions.

  18. Lucy

    I only watch udaan and TPK and after today’s sad TPK it was refreshing to watch Suraj and Chakors light moments esp since from the look of the precap it’s back to turmoil

  19. Shonika

    OMG i loved the sukor scenes too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When chakor was describing her dream boy, surajs expressions were tooooo funny!!!! I almost died laughing!!!!! Fav. epi till now. THANK U udaan team!

  20. Trisha

    Thanks udaan team for this amazing episode.. suraj indirectly said that he wanted only chakor in his life…. their last few minutes conversation was so heart touching…. hope Vj meera win every best actor actress award next year😇😇😇😇they truly deserve so😚😚😚😚

  21. Athira

    Today’s epi will be the best episode .It was a full package episode of SUKOR.No words to describe abt them.Their eyelock,romance,dance and every single moment was worth watching.

  22. Tarn

    When Suraj said he’ll never bound Chakor to him, and he’ll let her free. He seemed so hurt, but it goes to show how much he has grown and matured as a person. And the dance they shared together was amazing!. Especially the eye lock at the end of the dance it was so passionate and loving. OMG and when they were playing in the rain together. He was happy and acting all childish, in contrast to his normal serious and uptight self. He didn’t have the best childhood, so it’s nice to see him so lively and finding happiness in such little things. He complimented her!! Like actually complimented her, without immediately insulting her afterwards. Well sort of he started to say she’s beautiful but then stopped. But hey, progress. We’ll get there soon. And then they were discussing what their partners will be like after they separated, when she describes a guy who is the complete opposite of him he seemed so jealous and angry. Then she asked him to describe his ideal girl and he literally describes her. Causing her to ask if he is describing his dream girl or just showing her a mirror, Why can’t it be both? Oh wait it can, actually it is. Then the precap when he tells her that he will be there for her. But she seemed so broken when she came out. I hope they are able to fix this, also it’ll be nice to see the caring, supportive side of Suraj. Like I already predicted yesterday, this is my favourite episode. It was 100% all Sukor, which I, alongside all my fellow sukorians, loved. As i have said earlier, they are favourite paring EVER. As they are so adorable, and lovable. Thank you Team Udaan for presenting us with this memorable episode.

  23. Praveena

    The episode is such a great gift to sukor fans.When suraj tied her string,chakor’s shy expressions was super.And maang mein sindhoor,and taking rounds with ram sita idol was so heart touching.And the moment when kaki said they will be together for 7 births,both of their sudden reply of No madee laugh.And of course sukor’s 1st dance I am so happy and their eyelock at the ending made me go aww.Then their childish act in rain also was superb and their conversations was the best according to me in the episode.
    Thank u team udaan for this episode .Those who did’nt watch the episode please go and watch.Don’t miss it

  24. Anusree

    Guys which song(or music) was played when suraj tied chakor’s string
    Did team udaan gave the official song for sukor

  25. nisha

    Awesome episode. Their Eyelock were perfect and dance also super. I agreed this is a best sukor episode. Love u sukor

  26. Neema

    (13/12/2016,WED)I alwys remembr this date nd day!!!😍bcoz true sukorianz vll alwyz remembr itt!!!really gyzz evry scenes r mind blowing!!!😍
    String scene=sooo hottish!!!😓😘
    Sindoor scene=sooo sweetish!!!🍦🍰🍮🍭
    Dance scene=sooo stylish!!!💃😋
    Rain scene=sooo coolish!!!☁💧
    Fight scene=sooo cutish!!! 👶
    Total scenes=soooooo sukorish!!!💕😍😘
    Wow guyzzz all our dreamy😍 sukory scenes r in one epiii!!!😃tatts soo awsm!!!😘😘😘welldone team udaan!!!👍well done!!!👍👏keep it up!!!!👈

  27. Dil dhanushi

    Awesome epi. Thank god today were no vimli n all, full of sukor. Loved it.the best epi till date. Thnx a lot udaan team for fulfilling wish of sukor fans in a stretch .anywy others needed to be around to continue story so doesn’t matter abt them. Sukors expression n acting were mind blowing . Great job, keep it up

  28. Arrasukman

    Finally I have watched it with subtitle. Sure more I see sukor scene more I falling in Love with them. Its really interesting when sukor think that closeness betwen them only for end kamal narayan, but without realize their feelings become deeper every time they are together.
    Also when they think that they cant live with each other for the eternity, I’m more sure that the they didn’ realize their feeling from the beginning.
    I will patiently waiting until they realize that they can’t live without each other, how they miss each other when they are seperated, how chakor will say she can’t live without seeing suraj. And how Suraj will always thinking about chakor. I hope it will happen when kamal narayan story clear so they will separate like what they want.

    So I want to say thank you for udaan team to make sukor. They are complement each other and their journey of love is totally unique and different. So keep it up guys. Love team udaan. Love sukor. And also love other sukorians.

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