Udaan 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Roshni writing an apology for Chakor and accepting all her mistakes. Roshni sees her and gets angry, asking how did she come here. Chakor asks her to write everything what she did. Roshni scolds her and says she will tear what she told. Chakor says no, and snatches the paper. Devi comes there. Roshni gets scared seeing her and leaves the book. Chakor asks what happened, why are you seeing like this. Roshni faints. Chakor gets worried. She turns and sees Devi. She says she got scared because of you, and asks her to hold the book. She checks Roshni and asks her to get up. Devi smiles seeing Chakor. Chakor says she is like us, don’t know why is she scared, and asks Devi to take care of Roshni, she will get water.

She says she can’t go inside, its Prince’s home. She asks

Devi to get water for her. She tries to take book and Devi gets hurt. She asks for the book, as its proof for her innocence. Charan Singh comes and calls out Roshni. Devi runs and Chakor asks her to stop. Charan asks Roshni to get up and gets worried. Bhaiya ji comes home and asks what happened. Tejaswini says she was worried as he did not tell anything and went. He says he went to Sitapur. She asks did he go with Charan Singh. He asks why. She says guard told me that you went there, did you not go there.

He says wherever I go, you should have kept enquiry commission. He gets angry and leaves. She says what happened to him. Bhavani sees Devi gone and gets worried. Chakor follows Devi for her book. Bhavani sees her and hides her from Chakor. Chakor asks her not to worry, and just pass the book. She says there is no one here. Bhavani takes Devi and makes her sit. She cuts some guavas for her. She asks her to have it. Devi starts eating. Roshni wakes up and recalls seeing Devi. She tells everyone that she has seen Devi and they don’t believe her. She recalls and gets worried. Bhavani comes and asks Chakor who is she and what is she doing. Chakor says she is finding a girl who is taller and wearing Devi clothes. Bhavani fools her and says its Devi. Chakor says no, its some girl, she took my book and run. Chakor says she was smiling seeing me. Bhavani asks her to shut up and go away. Chakor leaves.

Charan asks Roshni who else was there. Roshni thinks she can’t tell dad anything else and lies to him. He says there is no Devi and does not believe her. Prince asks her what is she hiding. Roshni asks will he tell dad. He says no. She tells him everything. Imli comes to Kishori and asks for food. Kishori scolds her.

Kishori scolds Imli and asks her to go with Sheru. She asks her to go and she will get food when Chakor gets educated. Imli says she will give half roti to Sheru when she gets and takes him home. She says Chakor did so much to get education, so that she can teach everyone in village and see they all got against her, I don’t like education.

Its morning, Girja scolds Chakor and says she has to cook food for Bhaiya ji. She goes inside and does not find her in stable. Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that she did not put sugar in his tea and he also did not ask for it. He says yes, I was thinking. Girja goes to Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji, and tells them that Chakor is not in haveli. The guard says Chakor did not go. Bhaiya ji thinks did she come to temple hiding in my car, if she has seen Devi Maa, what will happen.

He gets worried and says this can’t happen. Tejaswini asks what is he saying. He asks them to find Chakor and sends the servants. Bhavani locks the door and goes. Chakor takes the keys and opens the door. She goes inside.

Chakor sees Suraj’s car and thinks to go by any other way. Suraj and his friends stop her and she gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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