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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Kasturi and Bhuvan about her decision. Kasturi says you always take right decision, you have big heart, this decision will make your sister’s life better, what about your life. Bhuvan says its tough problem to see one daughter’s happiness and one daughter’s sorrow. Chakor says I m glad this is my decision, Imli is alone and needs support, Vivaan is her only decision, I can’t snatch her support, I want your support so that I never get diverted. They bless Chakor and say this house door is always open for her. Chakor says I feel Chakor has got awakened again. She hugs them and leaves.

Ranjana taunts Tejaswini and says I called pandit to get shuddi karan done. Tejaswini says you are jealous of me. Pandit gives the gangajal and asks Ranjana to sprinkle

it in house’s corners. Chakor comes there. They get shocked. Tejaswini gets glad and welcomes Chakor. She does her aarti and says I m glad you have come back, husband is husband, no matter how he is, I felt good, husband and wife should not stay away. Chakor says I did not come as Suraj’s bandhua wife, I came to stay in haveli for ones whom I love. Imli hears Chakor. Chakor hugs her.

Imli asks why did you come back. Chakor says yes, you know world is strange, if daughter stays at mum’s house, people taunt, so I came back, how would I fulfill plan for you and Vivaan. Imli smiles and asks really. Chakor says yes, Vivaan likes romantic things, I will do decorations, then you say your feelings. Imli asks how, Maai has kept godh bharai rasam today. Chakor says just get Vivaan there. Imli says fine, I will tell him and hugs her. She goes.

Chakor says I did not come here for myself, I came to bind Imli and Vivaan in love. Imli serves food to Vivaan. He talks of Chakor and says I will not ask her anything, whatever it is will come out. She asks don’t you get bored of eating homemade food. He says no, I like it. She says sometimes you should eat food outside. He says I think you want to go out. Imli says yes, we both can go at lakeside. Vivaan says why not if you will get happiness, we will go some day. She asks why not today. He agrees. She says I will be ready till 8pm. He says fine, happy now. She says a lot. He asks where is Chakor. Imli says she came, I don’t know where she went. He says fine, tell me when she comes back.

Ragini and her goons see police van in which Bhaiya ji is being shifted. Ragini lies down on the road. Constable goes to see her. Ragini shoots him. Bhaiya ji thinks I have to start acting. He asks inspector to save him. Bhaiya ji asks constable to free him, he will not go anywhere. Ragini signs Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji frees himself. He hides and sees the evidence box against him. He thinks to burn the evidence and signs Ragini. He goes back and sits n the police van. He wears the chains again.

Chakor blows balloons. She sees Suraj sleeping at the lake shore, and wakes him up. He says I freed you, did you get this place to celebrate your freedom. She asks why is he drinking now, what if he sinks in water. He says I m already sunk in sorrow, I don’t know any other way to forget sorrow, you teach me if you know. She says lets see how much you learn. He says you are saying as if you came back to stay in haveli. She says yes, I came back. He asks why, don’t say you can’t stay without me. She says I think wine affect did not go. He says its good you came, I was thinking whom to fight. She says you will lose, I m free and can do anytime. He says fine, I won’t stop you. They argue. Suraj asks why all this decorations.

She says for Imli and Vivaan, they both will have picnic here. He asks candle light dinner, why are you doing this. She says because I want to, go haveli and bath, you look ghost. He also blows balloons along her. She asks him does he want to ruin her hardwork. He says I m having pity so helping you. She says thanks, hurry up, its Imli’s godh bharai festival today. He asks whats godh bharai. Chakor tells him about guests blessing would be mother and giving gifts. Suraj says strange, I m not with Imli and blowing air in balloons for her and Vivaan. Chakor asks him to help fast. Ragini shoots at the car and it explodes. Bhaiya ji smiles. Inspector asks driver to drive fast. The van leaves.

Ragini smiles. Imli asks Chakor to get this godh bharai rasam end soon, when will this start. The lady says its not late, mahurat is of 7.30pm. Imli worries. Chakor says we have to reach somewhere at 8. Kasturi says no one will go anywhere today. Chakor says we have to go on shopping. Kasturi says its abshagun to go out. Chakor asks Imli not to worry and smile, enjoy the function. The ladies guess that Imli will have a son. Vivaan comes there and sees Chakor. Chakor wishes she succeeds in bringing Imli and Vivaan together. Suraj comes there. Chakor thinks this night is imp for Imli and Vivaan, even Suraj can’t come between my plan.

Imli says I will tell Vivaan, I love you… She falls down and screams. She shouts Vivaan. Vivaan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chakor-Vivaan

    yar…imli is acting…Great vikor scene…Hate imli

    1. Mona146

      What do you mean by Imli acting?

    2. No

  2. Today the only highlight was suraj n chakor’s childish quarrel…!! Vivaan seem to have come to his senses…N has decided to trust chakor whole heartedly. Imli is insecure but she loves her sister regardless. N chakor is as always Mahan n suraj drunk…nothing seem to have gotten further???

  3. Sukor scenes was mindblowing ??and guys i have just seen a video where paras arora said that after imli miscarriage suraj will try to come close to her and he will not interfere bcoz imli and suraj are the real parents of that child so he will maintain distance from imli ?but he is feeling jealous of suraj amd imli closeness and he will also be afraid of losing imli.?.., so guys its clear that vivaan is confuse he loves chakor but he also has feeling for imli too? and i think if vivaan will come to know his feelings for imli and sukor will definatly happen?? and yeah our mahaan chakor will make him realise his love for imli?

    1. thanks angel i thought after miscarrige vikor will happen bt you gave some hope for sukor,can u please give that link of that vedio which u heard about this news

  4. But why will suraj come close to imli,i don’t like their closeness.love sukor

  5. Bari special episode rakhi hyii hyaa kuch b nii chlo imli tu thandii ho gii haa bari hmraa bachvaa krti rhtii thui aii barii…

  6. yes love sukor sukor sukor sukor sukorrrrrrrrrrr

  7. Guys see the spoilers,i think or it’s final that they aren’t making sukor,vikor to reunite somehow.

  8. yes i saw in spoilers, they said that imli and suraj will try to make vikor to re-unite,bt dont knw what happens

  9. I saw in the spoliar that Suraj will say I will take away imli somewhere but chakor says that Vivaan will take a good care of imli after miscarriage and Sukor will be there

  10. Acording to india tvs reports vivan says that he will be the next father of imlis child after the miscarriage

    1. Really???great!!!! That means sukor love story gonna start…ypeeeee!!!

    2. plz give link for that

  11. Me also wants a sukor.but spoilers says imli try to away from vivan and reunite chakor and vivan.thats make me little fear.

  12. Ramyasri this is the link
    go check,it guys in this video paras arora is saying that he is geting afraid of loosing imli

    1. thanks for the link angel

    2. Angel paraz arora nahi vivan narayan rajvanshi

  13. All sukorians pls check this video all of u will understand that sukor and imvaan are final

  14. Uuff confusions…Whatever gonna happen but only sukor should happen….udaan is one of my fav show…bcz when chakor n sooraj were child from there only i want them to unite when they grow n i hope this show stays my fav show….Luv u sukor….

  15. people where do you get all these news from and why the hell is Vivaan behind imli. he should be happy that he can get his old love back who is chakor . everyone has lost their brains in the serial even the writers. Aree! decide who will be the final jodi. i want vikor back as they are childhood lovers.

    1. Exactly! I want Vikor too.

  16. I think vivaan and chakor are bestfriend, like brother and sister. Not chilhood lovers. Hope sukor.

    1. No, They r not BESTFRIENDS,They r LOVERS?

  17. I always wanted sukor from the start just look at suraj how hot he is!!!!!!!

    1. Vivaan is also cool

  18. Chakor-Vivaan

    Vikor r childhood lovers yar…you can’t forget about them like that…Open your eyes…Vikor are destiny, they r meant for each other..yarr..Vikor are final pair…it is comfirmed, as i’m living in England…i got all latest news here..Sukor are rubbish pair…Imli is going to go with suraj or chhagan because they both love her..But vikor is comfirmed, it is destiny..

  19. Lots of fhe spoilers are fake don’t believe all you read and see. Anyway why are the Udaan updates so late? People should stop worrying about pairings and think of what happens when Bhaiyaji returns. Vivaan that weakling will be finished, only Suraj will be able to make a plan if he stops drinking. Chamli just bores me to tears one sister sacrifices herself while the other keeps on taking. Imli’s character is so fake, she went from beibg a gun toting hooligan to adarsh patni. Tell me does marriage make women adarsh overnight? Suddenly imli can read and in English too… it would be good if Imli died and Chunni came back. Ragini shoukd gdt as little screen time as possible. Her face gives me acidity.

    1. Till now now update…

  20. Eh sukor lovers y are u confusing , for one of the reason suraj loves imli because of his child.now imli will be miscarriage,by this we can say that there is no child of suraj and imli love.so ultimately suraj will start loving chakor.and vivan and imli will be a pair.if sukor and imli will be as a pair there will be no miscarriage of imli….think about that

  21. Eh sukor lovers y ur confusing.u all know that for one of the reason suraj loves imli bcz of his child.now imli is miscarriage,there is no child of love for suraj and imlis love,ultimately suraj start living chakor.for sukor love story only imli is miscarriage.now vivan amd imli will be pair.there is no child of suraj with imli.now there will be a happy love story of sukor with out any obstacle.think about that

  22. No update till now of13 september

  23. But very happy when seeing the episode Suraj touches chakor’s hand how romantic this is a very good thing for all sukor fans

  24. Tejaswiteju

    Hey sukor lovers y ur confusing.we all know that for one of the reason s..uraj loves bcz of his child.now there is a miscarriage of imli,ultimately we can say that there is no love of child of imlii .and suraj.and there is no obstacle between sukor .so suraj will start loving chakor.and vivan,imli will be a pair.and sukor love story will be start.if suraj and imli imli be a pair,then there is no need for miscarriage of imli..think itt..

  25. yes ur right teja,and also if they want to make vikor,they will not show that imli starts loving vivan,they made imli love vivan so that chakor should sacrifice vivan for her sister,now chakor has no other option than leaving vivan,if she leave vivan then only sukor will happen and as u said now pregnency also not there so chakor can love suraj,for making sukor they made these twists,and i read that kamal narayam also planning something against suraj i think chakor will save suraj

  26. Right chakor will save suraj and may be than they both start loving each other after watching today (13 sep episode) its confirmed that sukor r final .,i mean i cant forget their first eyelock and love it when suraj said hamari biwi ko kharede ga tu its was awesome he cares for her and now chakor also start understanding suraj and starts trusting him

  27. i want vikor to happen…

    1. sadly we all can’t have what we want

  28. Wow yaar!!one of my fav episode ever….sukor 1st eye lock….i luv the way he stands out for chakor n i felt he was excusing by saying that ‘ i did this for imli’ but the truth is he did that for the one n only chakor….n i also luv it when chakor also adress sooraj as her hus…day by day i’m getting very excited to watch UDAAN….the veiwers who r still hoping vikor to re-unite then 13th sept episode is the proof that the pairs r gonna be sukor n imvaan not vikor n imraj….

  29. Pls update maha episode of yesterday

  30. Right sia he has feelings for chakor but inside his heart and he dont know same with chakor but why chakor is only consoling vivaan she should also console suraj as he was the real father of child

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