Udaan 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Lakhan and everyone coming to ask Bhaiya ji about Imli and all the kids who went missing. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to reply. Abha says Arjun has informed me that Bhaiya ji gave the kids to Babu. They all get angry and ask him to answer. Tejaswini and Ranjana offer help to find the kids. Abha thinks did Tejaswini change or is she again helping Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks them to help the villagers if they want, but just spare him.

Tejaswini promises Abha that she will help her in finding kids and get Bhaiya ji punished. Abha says kids are soul of the house, and if soul is taken, people can do anything. JJ shows the magic and gets Choka as his assistant. Chakor acts with him and they show the magic. Everyone clap for them. The kids are inside and talk about magic show. Chagan

says we will just see from the window. Amma asks Sunny to see the kids, as Munna has come to find the kids. The kids see the magic from window and clap. A lady sees them and says kids. Amma gets alert and tells Sunny about the window open.

The lady asks Amma about the kids in her house, and asks whose kids are they. Amma denies that they are kids and the lady argues with her. Amma talks Soham and Sunny. JJ shows more magic. Singh comes there and stops the magic show. He asks about Amma ji. Munna says that’s Amma. Singh asks her about her house, he has to search it. Chakor gets worried.

Singh says Thela Bhai has met her and maybe he has hidden smuggling items there. Amma says no, he has changed, there is nothing. Chakor rushes to save the kids before police comes. Amma and everyone try to stop Singh. Chakor tries getting the kids. Chakor gets the kids to the other side of Amma’s home. Singh does not get the kids and leave. Amma thinks where did kids go. Sunny asks Amma where are the kids. Amma worries.

Chakor hides the kids in big boxes and asks JJ to go, he can see that later. Billu comes out and JJ gets shocked seeing him. He looks at Chakor. Billu says sorry, I was feeling suffocated. Amma and everyone see the cloth wall torn and get glad that Chakor has shifted kids to JJ’s home on time. All the kids come out and JJ gets surprised. JJ asks is this magic. Amma says this is the truth.

JJ tells Amma that now he understood why Chakor wanted to learn magic. Chakor says she has to take kids to Aazaadgunj. JJ says Amma is doing a great work, I respect you a lot, I m with you now. Amma says JJ you are very good, think what you can do to help. JJ says this time the magic show will be in Lucknow. The kids get glad. Chakor asks will I go to my mum and dad. JJ says we will leave tomorrow, I have some great plan. They get happy.

Amma prays that the kids go their home safe. A man comes to them and bring boxes. Munna sees the kids at Amma’s home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. C’nt wait 4 d kids to go home.e’vry1 will b amazed:-D

  2. Me too it’s really dragging. They are suffering

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