Udaan 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rocky reminding Chakor that she can’t stay in her home. He says no one should know you are alive, you are going as Choka. Sunny says where will Chakor stay, if Amma was there, It would be easy. They think where is Amma. Chakor says we will call Arjun and ask. Sunny says I will call. Arjun sees Chakor’s pic and recalls her. He feels guilty. He gets Sunny’s call. Sunny asks about Amma. Arjun says Amma is here in haveli. She asks what, haveli, how. Arjun says I can’t tell anything, I m in shock of Chakor’s death.

Sunny wants to tell about Chakor. Rocky tells Arjun not to worry about Chakor, she is fine wherever she is. Chakor says I want to tell Arjun. Rocky stops her. Soham says we will be going there with Chakor. Rocky asks how can this happen. Sunny says we will

say we are there to find Amma, and we are Choka’s friends.

Bhaiya ji comes to the village with the goons. The villagers greet him. Bhaiya ji says he has got mental hospital van to send mad people. He asks where is the mad woman Kasturi who stoned my haveli yesterday. Bhaiya ji says she can throw stones at anyone. Bhuvan asks them to leave his wife. The men drag Kasturi. Bhuvan says Kasturi has gone mad as Chakor died, don’t take her, leave her. Kasturi asks them to leave her. Bhaiya ji says yes right, she has gone mad, so she has thrown stone at me. Kasturi says I will kill you. Chakor comes in Aazaadgunj with Soham, Sunny and Tamasha. Bhuvan sends Imli with Dadi and begs to Bhaiya ji to leave Kasturi. Bhaiya ji says you people are forgetting this stamp, its time to make you remember who is owner and who are bandhua. Soham asks Chakor is this her Sitapur. Chakor says yes.

Bhaiya ji asks his goon to burn Kasturi’s hand as she has thrown stone at him. Kasturi;s hand is burnt and she screams in pain. Everyone get shocked and cry. Chakor is shown. Kasturi is taken in ambulance. Bhuvan, Dadi and all villagers cry. Lakhan comes there and looks on shocked. Imli asks Bhuvan where did they take Kasturi. Bhuvan says I don’t know, when will she come back. Imli cries and asks where did mum go. She asks Lakhan to say. Lakhan says I don’t know. Imli cries for Kasturi.

Sunny brings hot kachoris and asks Chakor to have. Chakor asks where is the tempo, I will see my mum and then eat food. Chakor sees few kids teasing a mad woman. She scolds the kids and scares them that she will break their head, as she is out of jail. The kids get scared and run. The lady cries and says I lost my food. Chakor asks her to have kachoris, and not be scared, as she is with her. They smile seeing Chakor’s big heart. Kasturi is taken to mental hospital.

The villagers cry and talk about Kasturi. The old woman says everyone has to obey Bhaiya ji, he is Lord for the village and they are their bandhua, if they have to save Kasturi, Bhuvan should beg to Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan cries for Kasturi. Nayantara prays at home for everyone’s good. Kasturi wants water and gets down the van. Chakor’s water bottle falls and tells Sunny. Sunny says leave it, someone’s thirst will be gone. Chakor says you said right. Kasturi gets the bottle and drinks water.

Chakor gets the Lord’s chunri and steps ahead in temple. Kasturi comes and sees Chakor there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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