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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji and Manohar talking about Chunni. Bhaiya ji says once mum gives us property, I will kill Chunni. Amma says we can’t risk Chakor’s life, as she has murder case going on her. Soham says Bhaiya ji has got Chunni. Amma says if Bhaiya ji knows real Chakor is alive, he will case police. Chakor recalls the jailer’s words and says we have to do something to expose fake Chakor, and not bring real Chakor infront. Vivaan says they both look same, how will we show that. Chakor shows her bandhua sign, and says fake Chakor will not have this sign. Now this sign will prove that girl wrong. They agree.

Manohar says Chunni, now this thing is ready to put bandhua stamp on your hand, you will become bandhua Chakor from today. Chunni likes the haveli and looks around. She sees

fruits. Chakor goes and befriends her. Chunni says she is really Chakor. Chakor says she has got a watch for her and thinks to know about her. Bhaiya ji comes and asks whats happening. Chakor says I was just getting friendly. Bhaiya ji sends Choka and asks Chunnu to be away from Choka.

Vivaan, Chakor and Ragini discuss about knowing the girl’s truth by arm wrestling idea. Vivaan calls out Chakor. Chunni answers him. Choka asks her to arm wrestle with her, as Chakor used to do this with Vivaan always. Bhaiya ji looks on from far. Amma calls everyone to see the competition between Choka and Chakor. Everyone come there and look on.

Chakor and Chunni have an arm wrestling competition. Amma and everyone try to se Chunni’s hand. The chunri from Chakor’s hand moves and her bandhua stamp is seen. Chakor worries. Chunni recalls Manohar asking her to have the stamp and she refuses him. Bhaiya ji says make temporary tattoo on her hand. Vivaan alerts Choka about the stamp. Chunni gets angry and says she will not lose. She asks Ragini to say sorry. Ragini asks what are you saying. Chunni starts shouting.

Bhaiya ji asks Chunni to stop acting and scolds her. Chunni gets angry and signs him to stop. Vivaan asks Chakor what to do now. Chakor says that girl has the stamp made on her hand, we have to think something else. Bhaiya ji brings Chunni to stable and asks her to stay here. She refuses. He says I have you 50 lakhs, you have to stay here. Chunni says she did acting there to stop that competition. He asks her to make tattoo again, she will get food. He goes out and sees Tejaswini. She confronts him about Chunni.

He says I wanted to tell you. She says no need to lie, I know that girl is not Chakor. He says yes, you were not ready to hear anything. She praises his smartness and he laughs. He says even you are very sharp. She says I m glad hearing you praising me. He says you are my wife, partner and supporter. We will get Chakor’s share too, lets shake hands. She says she does not wish to, as he has hurt her a lot. She can’t forget how he backstabbed her and got her arrested. She says I will not risk your work, but not become a part of this game.

Chakor goes to Chunni and says I know you are not Chakor. Chunni asks then are you Chakor. Girja comes and scolds Chunni. She asks Choka to keep an eye on her. Chakor asks her not to worry. Chakor says she will make Chunni work. Chunni gets angry. Chunni does not know washing clothes. Chakor laughs and says I will show how you used to wash clothes before. She holds her hands. Chunni says leave my hand. Chakor removes the cloth from her hand and sees the fake tattoo. Chunni gets shocked.

Vivaan says Bhaiya ji has sent Chunni and Kasturi in puja. Chakor says Chunni will do puja now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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