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The Episode starts with Chakor saying Suraj and Imli can’t come inside. She says I can’t see you two here, just leave. Suraj says I can understand what you are going through, I know you are angry and won’t understand, now Imli will stay here, she is my responsibility, she will stay where I stay. Ranjana says this girl is not related to this haveli, she can’t step in. Vivaan says who stays here and who does not, I will decide it. He calls Ragini, and asks her to keep Ranjana away from the house matters, if Chakor and Ranjana can hide my dad’s death secret, they can do anything, today they are saying Suraj and Imli can’t come inside, I will say they both will stay here, my cheater wife and his true lover will stay here till I say, am I saying right partner. Ragini says yes, your heart is big, it will

happen as you say.

Vivaan laughs and asks Imli to hear that Ragini said, my heart is very big, so I m permitting you to stay in haveli, it means I will make your stay arrangements here, you can enjoy with my bandhua brother in front of my eyes. Imli asks him not to say this. Suraj says enough, don’t say a word to insult Imli. Vivaan says sorry, did you feel bad, I won’t say. Chakor cries and goes upstairs. Vivaan asks Suraj and Imli to walk on his dead dreams and come, this haveli is waiting for them, don’t worry for me, what if my heart broke, heart is there to get broken, right Chakor, where did Chakor go, she could not bear the cheat, everyone just pretends. He laughs. Suraj takes Imli with him. Vivaan laughs and asks them to go and enjoy.

Suraj asks Imli to tell him if she needs anything, all her needful things are here, don’t take any step being emotional, think of child. Imli cries and says I will try to manage, go to Chakor and do something that your relation does not break. Suraj says don’t know will she understand or not, sometimes lies are needed to win fight. The power goes. Imli worries and calls out Suraj. Chakor comes and says I have switched off lights, thinking you won’t have courage to show me your face after what you did, I don’t want to see your face either, darkness is fine to talk. She shouts and asks Imli why did she do this. She says you knew I love Suraj a lot, I loved Vivaan since childhood, when you told your feelings, I did not think before sacrificing my love, you did not think about me and my love. Imli recalls Suraj’s words and stops. She says I was helpless, I lost a child once, I wanted another child, which Vivaan…. She cries. Chakor says it means you intentionally cheated me and Vivaan.

Imli says yes, think I intentionally cheated you, I forced Suraj, I wanted a child. Chakor gets shocked and slaps her. She beats Imli and says you can’t be my sister, you broke all relations, why did you do this. She sits crying. Imli holds her. Chakor gets away. Imli cries and says I won’t touch you, I know you will not forgive me, just forgive Suraj, he is innocent, I have done all this, he is not at fault. Chakor asks what do you mean. Imli switches on lights. She says I have made Suraj drink in car that night, Suraj did not wish to drink, he tried to stop me many times, he got down the car and left, but I stopped him, as I wanted a child, if not from Vivaan, then from Suraj. Chakor says I wish to kill you, but I can’t punish your child for your sin. Imli says I m ready to die by your hands, I just want to say, your Suraj is just yours, you changed him.

Imli says Suraj is supporting me after my cheap deed, he is standing by me and giving name to the child, forgive Suraj, I m responsible for all this, I swear on my child, your Suraj is innocent. Chakor cries and asks are you saying truth. Imli says yes. Chakor runs. Imli cries and apologizes to baby, that she has false sworn, but she has said the truth. She prays that Chakor and Suraj’s annoyance ends.

Suraj sees the broken things in room and thinks how to face Chakor, I m feeling scared. Chakor comes there and hugs him. Mahiya…..plays…. She asks why did you let this happen, I m glad that you did not take the step, but you could stop Imli, why did you not stop her. He sees her bleeding foot and asks her to show him. He lifts her. He does the aid. O saathi re….plays… He says its deep wound, it will take time. She cries.

She says you worry for my small wound, what about the wound which you gave me for entire life. Suraj rests in her lap and says when you get small scratch, I feel much pain, think of the pain I m going through when I gave you such a big wound on your heart, I can’t express it. They cry.

Suraj says I did everything, I m responsible for it. Chakor asks Suraj to go to Imli, everything between them is over. Vivaan says if Suraj is father of the child, what problem does he have to stay with Imli, if he can sleep with her, why can’t he stay with her in a room, now Imli is his mistress. Suraj gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lily I started watching udaan after suraj proposes imli and before that I only watched some glimpses of udaan and I became a regular viewer after that
    And my dreamland is any place where there is cool, and calm atmosphere
    I liked to live in a small home where there is Greenery around it And a small lake near it

  2. Hi shama dr….where r u?

  3. Dua mile bando se khushiyan mile jag se,saath mile apno se reheat mile rab se, zindagi me aapko bepanah pyar mile, khush rhe aap duniya me zada sab se……many many happy returns of the day shreya?

    1. Shreya.

      Thank u soo much shama Dr????

  4. Welcome back Aria, how was your exams?

    We miss you too Tapa, I hope you’ll be able to comment even if it’s just once a week. Best wishes.

    Hi Dil d, how are you?

    Thanks sukorian for the links, I’m excited to see Suraj and Chakor working together.

    Thanks shreya for your videos, I love them.

  5. Hey aanya di I also watched udaan from its first episode but in between I have missed so many episodes as I went to KSA there we are not having tv and now I am studying in 10th stsndard and I dont know the exact date that when I have started reading these page comments but I think from the starting of 9th class I have started reading these page comments at that time the comments were too less after that so many people join this udaan family then I have stopped reading the comments I just visit these page to know about newspoilers as so many people share links then after that u came so I read many of ur comments and I know that u are so positive thinking girl and ur nature is so friendly with others
    One more thing agar aap faint hogaye to aap ku rest karna chahiye aap to kisi ki baat sunte nai lekin agar aap ku kuch bhi hua na sab ki halaat uper niche tedi bingi hojati
    Waise aap bohot masqare hai aap ku maalum mere ku masqare loga bohot pasand me bhi thode masqari hoon lekin aap ke utti nai
    Or haan meku comments karna to bohot pasand lekin meku kabhi moqa nai mila ab mil gaya to itne comments krriu dekho

  6. Or haan ek baat to bolna to bhoolich gaye ab aap dekho aanya di sab jane ab aapku kitna daat te dekho waise bhi date geich na aap apne aap ki khuch bhi fikar nai karre na to ab sab ka lecture sunne ke liye taiyyar rahiye

  7. Hi Lucy, sorry if I was aggressive. I agree that Suraj and Imli are too close lately, but I blame CVs. From the time Imli and Vivaan became a couple until the end of bandhua track Suraj and Imli behaved normally together. It’s now that things changed, I wasn’t happy with how they portrayed them at the time right before the baby drama, but they did that to make Vivaan suspicious (they overdid it).

    The last week or so is back to normal, he holds her hand tightly because he’s her only support, he puts his hand over her head and treat her like his kid sister. Even the hug at the temple was very brief, she was desperate, nobody believes her and only Suraj understood her pain and unconditionally supported her.

    At the end, we’ll have to agree to disagree :).

    1. Yep, we will have to agree to disagree, no you weren’t aggressive that was your opinion and I respect that.
      I’ve lost respect for Suraj, I always think when negative people try to separate the lead couple it makes sense but Suraj sabatoged his own relationship and I think it was unnecessary and there was no honour in the way he did it and the reasons why he did it.

  8. Guys i remember one more thing guys wen suraj went jail imli was the one who realsed him and maybe thats why suraj is helping her as no1 else is supporting her i think chakor will realise that suraj is innocent eventually as she will understand that suraj did everything in haste wen he was saying to every1 that by making guns we can make our future better etc every1 was like yes we agree with u suraj and then chakor was thinking that this is all wrong so with the new olv chakor knows suraj intention wasnt wrong thats why shes helping him and within the track she will realise that suraj lied to help imli i think after this track sukor will get married again and the baasti people r so dumb wen ragini came chakor was like dont listen to her they went against chakor now vivaan is pretending to give them work and now they r gone against suraj and cvs plzzz give suraj his old look back i hate this jackets

    1. I agree with you tippu about the track. I also hate these new jackets, he used to look so cool.

  9. Hey zoya …..actually aaj kl mera mood Acha nahi h isiliye bht kam phn use krti hun. If you all don’t mind kya me shyris post kr skti hu .

  10. Hi Nemo, I’m fine dr. Wht abt u?
    Aanya , Wht is this dr? If u hv fainted u should hv taken rest fr some time .
    I was born on 12th April . Wt abt others?

  11. Hi guyz… How r u all.. Friday epi was good…imli try to keep sukor together was nic….and sukor scene were lovely…it cant be expressed in words…i know everyone would felt the sama…the hug the lift… And finally the lap scene were out of the words…i literally cried in tat scene…suraj nd chakor eyes showed their pain…vj meera nailed tat scene…it was just a serial…they are living n it….

    And I guess there is a great discussion over here.. I respect all ur points…
    I feel tis seperation will increse their nd understanding of our sukor…so hope for the best guyz…nd pls dont support for those who are abusing our suraj…we all lv sukor and we want them always..

    Appy bday shreya dr….be happy…
    Aanya take care dr…and my sukorians (zoya,shreya,sukorian, tana,mama,nemo,dil d,sruthi,lucy,lily,aria,sry if i left someone name…) Take care all….keep loving our sukor… Vj meera rocks…

    1. Shreya.

      Thank u Soo much dr????…

  12. Ohh shama…but if u don’t mind…can i ask u that…kya woh shyaris aap khud se likhogi aur post krogi…

  13. Yes shama u can post shayaris we all love shayaris alot and we don’t have any problem with ur shayaris

  14. Ofcourse zoya…me khud likhungi shyris…..

  15. Hi Dil d, I’m fine thanks.

    Hi shama, would love to read your shayari.

    Zoya, I wish you get back to posting your shayari, but I guess the current track is so sad.

    Hi lvsukor, i liked imli in this episode and sukor scene was so emotional, loved it.

  16. Shreya.

    Tippu I agree with u abt dis track nd suraj’s dressing sense I mean tat jacket…

    Shama Dr, v hv no problem with ur shayaris whenever u got d tym post here k…u know wat shama our Zoya posted her sayari’s before nw she took leave…v all missed her sayari’s…

    Guys…u know wat in my ig(Instagram) acnt preetibhatiakumeria(our vj’s wife) following me…first I really shocked…nd I can’t believe dis nd I checked allot of times is dis true r not…bt dis is true guys nd am really happy…dis is one of my best gift..nd tdy u guys r showing ur loves by ur wishes…am really happy…dis is my most memorable nd also unforgettable birthday…thanks for giving me such an amazing feeling…love all…????????

  17. I don’t no Shreya di .Almighty knows how it was.the exams marks will show how was my exam.Shreya do u have any siblings? I don’t have any siblings. That’ s why i considered all friends here as di or bro.love u Shreya di.bye

  18. Guys newspoiler

  19. Shreya we love you too. You must’ve felt excited when you found out that she followed you. She surely liked what you post.

    Thanks Lily for the link.

  20. Hi gys…. gd mrng to all of u…[email protected] I want to tell u something….u remember 2 or 3 days ago…..u asked me that…we nd shama r frnds or not…then I told u that we don’t know each other….but that was not true…. I know her from many years as we r frnds…..nd she also know me from then only….I didn’t told u bcoz….I wanted that she should recognized me by her own….that’s y I don’t want to tell her anything about myself….hope shreya u will be not upset by my lie….hope I didn’t her u intentionally…..sry dr….

  21. Gys u know what….i know shama from many years… she don’t have any interest to write shyaris …as she doesn’t know how to make shyaris at all….but I am thinking …y she lied to me….that she will write shyris by her own…don’t know….

  22. Hi zoya ; shreya; nemo;lily;aanya and all frnds
    @so sorry guys I like shyris bt me khud se nhi likhti.

  23. Zoya___i know dear what you are thinking about choco.but realy she is like this.she is open heart person and nobody can understand her.you remeber that you ofered her that you want to talk to her.that day she was very happy that someone want to talk to her online.you know she does not like online world.i told her about these fan pages first she refused.but after sometime she started like your comments.she always used to talk about janu .she likes her comments very much. But now she always talking about you all.you know half college want to friendship with her.but she feels that they want to talk to her because everyone like her but nobody try to understand her.she feels that you all are her real friend because your love is selfless for her.you don’t know about her very well but you love her like best friends.____shreya not only you nobody can scold her beacuse she can convence everyone with her innocent nature.you know what when my mom try to scold her,she stands quitly infront of her and wait when my mom will stop scolding her then she hugs her and gives her a glass of cold water.sometime my mom feels that aanya is her real doughter.even my dad always feel that she is very lucky for our faimly.i think only one person is there who does not like her,tanu her csn sis who always teases her that she is unwanted child.kbhi kbhi mn krta hai khench ke thappd du usee ek.______hy choco hm 2 ghnte mai phunc rahe hai.tu faint kese hui ?akeli thi kya,dresing krvai ya nhi.tu rest to kregi nhi.ab tu ek kam kr ya to rest kr ya medicine le.i think you are not well,why your comments are so less?abhi tu tbi se nikli hai dekh please take rest or hme or jyada tension mt de yaar please apni didu k liye medicines lele please.i promis mai tuje kbhi choco nhi bulaungi fine.

  24. Aanya take care my dear..you should take rest..its our order .kya tum apne frnds me baath nahi [email protected] pls take care of aanya and you should tell us how is [email protected] my birthday is no 1st January dear. I’m a new year baby…
    @zoya I really loved your shayris and I really missed it..agar tumhari dil chahte toh zaroor tumhari shayris post karo..
    And guys I’m glad that chakor will help suraj..I hope we can see more sukor scenes… As the time passes ,chakor will realise that suraj is innocent..
    And to those who have exams,all the best dears

  25. Hy didu don’t wry m fine mai to aapke aane ki tyari kr rahi hu.sory didu bt mai dwai nhi khaungi ples don’t force me ok[email protected] thnku for clear my [email protected] sory to disapointed u wt realy mujhe essa koi place nhi pata jaha mai jana chahu koi bhi place chlega jahan long jrny se phunca jaye.schi zoya mere mnn mai koi esi jagha nhi aa rahi.aap please essa mtt socho k mai aapko khuch btana nhi chahti u all can ask me evrything about myself ,now v r frnds now nd i’ve nothing so much persnl in my life jb hoga to mai aapse boldungi k yeh thoda persnl hai mai aapko nhi bta skti ok so nvr think again like this [email protected] mai dant khane k liye ready hu chahu to aap bhi dant sktin ho ok.maine bhi serial jrur first epi.se dekha hai pr cment nhi kya.malum nai tha na mereko tbich .pr abi mai b till the end of this show cment krega ok.kya bolta tum hapy or not.

  26. Gys ek que.s hai agr chakor bsti mai jaengi to sbse bda loss kiska ravaan ka na.i think ravaan’ll definatly do smthing to keep chakor away from bsti right.nd second ranjna ji nd ragini nhi chahte k imli hveli mai rahe bt vivan is ready bcz he lvs imli despite his anger he doesn’t wona imli get away from his eyesight.abhi tk mujhe yhi lg raha hai k vivan nd kn ji drama kr rhe hai.i can’t forget that trio wanted to seprt sukor n vimli yahi ho raha hai charo seprt ho chuke hai nd ragini apna kam kr rhi hain.ab vivan ne contrect peprs bhi jla diye the bt new papers sign bhi krvae i think jst make to fool ragini.now jst one work is pending vilagers ko guns bnane se rokna.vo bhi hone hi wala hai sb loge suraj ko blame krne wale hai ho skta hai chakor bsti mai rehke unhe cnvnc kr lengi.nd then kn ji wala bomb ftega nd m egrly waiting for that.i know nothing would hapen like this it jst my openion.wish esa hi [email protected] gys kya uss din jb ragini kn ji ko inject krne wali thi or vivan ne unhe intrupt krte hue khud inject krna cha tha to kya unhe kn ji ko inject krte hue dikhaya tha please reply me ok.

  27. Sruthi m fine vo pata hai kyou faint hui mai market gai thi jb ghr vapis phunci to pata nhi kese bleding start ho gai vapis i think duup or shor ki bjha se.koi tha bhi nhi mere paas to maine ice lgana suru kr dia pr pata nhi kese faint ho gai pr mai puri taraha behos nhi thi bs khdi nhi ho paa rhi thi thts all.don’t wry gys i know my exams r going on n mai jyada suffer nhi krungi.pr gys mai akele rehti hu to mere sb kam mujhe khud hi krne honge na hope u can understand my problem.lov u all.abhi mai repet telecast dekhne ja rhi hu ok bye.

  28. Shreya.

    Hi guys…tanx for d link Lily k…guys anyone knows any new information kindly share with us yaar…

    Aria, my little brother u r ryt tat I dnt have siblings…nd am really happy tat u r cnsdrng me as ur sis na…thn aria definitely u got high scores…love u too my lil bro??

    Yaa Nemo am really happy dr??

    Zoya dr, no need to say sry…u never hurt me r anyone..nd u know wat after u told tat u don’t know shama.. even after my heart says Zoya nd shama r frnds they already know abt eachothers…whenever i saw ur cmnts I always think lyk tat only…nd nw am really happy to hear dis…

    Shama dr, no need to say sry yaar…

    Nidhi u r ryt she is innocent…her innocent talks makes me happy..i think dis was d main reason am not able to scold our aanya she is such a cutiepie…nd Yaa sruthi is ryt tat u take care of our aanya nd u shud tell us abt her health condition..nd take care of urself too Dr..

  29. Gys hmare cments 150 se bhi above hai.gys m affraid kahi team schme to pair swap nhi krne wale na yeh loge vikor or sumli ki dress matching krvate rehte hai or tv ki duniya mai khuch bhi bebja nhi hota.please team esa khuch mtt krna ok.we lv sukor n vimli.

  30. New spoiler:suraj gets hurt somehow and imli try to inheal his wound. Again they hit their head mistakenly. Suruj don’t want that imli help him but later agree. That moment chacor came there and saw suraj with imli and start crying and left the place.

    1. Shreya.

      Thanks for dis upcoming information Aria..

  31. Thnkyou sukorian for the links.realy its very bad news for viewrs. God know when will this track end now i am fed up with all this.____ofcourse yaar but will you help me guys?don’t talk with choco for somedays.don’t get wrong guys it just for her beterment.i already stoped talking with her.she doesn’t take medicines yaar in such this critical condition.so i think for her beterment we should give her punishment.i know shreya,zoya,tapa you could not do this but please try for aanya’s sake._____aria its very sad na sukor become more seprt day y day.if this track will not end soon definatly trp will decres.

  32. Shreya.

    Guys in upcoming episode our sukor wearing d same colour dress…i saw dis in spoiler…Suraj is in red shirt nd Whit jacket ND chakor is in red dress…

    Aanya i dnt think dis was vivaan ND kn ji’s plan dr….nd dnt worry they wont swap d pairs…take care of urself Dr…

    Nidhi u r ryt I promise u tat I tried my level best i know u r saying dis for our aanya’s betterment…

    Thanks for d link sukorian..

  33. @Okay nidhi I will try my level best…to avoid talking with aanya….but it’s only for her betterment….

  34. Great news shreya thnk god pair swap would not happen. Thnkyou so much guys for help.i know its very tough for you but only for few days.i know her mai choco se baat nhi krungi to she will definatly try to talk with you.so thnkyou guys.thnkyou shreya for this good news.

  35. Guys theres a new spolier somthing was in suraj eye and imli is in his room they both sitting in the bed imli holds suraj face and blows his eye suraj was moving alot and thier heads bump against each other and they laugh chakor witnessed all this as she was standing by the door guys i was so sad even though imli and suraj were just being friends the way chakor was sad was very emotional cvs are showing to much close scenes even sukor and vimli havent had these scenes

    1. Guys i saw it in an olv suraj was lying down on his bed i think he was injured and then imli comes and starts to do all that whilst chakor watched all of this and was crying i think everytime chakor will rethink about going bk to suraj cvs are creating more misunderstandings so chakor wil instead stay away thinking imli and suraj love each othet

  36. Oh my god! What’s happening in udaan.. sukors misunderstanding is increasing day by day… What’s the CVS are doing??are they really want sukors separation? Does they measure our level of patience??
    Pls CVS don’t drag this misunderstanding track very long… if you try to drag this track so long,we will lose interest in it. Pls team udaan,please end this track soon.we always want sukor together.. We want sukor not imraj

  37. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the spoilers aria, sukorian, shreya and tippu. I was happy that they are color coordinated but that was before chakor saw imli and suraj together. CVs are playing with fire, hope they don’t swap pairs.

    On a positive note, even if sukor divorce, they can get married again later.

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