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Part of Trishakti Episode:


The Episode starts with Swara breaking the window of the car using the case seat. She gets out of the window. Rajat gets conscious and sees her. She throws the car seat part on him and runs away. Sanskaar looks for Swara and Rajat. Rajat gets out of the car and runs to hunt down Swara. Swara shouts Sanskaar. Sanskaar reaches there. Dadi tells Sumi that your baby is very unlucky, it did not get born and Swara fell in problem. Sumi says don’t say this, nothing will happen to my Swara.

Sanskaar gets the gun from Rajat’s car and follows the footsteps. Rajat runs from Swara. Laksh gets call and tells inspector about Swara’s location. Ragini says I know that way, there is water bridge there. She worries and says Laksh,

if Rajat took Swara then…. Durga Prasad and Shekhar look on. Ragini says we can’t let anything happen to Swara. Inspector says we will go there and check. Laksh says come, I will show the route.


Chakor and Vivaan meet. Music plays……….. He says I m always with you. Their fight is shown in FB. She says Vivaan, I can’t think you have to go through this dilemma because of me, one side is your family and other side is me. He says don’t take my decisions on you, whatever I m doing is by thinking well. Fb shows Vivaan and Chakor meeting on the way. He says I have to say something, my life has no meaning without you, I want to be with you and fight your battle, I can’t live without you. She smiles.

She then refuses and says I can’t take you in my fight, it will be risky, I can risk my life, not yours, I can’t bear anything happening to you. He says dangers are our old friends, I can’t leave you alone. He holds her and says don’t be afraid for me, I know what to do and how. FB ends.

She says I can’t believe you can be so mad to jump in fire, and did not care that you can get burnt. Vivaan recalls joining Bhaiya ji. FB shows Vivaan meeting Chakor and saying Bhaiya ji is ready, but I don’t know how to work for him. She says we have to expose him. He says fine, I will get evidence against Bhaiya ji.


Simar asks Maa not to worry, nothing can happen to me. Prerna says this is poison. Simar says I know, but to prove truth…. We have to drink poison some times, I know this is madness, but I will do this to get Prem. She prays and does aarti. Everyone pray along. Mata ji comes there and stops Chandramani. Chandramani gets tensed. Mata ji walks to Simar. Simar falls down. Maa worries for her. Maa does the aarti and prays. Mata ji looks at Simar. Chandramani says poison started affecting and counts down. Mata ji sees the broken phone there. She bends down to pick it and her head gets sindoor kept in the temple.

The sindoor/kumkum gets on Mata ji’s forehead. Mata ji sees Mata Rani’s idol and says Jai Mata Di. Everyone get shocked.


Adarsh tells Parineeta about Rajat and Rajat’s fake parents. She recalls what happened. She worries that her truth will come out and thinks what to do. Adarsh takes her. Sumi tells Dadi that she will go temple and come. Dadi asks her to come along. Swara runs towards the river. Rajat asks her to stop, else he will shoot. He shoots. She falls down. Sanskaar hears the gunshot and shouts Swara. Rajat walks to Swara. Swara takes some sand in her hands and throws on Rajat. Rajat shouts and catches her. He aims gun at her and asks her to stand quiet. She smiles seeing Sanskaar. Sanskaar aims gun at Rajat.

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  1. so in swaragini pari will not tell anyone about her kartut… whats this.. so may be when she knows about swara alive and anuj loves her that time she helps him to swara didnt get her memory back if she get swara will tell her deeds to family.. i hope pari now learn lesson.. also want her truth comes out.

  2. Pls stop these TRISHAKTIs they r really annoying nd y in every trishakti there is ssk

  3. seriously I hate the way you combined all dramas it’s boring…

  4. I just hate this trishakti

  5. Plz stop this trishakti.Better to stop SSK than dragging it.

  6. I dislike ssk but I watch swaragini, udaan and CAS so it’s all one after another and I can spare myself some time bcz some of swaragini is udaan.

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