Udaan 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli pleads to Vivaan

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The Episode starts with ladies getting shocked and asking Suraj is Imli alive, why did he send Chakor to mental asylum when she told the truth. Chakor says Suraj didn’t send me to mental asylum, this was Suraj and my plan, we succeeded to catch Imli, she is alive and shut in haveli’s room, she will be punished soon. The people cheer for them. Suraj sees Chakor. He asks why did you lie to them, why didn’t you say truth that I didn’t believe you. She says I didn’t wish more distance between us. He says its because of me, I wish I really supported me. She says you didn’t trust me, if trust breaks, it doesn’t get late for the relation to break. Mahiya…..plays….. she goes. He feels sad.

Vivaan points gun at Imli and says I want to kill me. She asks what are you waiting for. He says

I won’t end the game so soon, I will give you equal pain, tell me why did you shut me in the dark cell. She asks did I? He says yes, you did this with me. She says I didn’t do anything. He says its a lie, who else can do this, I will shoot you in anger. She says I didn’t do anything, stop blaming me, I just spoke to that woman once, I don’t know who is she and why she made your life hell. He says stop lying. She cries. He asks why did you do this with me, tell me, else I will shoot. She cries and says trust me, I love you a lot, give me a chance, I will become old Imli, I want to live with you. He laughs and says none knows you better than me, you thought I will get trapped and leave you alive. She says I m saying the truth, trust me, I have always loved you. He says love…. I won’t trust you. She says I love you a lot, trust me, I didn’t kidnap you.

He shouts I won’t believe you. Chakor runs and collides with Suraj. Mahiya….plays….. Chakor says we have to go and stop Vivaan before he does anything wrong with her. He stops her. She says I won’t go to Imli, but you go. Suraj goes. Vivaan says I will kill you. He shoots. Suraj stops him and takes him out. Chakor worries. Vivaan says I will kill Imli. Suraj says think of others who were troubled by her, trust the law, you will get justice. Vivaan refuses. Chakor asks him to calm down. Vivaan says don’t interfere in my personal matter, just I will decide about Imli. He goes. Chakor thanks Suraj.

Chakor says its good you have come, sing a lullaby for me. Kasturi sings Chale chakori….. Chakor thinks of her childhood. She asks won’t you meet your daughter. Kasturi says you are here, Imli is dead for me. Chakor says you are very brave, you are still on your old decision. Kasturi says what you are doing, I would have not done it, you are going to talk to Imli even after so much happened, I m your mum and know everything. Chakor hugs her. Chakor comes to meet Imli.

Imli says I couldn’t become mum, my wounds got fresh seeing your daughter. Chakor threatens to kill her if she hurts Saanvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lokesh

    Now they will clear all doubts of imli and send her to jail.

  2. Chakor is being harsh on Suraj, the fact that he didn’t believe her doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust her. I’m sure when she calms down she’ll soften towards him.
    Yes, Imli didn’t lock Vivaan but she drugged him and had a hand in Ranjana’s death.
    There is no way back for Imli, she’s committed many crimes and she must be punished for them.

  3. Despite Marriage of Imli and Ranvijay they joined hands and committed a lot of crimes together. They tried to Kill Vivaan and when she thought that Vivaan is dead she was so happy.
    Imli is the reason for the death of little Kumud and She has made the lives of other girls hell.
    She was supposed to sell villagers body organs
    and a lot of crimes else…
    There is no way to forgive Imli for her bad past. But If she is really sorry maybe she will sacrifice her life to save Vivaan, Chakor or else.

    Also, Ragini’s re-entry is coming soon. Maybe we are going to see Imli and Ragini are joining hands (This will make the drama more boring)

  4. if i am the only one here who wants to see old imli back in a positive role.

    1. Lokesh

      Nope I want too, negative doesn’t suits her.

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