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The Episode starts with Ajun meeting Bhagya in the temple. Ishwar calls Bhaiya ji and says he was right, they are making Bhagya run by the coconut loading truck. Bhaiya ji thanks him and says he will not leave them this time. Tejaswini goes with him and they talk on the way. He says he will stop them, its respect is related to this. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswin come there. They do not get Bhagya in the temple. Bhaiya ji says it means Ishwar’s news was right and scolds Lakhan. Arjun and Bhagya are still there and look on, as they all leave. Arjun recalls Ishwar’s plan that he will inform Bhaiya ji about the truck and they will get haveli empty, he will find the papers with Ranjana’s help.

Abha says if they catch the truck, Arjun will be caught. Chakor says Bhaiya ji will not leave him. Ishwar says they

will not be in truck, Arjun will take her by the tunnel and bring her to you all. Bhaiya ji tells Lakhan that if he misses the truck, he will not leave them. Arjun asks Bhagya to see the tunnel, they have to exit from here. He asks her not to worry and makes her drink water. Bhavani comes there and Bhagya drops the water jar.

Arjun and Bhagya get tensed seeing her. Bhavani scolds them and Bhagya hits the jar on her making her unconscious. Arjun asks Bhagya to come and she refuses. He says first I will go, then you come, don’t get tensed. He asks her to come soon and she holds his shirt. He smiles and says come. Abha and kids wait for Bhagya. Arjun lifts Bhagya and brings her. They all get happy seeing Bhagya.

Bhagya hugs Chakor happily. Arjun says meet later, lets leave. They all leave in the car. Ranjana says the proof is nowhere, she has found everywhere. Ishwar asks Vishnu to check sofa and beds, he will check walls and pillars for any hidden passage.

Bhavani wakes up and calls Bhaiya ji. She says Arjun has taken Bhagya by the tunnel. Bhaiya ji is stunned. Lakhan stops the truck and tells Bhaiya ji that there is just coconut. Ishwar says where can Bhaiya ji hide the papers. Bhaiya ji calls Ishwar. He says your news was right that they have took Devi, but not in truck, Arjun took her by the tunnel. Ishwar says its very bad. Bhaiya ji asks what do you think where he took her. Ishwar says I think he took her to Lucknow, as he was asking me about any NGO in Lucknow, and I refused to help him. Bhaiya ji thanks him and says he has many enemies, but a good friend like him too. Ishwar recalls in FB that he planned to tell Bhaiya ji about Arjun taking Bhagya to Lucknow.

Bhaiya ji says they will go Lucknow and scolds Lakhan. Tejaswini asks what did Ishwar say. Bhaiya ji says Devi will go and their name will be ruined. Vivaan says they should change Bhagya’s clothes. Abha says he is right. The car stops. Arjun checks the car and says its not starting. Abha says it was not in use since long. Arjun says maybe batter failed. Aditya explains Chakor that it will not start now. Chakor sees the car and says Bhaiya ji is coming. They all get tensed.

Baa gets a book by Bapu and smiles as she recalls her memory, and everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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