Udaan 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj takes Naina to Lucknow

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The Episode starts with Suraj saying her heart just beats for me. Chakor and Suraj see each other and smile. Naina laughs. Suraj jokes. Naina says I felt that girl is your world, you do good drama, you were praising a stranger. Suraj says come with me to Geeta’s party then you will see my real colors, I will come home to pick you, this time I won’t be late. He goes. Abhay gets angry on Chakor and Suraj for risking their mission. He says Suraj, why did you save any stranger this way, you should be rewarded. Suraj says talk in low tone, Chakor is my wife, I can’t see her in pain. Abhay asks what if Chakor couldn’t hide her face, I know you are from a famous family, but this depends on you, else no need to work hard, fine I will plan next, if Naina agrees to go with you, else we will think something else.

Chakor says Naina will surely go with him.

Suraj says yes. Colonel and Deva get some parcel and check it. Deva shoots the man. Deva says just you know what’s inside this bag. Colonel says yes, I m waiting for Aug 15, none can stop my dream from getting fulfilled, dump this dead body. Deva agrees. Chakor says no, this doesn’t look good. Suraj says I m tired of changing clothes. Vivaan says this red one is good, try this. Chakor says yes, when you say I love you to Naina, she won’t refuse. Suraj asks what, you made this plan and didn’t tell me. She says I thought to tell you later. Suraj asks what, I have to propose her. Vivaan says you have to win her trust. Chakor says else how would you enter Colonel’s house.

Colonel keeps the bag in safe. Abhay says Colonel has similar briefcase, Suraj has to get the real briefcase, then we can find the way and know his plan. Chakor says I m sure, Suraj will win Naina’s trust and reach Colonel. Chakor asks Suraj to cough when she reaches Naina. Suraj says I m alone, Naina didn’t come till now. Abhay gets angry that the day will go waste. Suraj sees Naina and waves. Chakor asks did she come. Suraj says yes. Udaan hai….plays…. Naina sees guards and thinks how will I go. Suraj burns crackers and distracts them. Naina says the way got clear. Suraj goes to her and gives his hand. She calls him much daring. They hide behind the car. Suraj holds her hand. They leave in the car. Chakor asks Suraj to compliment Naina. Suraj says you look beautiful. Naina says you lie well, I know I m not looking so beautiful. Chakor says praise her more. Suraj asks is this your mum’s ring.

Naina asks how do you know. He says I have seen such in films, when a girl gets dressed up well and wears an old fashioned thing, it means she is wearing her mum’s accessories. Naina says yes. Chakor says don’t lose this chance, talk to her, please her, play music, something she likes. Suraj plays music. Tere bina……plays… He says you like music right. Naina says yes. Suraj says I want to tell something. Naina says yes. Chakor says tell her you love her. He asks her to move off hand from mirror. He thinks this is tough. They stop at checkpost. Naina asks Suraj to let it go. Suraj drives ahead. Deva says our men have seen Naina at the checkpost. Colonel says Naina has worn her mum’s ring, it has a tracking device, we will know her location, she has gone to Lucknow. Deva says I will leave. Colonel says stop, I will go to get her.

The man says we have fixed a tracker in Colonel’s car, he is going to Lucknow. Suraj’s life is in danger. Abhay says maybe he got to know about Naina and is going to pick her.

Colonel gets angry and drives to Lucknow. Suraj says I want to tell something, Naina I love you. Chakor is on the way and worries. Suraj and Naina dance in party. Colonel comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suraj’s entry into the colonel’s house awesome. The car scene was cutely awkward, but it’s Sukor scene at the start that stole the show.

  2. I like the track, but I think this track would have had higher ratings if the focus was on Chakor helping Suraj and not on Chakor sacrificing her love because currently this track is just an improved version of the track when Chakor broke her engagement to save the kids from KN.
    They could’ve shown the colonel testing Suraj and Chakor secretly helping him. Similarly I wished the promo was about Suraj and the colonel and not about declaration of love and heart break.
    I think if they shift the focus to Suraj gaining the colonel’s trust, the track will be excellent.

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