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The Episode starts with Tejaswini seeing mangoes and saying its my fav, how did you get this. Bhaiya ji comes and says I got these. She refuses to have it. Bhaiya ji says its great mangoes. Tejaswini says I will stay somewhere else, you two are supporting him. Bhuvan says no, what are you saying, this is your house. She says this is my house, I will stay here. He asks her to come home. She says you have Ranjana with you, take mangoes for her. She goes.

Gun crates are burnt. Villagers smile happily. Dhol bajne laga….plays…. Imli prays that she loves Vivaan a lot, give me strength to forget Vivaan’s mistake. Bhuvan asks Chakor to have sweets. He feeds her laddoo and hugs her. He says you know happiness came because of you, now kids won’t make guns, they will get educated and become big

people. She says yes. He asks her to give sweets to everyone. She sees Suraj. He thinks she is coming with sweets to convince me, I m stubborn I won’t agree. She passes by and asks Ajay to have sweets. Suraj says how did he come. Chakor says Azaadgunj got freedom because of you. Ajay says we have same aim to end evil, I could not have done this alone. Suraj gets angry.

Chakor sees Bhaiya ji coming and thinks he is not saying anything, did he change really or waiting for some chance. Bhaiya ji goes. Chakor stops and asks Suraj why is he pulling her dupatta. Girl says its us, we want sweets. She gives them sweets. Suraj thinks Chakor is doing bad, I will do what she dislikes. He goes aside and takes wine. Imli stops him. He says Chakor, let me drink. He sees Imli. She asks him not to drink and get Chakor other way. He says right, what will I get by drinking wine, I m foolish to cut the tree branch on which I was sitting, I was teasing her, when she took revenge, I could not tolerate, I know what to do. She throws wine.

Kasturi sees them and says I have to apologize to Imli. Bhuvan says its our duty, I will get her. Kasturi says we need to talk in private. She acts to faint. Chakor and Imli rush to her. Bhuvan says I think she fainted. Imli says we will take her to my room. They take Kasturi. Kasturi says I m fine, I did that acting. Imli asks why. Vivaan looks on. Kasturi says we did big mistake, we did not believe you. Bhuvan says we don’t deserve to be called your parents.

Imli says forget it, when you all made me leave from village, I was upset, but I could not prove truth. They say forgive us once. Imli asks what are you doing, you should not apologize, I have forgiven you. They smile and hug her. Vivaan thinks I m also waiting that she forgives me, that day will come. Chakor comes and smiles seeing them. She asks Imli won’t she forgive her. Imli says its not time for us. Chakor thinks to convince Imli.

Imli is on the way. Chakor stops her. Imli asks what are you doing. Chakor says there is no way to talk to you, you started hating me. Imli says no, you did not support me when I needed you, I love you a lot, when you left me in childhood, I was shattered and worked with Suraj and Bhaiya ji, relation without trust does not stay, if I was in your place, I would have supported you, why did you not believe me. Chakor takes her to temple and says you know why I got you here. Imli asks why. Chakor says this is same temple, when you have apologized to me, you blamed me that I got you married to Vivaan and I intentionally married Suraj, you did not believe me when I explained, you felt I did this by some greed, you thought I snatched your Suraj, what I went through, you are going through the same. Imli recalls the moment and says the situation showed you did everything. Chakor says I want to explain the same, situation makes person think wrong, so I took wrong decision, my mind said reports can’t be wrong, my heart said reports are false, but I did mistake to not listen to my heart, I did wrong, don’t punish me. Chakor says I love you a lot. They cry.

Suraj asks Chakor to stop acting, else Ajay will come to confess love. Ajay says the time has come, I will tell Chakor how much I love her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    Hmm I’m still not happy i liked the precap Suraj words turned to be truth. The best part was when Chakor realizes to Imli that she did the same with her n she should understand this mistake at best bcz of the past. Poor Ajay happy Suraj didn’t drink. The KN is back with evil plans just waiting for this.

  2. Sukorian

    chichora Vivaan in the end of the spoiler u will see y


    Suraj n KN talk abt return to haveli who is this new girl in the beginning???


    1. Thanks sukorian for link suraj and kamal make a deal but suraj only agrees cuz the deal is bout tejswani and is that girl part of show or was thay somthing else??

      1. Just checked that girl is part of anothet new show etc she wont be coming to udaan

      2. Sukorian

        superb i couldn’t find her.

    2. Thanks for the links, is this girl part of udaan segment or part of another segment? I don’t want her to be a new entry because this increases the chance of a separation track.

    3. Shreya.

      Thanks dr for d link

  3. Today the episode is not good.nothing to say about in which way the story is moving I am tired ? of telling the same thing everyday.so bad when chakor was seen apologizing to imli but the precap was good the way Suraj aware chakor about ak I liked that part now she will understand.eagerly waiting for the next episodes but I can’t watch some days udaan bcoz my exams r starting from tomorrow.all the best to everyone guys whose exams are going to start.exam time is really very boring ??

    1. Best wishes for your exams, hope the track is better by the time you’re done with your exams.

    2. Shreya.

      Best of luck for ur exams…

  4. Favorite part was Tejaswini-KN scene, the rest of the episode was ok, but I didn’t like the temple scene. Chakor thought Suraj was pulling her dupatta and Suraj thought Chakor came to stop him from drinking, both were thinking of each other, but are too proud to go and talk to each other.
    I liked Suraj’s reaction today, it was mature and his words in the precap couldn’t be truer.

    Chakor made one mistake with Imli while Imli did many, so I don’t know how they draw parallels between the two. Imli always doubted Chakor and never believed her, in the marriage swap, when the baby cot was burnt, when she told her about Vivaan’s reports. She also slapped her a couple of times and said hurtful words to her. Chakor had medical reports while Imli believed the words of strangers instead of believing her sister.

    1. Didu. What r the TRP rates?

      1. It’ll be out in a couple of hours.

    2. Even Chakor did many mistakes Simply don’t favor Chakor

      1. such as?

    3. Shreya.

      As I ready told u Nemo bt once again am telling u most of time our thinkings r same dr ????

  5. Don’t like the current track. Glad that Surj didn’t drink. My fav part was when Chakr thought Surj was pulling her dupatta when it was the girls. Then Surj thought Chakr cane to stop him from drinking. Sukor r soo cute.

    1. That was my fav part to and the track is changing next week sukor vs kamal cant wait for that kamal is playing somthing big that’s why he is gone quiet he gonna take tejswani bk to haveli so he can attack chakor parents and wants to do somthing to suraj but most of all he wants to take everything away from chakor and wants to kill her as he still holds a grudge that chakor is the main reason he went mad whilst criminal vivaan hids as he is kamal actual culprit

  6. Sukor were cute and suraj was right chakor gave all the wrong signals to ajay so now suraj will get arrested for fighting with ajay and chakor will help suraj and chakor may come bk to haveli cuz she knows kamal is upto somthing chakor was right about how imli doubted her for everything etc but atleast chakor believed in what was presented to her as evidence but imli believed what ever people told her its so dumb how can she hate chakor for running away to save her life kamal wanted her dead!!! Growen up chakor came bk to get every1 azzadi and what happened to chakor was sad but imli also made that all bout her and please cvs dont wanna see these unnecessary scenes of every1 begging imli… and in new interview chakor says next week the storyline is changing and now the story will focus on sukor and kamal narayan im so happy even in new olv chakor and kamal have a intense scene playing a game of cards…. hoepfully cvs dont mess this plot up…??

    1. Shreya.

      I totally agree with u tippu abt imli….imli always believes nd trust others words (especially those who r misleading imli) more than chakor…bt chakor believes d proof (vivaans medical report)…

  7. Now ajay entered sukor plot. I just hate this triangle love story. Now how long they will drag this sukor hide n seek. I don’t understand y kn is angry on ranjana. She was good when he was mad

  8. I love sukor so much… When they are happy I also feel happy but when they seperated I also feel depressed.
    This is cute when they thinking each other. And I can say that Suraj is the only one who understands chakor so much. I can’t take it when he said that the reason of taking care Imli was for Chakor. Now I believe that he knows that chakor loves Imli so much, even chakor ever stayed by his side just for Imli protection. So if something bad happened in Imli when chakor doesn’t believe her, it will hurt chakor so much. Right now, Suraj also knows that chakor just teasing him without hearing like chakor. So, I don’t any doubt about Suraj’s love. I just hope his interactions with Imli will reduce. I don’t like them when they are together. Hufh

    And spoiler about Suraj will make chakor jealous, will it have relation with the girl in the spoiler that sukorian give us???

    1. Today’s episode showed suraj being sensible enough to understand chakor.But never underestimate udaan cvs,they might show anything at the wrong time as i think these people have part time memory loss.

  9. New olv is bout suraj forgiving kamal only for tejswani to come bk in haveli cuz tejswani says she will come bk in haveli only if suraj forgives him and watching todays epsiode wen kamal came out he noticed the face off between ajay and suraj whilst chakor was standing in the middle making it clear he is gonna attack chakor using ajay and suraj and imli pissing me of felt so sorry for chakor wen she camr with the tray for her mother the way imli sed this is not the time for me and u to speak shut up imli i hope this is the last scene chakor begging imli whatever chakor has done till datw was all for imli she even gave her love etc away for her and imli does not give a toss about everything chakor has done for her

  10. Ok ok epi.kn ji part’as awsm.less sukor scene.chakor ne imli ko acha reply kiya.promo to dhmaka hai. Ek baat bulu cvs ko vimli or sukor ko ek dusre se alg dikhna chahiye.sukor ki apni bhi to nai prob start ho rhi hai ak47 to imli mnati rahe vivan ko right gys.chakor ka jwab bhut acha tha.lv u chakor.

  11. Sukorian n nemo di is it posible new girl could be suhani ya fir suraj babu ka koi game part ho?

    1. tippu says she’s part of another show.

  12. I loved suraj yesterday.I was sincerely glad he understood chakor’s plan. Hope he convinces chakor of the consequences of going overboard before it is too late.I also liked kn scene with tejaswini.Just cant come to terms with bhuka’s stupidity.
    Skipped the rest of the episode.

    1. Yes. He really understands what chakor thinks and does even without asking. And I want their relationship will be stronger than before. Like they can understand what each other thinks even without asking. So that they will not only become sweet couple but also be the greatest team. Now, it’s not chakor who saves the world, but it’s sukor who save the world.

      1. I like your last sentence so much

  13. One of the best episode

  14. I’m a little embarrassed about my outburst yesterday…actually my neighbor’s cousin was stabbed to death by her ex-husband this year coz she wanted to take some time to think about reconciliation ..Theirs was a love marriage…That’s why it has become hard for me to take it easy..to take it as a fiction only..i should take a break from hindi serials in general coz the concept of love, romance, companionship portrayed in these is unhealthy & misguiding.Sorry for ruining the party yesterday.I hope you’ll understand.

    1. Tara, you did nothing wrong, you just expressed your opinion. Sorry for your loss.

    2. Shreya.

      Tara u didn’t say anything wrong…u just expressed wat u feel in tat moment…so just chill…nd sorry for ur loss…try to forgot everything…be happy always…

  15. I agree with u raha i also want same sukor.n nw jst sukor n kn ji.schi mujhe aage aane wala track exited lg raha hai mujse wait nhi ho raha.kn ji k mind mai pakka kuch bda chl raha hai to i think muje to super dhmaka milne wala hai.

  16. Ok nemo di bt wt about suhani n ragini.ragini to lgta hai dhmaka entry marengi let [email protected] finly gys m hapy ‘mahakali’shw yweek hai its means ‘udan’ ko koi khtra nhi bt wt about that detective series ‘DDA’[email protected] best of luck for ur [email protected] d,zoya,aria,lily,shruti di where r u gys aap loge fedup ho gaye ho kya udan se?

    1. Anni Di. Doll ko samajh nehi aati hain k use kya lekna hain isliye wo comment nehi kar rahi hain. meine use bata ya hain k jo mann mein ay Epi k bare main wo lek de. par aap tho use jaan thi hain. wo koshish kar rahi hain k wo off topic na jaye.

  17. @all gys kisi ko sukor painting sage. wala video mila kya?

  18. Rha u knw wt suraj bhi yahi chahte hai k chakor bina bole unke mn ki hr baat smj jayen bt kbhi kbhi vo ziddi ho jati hai.agr vo sumli ka convo sunn k ye sochti k suraj ne to unhe pehle hi maaf kr dia hai or vo sirf unhe teas kr rahe hai or kitna piyar krte hai to syd ye ak47 wala chapter start he na hota right gys?

    1. Hai Aanya, I find you mention my name. But I’m sorry friend, I don’t understand hindi. Really sorry…

  19. TRP is 2.26 with impressions 4983. Udaan is ranked 8th. Big improvement

    1. 8th! whoa! I wasn’t expecting that. I thought that it will go down cuz of the current track. but ur right Didu. big improvement.

  20. @tara Its ok dear don’t take much strs be hapy 🙂 @ nemo di trp.

  21. Shreya.

    Nyc episode guys…I loved kn ji nd tejaswini ji scenes…when I saw tat scene I asked myself one question who is pregnant tejaswini ji r imli??? I know guys tejaswini ji likes mangoes bt d current track made me think like dis…

    And haan chakor thinks Suraj pulls her dupatta nd Suraj thinks chakor stops him from drinking…how much both Suraj nd Chakor r loving each other ryt guys…

    And even I don’t like d temple scene bt in dis scene I loved how chakor ans imli.

  22. Shreya.

    And am happy Suraj didn’t drink tat wine…nd he behaved maturedly also…Happy to c him a matured person….

    Abt precap Suraj words bcms true…bt guys am really worried for chakor words wat she will reply when Suraj tell chakor tat Ajay will propose u….am really worried hope CVS will don’t give any shit dialogues…

  23. http://tvserialnews.com/udaan-news-kamal-narayan-aims-to-separate-suraj-chakor-forever/

    Kamal wants to make chakor weak from every angle chakor should tell ajay that she has no feelings for him ans whatever suraj is saying is right more suraj is fighting with ajay etc for his love and chakor needs to tell ajay i was right kamal has found out ajay and suraj love chakor so he will use them both against each other to harm chakor in olv kamal comes and says he got papers for his son’s bail chakor gets upset seeing kamal and leaves kamal taunts suraj that chakor love is weak wen ever suraj is in trouble chakor runs away i hope suraj doesn’t think like that cuz chakor supported him the most during bundua track hope kamal narayan misunderstanding brings them closer rather than creating misunderstandings ajay is doing wrong using the law to punish suraj he provoked him first by pushing him anyone would defend thier love

  24. https://youtu.be/2w1DoboGyi0
    Cant believe chakor sed that between the 3 they can all have a relationship and get along lol but ajay doesn’t look like he will back down even after chakor rejects him he will try to make chakor understand that suraj is gunda etc and he is right for her and kamal will try to make suraj a gunda again leaving chakor a bit sad and suraj will also be sad cuz chakor isnt fighting for their love either kamal wants suraj back so badly he wants to make chakor alone abd wants her to suffer

  25. Thanks Sukorian and Tippu

    Thanks Piyal

    I think this misunderstanding will be small. Ajay is also acting rashly. I’m curious why Chakor looked sad while leaving the police station.

  26. Thnku nemo di thnku thnku so much i knw thnku is very less n comon word pr mere paas isse jyada kuch nhi so thhhhhhhhhnku my lvly di.

    1. Aanya no need to thank me, we’re friends. I hope the new track is interesting and TRPs keep increasing.

  27. Gys do u think suraj acts like goon.yeh goon word suraj k liye muje bhut bura lgta hai. He isn’t goon he is jst egoistic person naa m i [email protected] di great news about trp 8th rank amazing i think upcming track se or incres ho jayega right.

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