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The Episode starts with Kasturi scolding Imli and asks whats this divorce now. Imli says marriage happened by mistake, lawyer said marriage will get nullified. Kasturi asks then why did you marry if you wanted divorce. Imli says Chakor was going to marry Vivaan and I was going to marry Suraj, don’t know how things got wrong. Vivaan says I did mistake, I did not feel you are not with me in mandap. She says its my mistake too. He says if I had doubt, you would have not become Suraj’s wife, does Lord not want us to unite. She stops him from saying so and says don’t say this. Suraj comes there and sees them standing in the rain under the umbrella. Chakor says I love you Vivaan. He says I can’t say how much I love you.

Imli says its not Chakor’s mistake. Kasturi says I don’t believe this. Imli

says why would Chakor say about taking divorce from Suraj, think once. Kasturi says fine, its mistake, but marriage is not a game, it happens by Lord’s wish, don’t do another mistake. Bhuvan says yes, divorce is not in our culture, we can’t do anything. Imli says I understand, but this mistake happened in world, not devlok, Chakor was helping me as I love Suraj. Kasturi asks why did you wish to marry Suraj. Imli says I love Suraj, like Chakor loves Vivaan.

Imli cries and asks Kasturi to forgive Chakor, its not her mistake. Bhuvan says Imli is saying right, we should see their happiness, if they are happy, we are also happy. Kasturi says fine, what can we say, do what you want, take divorce and come back, then I will see what to punish Chakor. Imli says don’t be angry and hugs Kasturi.

Chakor tells Vivaan that his words gave her peace today. He smiles and goes to hug her. He stops himself after seeing her mangalsutra. Suraj looks on. She says its matter of one day now and holds Vivaan’s face. Suraj leaves. Imli meets Chakor and says I had gone to meet Kasturi and Bhuvan, why are you looking so happy. Chakor asks how are they. She says they are fine, I told them truth, they were angry on you and hearing about divorce. Chakor worries. Imli asks will we get divorce, will there be any problem. Chakor says don’t worry, I m here, everything will get fine. She hugs Imli.

Its morning, Tejaswini thinks whats Suraj doing, lawyer has come too, how will Suraj stop Chakor from taking divorce. Suraj says everyone is present, lawyer comes on time and justice takes time, tell me where to sign, Chakor is free bird, she should stay free. Lawyer gives them papers. Suraj waits for police.

Police comes there and they all keep papers. Vivaan asks inspector whats the matter. Inspector says sorry, we have to take your wife Imli for questioning. Vivaan asks what. Suraj asks what did Imli do. Inspector says we are helpless to do duty, we got info that Imli met Bhaiya ji before her death, someone called us and said Imli has killed Bhaiya ji. They all get shocked.

Chakor says I know who called. Tejaswini says arrest this girl. Imli says no, I did not do anything. Inspector asks then why are you worried. Vivaan says I will come with you Imli. Suraj asks lawyer to go, they will do divorce formalities later. Chakor says Imli is innocent. Suraj says Imli will come back if she did not do anything. Imli tells Chakor that she did not kill Bhaiya ji, trust me. Vivaan asks Chakor not to worry , I m with Imli. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana for her bahu. Ranjana says Imli is not my bahu, if she did this, she will be punished. Chakor says Imli is being framed, she is innocent. Tejaswini says time will say who is trapped whom. Tejaswini and Ranjana leave.

Suraj claps and says if Imli does not get death sentence, she will get life imprisonment. Chakor gets angry and says you did all this, you called police. She cries and says Imli loves you. He says I know, I want to know how much you love Imli, I don’t want you to leave me, I love you a lot, you won’t get a husband like me. He asks her to do what he says. She says you can’t do this, you don’t have any proof.

He says I have many proof, don’t make me helpless to show it to everyone. She says you are lying. She goes to room and says I have to go and save Imli. Suraj shows the knife and says give this to inspector, my dad was killed by this and Imli’s fingerprints are on this. She gets shocked and says this is a lie, Imli did not kill Bhaiya ji. Suraj says I know, but I took Imli’s fingerprints on his knife. He shows her pics of Imli holding that knife. She gets shocked and cries.

Suraj says I have freed my wife, now its Chakor’s sign, then she can live her life with anyone. Chakor refuses to sign and take divorce, because I love Suraj. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. BULLSHIT!! 4giv my language but guys this is nothing more than a piece of crap…

  2. Chakor could have told abt suraj’s plan to vivan and imli. How stupid she is

    1. really stupid is chakor

  3. Hate this serial forever now

  4. bad … a good beginning with motivating concept for girl child to achieve and do well in lfe to bad now.,..

  5. Stupid man. Is she really a national champion. In the video sooraj have shown her imli is pointing gun at Kamal Narayan and now he is telling death is by knife and it had imli’s finger prints. I couldn’t bear my laugh wen I saw it….

  6. Don’t worry it’s going to have a happy ending all shows that I have watched had a happy ending.

  7. Please unite chakor and vivaan and stop this waste Sukor track . If the are focusing on Sukor then this is the worst show ever.???

  8. Does suraj really love chakor?

    1. No he doesn’t Love anyone but himself but he is probably going to love her later

  9. Plz don’t unite sukor. After all Suraj is a. Murderer of his own father. Such people doesn’t deserve a girl like chakor. He should also die like his father died..

  10. Chakor should tell vivaan about suraj’s plan and plz unite Chakor and vivaan plz

  11. Serial is going on a very bad track

  12. G V Seshagiri

    The serial has become a bore these days. If the producer has decided to prolong the number of episodes, the least he can do is to make it interesting. Instead, Chakor who had earned such popularity by her deeds & actions appear to be dancing to the tunes of such characters like Suraj…

    I am sure the viewership has reduced for the serial & it would certainly be one less from next week if it doesn’t improve…

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