Udaan 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kasturi slaps Imli

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The Episode starts with Kasturi encouraging everyone and telling them that they should continue their fight, their goal which Chakor has initiated. Chakor recalls whatever happened and runs back to the village. Kasturi says Chakor will make Suraj recall past and make everything fine. Bhuvan says I m worried for Chakor. Chakor comes there. They all get glad. Kishor asks are you fine, a sin happened with you, we are sorry. They all curse Suraj. Chakor says don’t worry for me, I have no regrets, I m happy that villagers got free and showed courage to save my respect, Chagan has proved that he wants to protect his freedom, maybe Lord has done this to revive your souls to fight against evil, thanks, I request you all to keep showing this courage. Kaka says we are ashamed, we didn’t come to help you before.

She says this time is to show courage and fight, to get free from mental slavery, everyone will take inspiration from Chagan, he will called their hero, we have to fight for our freedom, its waste to have hopes from someone else. Chagan says every kid will match your steps and support you, this is our promise. They all promise. She smiles.

Chagan asks her to take rest. They all go. Kasturi says I know whatever happened with you, its tough to forget, but I have trust on Lord. Chakor says don’t give me false hope, everything is shattered, we have to make everything fine on our own now, I won’t cry now, my respect is not just two meter cloth, my respect is my self esteem, you all have shown much courage today, you have fought against this, I will not get back, I will fight with you against that Imli, I will win my Aazaadgunj again. She hugs them. Kasturi says I have to do some work left incomplete till now. She goes to haveli and shouts for Imli.

She gets angry on Imli for ruining Chakor’s respect. Imli says Chakor is a curse on me, whatever happened with her, you are responsible for it, you should have stopped her from standing in elections against me, you are very bad, you should be ashamed. Imli slaps her and says I m ashamed that you are my daughter, if I knew you would do this, I would have killed you in my womb and done your pind daan. Imli gets shocked and says you have slapped me, this will have a bad result. Kasturi says don’t call me Maai, my daughter Imli is dead for me, I have just one daughter Chakor, I give you a curse by my heart, you will never stay happy. She leaves. Imli shouts fine, I don’t need to remember, you are not my Maai, I m not your daughter. She asks Ranvijay where is he. Maid says he has gone out.

Imli says he didn’t ask me. Ranvijay beats up Chagan and scolds him for showing courage. Chagan says I will show you courage, you aren’t my boss. Ranvijay points gun at his head. Imli comes and shoots at Ranvijay. They get shocked. Ranvijay sees his leg shot and falls down. Imli asks Chagan to leave. Chagan runs out. Ranvijay asks what did you do, I was teaching him a lesson and you taught me a lesson, did you go mad. She says you shouldn’t shoot Chagan, you have no sense, you are trying to end my business, if Chagan died, stain would have got on my name, not yours, just uses your senses and work. She says Chakor has turned more stronger. He asks her to go and break Chakor’s pride. She says Shuddikaran…..

Suraj gets sad and sees the cloth tied to his hand. Chakor asks don’t you remember anything, I m your Chakor, you used to say that you can’t even breath without yo, you are still alive when you have forgotten me, just try to recollect. He says I tried, but I don’t remember anything, I also want to recall past, I also want to help you. Pandit asks what happened, whom are you talking to. Suraj doesn’t see Chakor. The ladies scold Suraj. Suraj sees Chakor and goes to him. He tries to say… She cries seeing his wound. Mahiya….plays…. He says I got hurt, I got this cloth piece in my stuff and tied it, I don’t know how I got this, do you know it. She recalls her dupatta tearing in the jail room and Suraj taking it. Chakor says no, I don’t know it, I don’t remember anything now. Kasturi and Bhuvan look on.

Imli does a havan. She asks Suraj to kidnap Chakor and kill her. She taunts to threaten Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When Suraj met Chakor, they both remembered Wednesday’s crime, Suraj closed his eyes in regret and Chakor started crying, she was shocked for his wound but it wasn’t the cause of her tears, she also cried when she remembered the jail scene. It was good to see the women scolding Suraj.

  2. I m sad for suraj…. I think chakor shouldnt give up! cause suraj doesn’t remember anything! and now that he wants to remember the past, it s not right time for chakor to stop helping him… so sad….

  3. I’m sure Suraj will never want to kill chakr…he does love her..he will probably refuse to do this task..hopefully
    Happy weekend everyone

  4. Poor Suraj trying very hard to remember the past but he is unable. It’s not the right time for Chakor to stop helping him. Hope Suraj won’t follow Imli’s orders. May he will keep Chakor in a safe place and help her. So sad to see villagers scolding Suraj. It’s not his fault right. Everything because of Imli and Ranvijay ??

  5. i feel like there is that episodes coming out where hero heroine get lost in a jungle. imli asked him to take chakor far out of azadgunj then kill her. so, most probably suraj would take chakor out but wont kill her, they will just have some alone time – my guess

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