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The Episode starts with Ragini asking the men to put Suraj in car and take him to ground. Chakor wakes up and holds Suraj. She says you all can’t take Suraj. Ragini asks men to get Suraj. They take Suraj. A goon holds Chakor. Chakor says don’t be afraid Suraj, I will save you. They take Suraj in the car. Chakor runs to him and says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.

Imli asks Vivaan where did you get me. He says I want to get away from haveli, Bhaiya ji will kill everyone. Imli says yes, Chakor saved us yesterday. He says what’s my identity if Rajvanshi is removed from my name, I have to do something, what Chakor did, politics rule is scared of fame, I will also make name, else we have to get insulted by him, I will earn name and money to face Bhaiya ji, I will start this

right away. She asks what do you mean to say. He says I used my savings and bought this land to make a small dream home for you and coming child. She says I m very happy and ready to do anything, I went to doctor and did tests, doctor said I can take a step for taking family ahead. They hug. She says I m worried for Chakor, don’t know whats in her fate, and Bhaiya ji caught Suraj, he is taking Suraj to ground, we should go and see. Vivaan stops and says no Imli, you go, I can’t come. She asks why.

He says I can’t see Suraj dying in front of my eyes, I can’t do anything, I have to focus on what I decided to do. They leave. Pooja hears them and calls Ragini. She says Vivaan is leaving. Ragini says its imp to break Vivaan’s dreams, I have to take Vivaan in my hands, Suraj and Vivaan will become bandhua, one of money and other of freedom. She smiles.

Bhaiya ji prays. He says Suraj will be brought in front of me. All villagers go to the ground and pray for Suraj. Tejaswini prays Suraj gets saved by the devil. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that my one daughter is equal to 100 sons. Chakor runs along the van holding the glass window. Suraj and Chakor see each other. Everyone see Chakor running along with the van. Tejaswini shouts Suraj. Ragini gets down the car.

Chakor says Suraj, I won’t let anything happen to you, none can kill you, I will save you. Suraj says I told you, whatever is happening with me, I m responsible for it, don’t worry for me. Bhaiya ji and Ragini congratulate each other. Ragini says I have given you the gift for new year, its time to play with toy, why don’t we entertain Aazaadgunj. Bhaiya ji says we will sing, dance and light crackers. The men play dhol. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana to sit and watch this drama. They burst crackers. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to see Suraj and Chakor. Ragini asks men to get Suraj. Goons hold Chakor away and take Suraj. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji not to kill Suraj and leave him. Everyone feel bad seeing Suraj as bandhua. Tejaswini cries and asks Bhaiya ji to leave Suraj.

Chakor says leave Suraj, you can’t take Suraj. Ranjana smiles and enjoys the drama. The goons tie Suraj to the big tree. Chakor says I will not leave you alive if you touch Suraj. Ragini says I will not leave this wild cat. Bhaiya ji says leave Chakor, she is restless for her fake husband. He tells Tejaswini that he is preparing the thing which he will do now, villagers will understand why this jashan is kept but they will not know how will they celebrate.

He asks them to start jashan. He allows Chakor to meet Suraj. Chakor runs to Suraj and says I will not let anything happen to you. I will stand as your shield. Suraj smiles and says look at me, is there any fear on my face, if death is coming to me today, I want to face it like a tiger, move aside, let me face death, promise me, you will take care of yourself, you always fought for others, don’t forget yourself, take care of your happiness, I m going, you life happily. Chakor cries. He says whatever is happening is result of my deeds, I did many sins and have to bear this.

The goons get the trunk. Everyone look on. Villagers talk and do not understand what is Bhaiya ji upto. Kasturi, Lakhan, Kishor and Tejaswini look on. Goon gets tattoo machine. Imli recalls the time when tattoo was made on her. She says its tattoo machine, what are they doing. Everyone see the stamp on their hands. Imli says what is Bhaiya ji going to do. Bhaiya ji says enough of tota mayna love union, separate Chakor and Suraj. Tejaswini says wait, Chakor save Suraj, this devil will kill him. Kasturi says Chakor can’t do anything. Chakor takes knife from goon’s pocket and says none will come close, Bhaiya ji has to kill me first.

Suraj asks her to move away, its important for her to be alive, as she is the ray of hope. He says let me die, go. She says no, I will not lose, marathon runner does not lose till he reaches finish race, I will keep fighting. She gets shocked seeing the tattoo machine. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks what happened, see your face…. why are you shouting, what misunderstanding do you have, who said I m going to kill Suraj, no I will not stain my hands by killing him, death is short, I m going to give him long life which is worse than death. Kasturi prays. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor do you want to see what I m going to do. He asks goon to get Suraj. Chakor says no, you can’t do this.

Bhaiya ji asks why are you crying for fake husband. Chakor says fake or real, Suraj is my husband. Suraj looks at her. Bhaiya ji says I don’t understand, by whom did she got her fate written, she was kept girvi when she was in mum’s womb, she became bandhua in 7 years, her parents are bandhua already, her sister is also bandhua, see her fate, her husband is also going to become bandhua. Everyone get shocked. Chakor says none will come near Suraj. Bhaiya ji says fine, I will come there. He goes to them. He takes knife from Chakor’s hand. He shows bandhua stamp on Chakor’s hand. He says we are related by this stamp, everyone has this stamp on their wrist. He asks villagers to show the stamps. Everyone raise hands and show the stamp marks.

Bhaiya ji says I m the owner of this stamp, you all are my bandhua. Kasturi says this is not a mark, its a stain on our forehead. Bhaiya ji says now this stain will get on my son’s fate also. Bhaiya ji shouts. Tejaswini curses him. Bhaiya ji asks his men to drag Suraj. He scolds Tejaswini and says Suraj will become my bandhua. Chakor asks them to leave Suraj. The goons drag Suraj. Suraj says no one can take my sign on your bandhua contract. Bhaiya ji and Ragini get seated. Suraj says I will not sign. Ragini says you have to sign, you are stubborn, I know how to pressurize you. Bhaiya ji asks why are you waiting then. She asks the goon to catch Tejaswini. Tejaswini shouts Suraj. Suraj and Chakor shout. Suraj shouts leave my mummy. The goon ties Tejaswini. Chakor and Suraj worry.

Bhaiya ji stamps Suraj’s hand angrily. Chakor, Imli and Tejaswini cry. Chakor says I have no power to do anything. Suraj screams. Chakor shuts her ears and cries feeling his pain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So painful episode …..VJ nailed it
    Starting was nice when she hugged him and was not letting him go today I wasn’t able to face sukor I didn’t had guts to see him suffering?but dil pe pathar rakhe dekha,chakor was awesome today loved how she supported him at every moment and how she defended him….especially when she said fake or real he is my husband. Loved their conversation in between ?
    My anger was at peak level when kn said ur a bandua since birth even ur parents and sister and now ur husband is going to become bandua ??
    God…tomorrow Suraj ka Bali chadega??

  2. emotional episode!! i can’t see the episodes because iam in hospital!! but reading updates itself giving me so much tears….
    chakor helplessness because of kn and ragini…..
    suraj suraj!!!!! can’t see him like this!!! he is really tiger!!!
    chakor said even fake or real suraj is her husband!!!! wah!!
    in any situation their care for each other didn’t reduce. suraj told to care for her also!!!
    suraj finally will become bandhua in tomorrow epi!!!
    vivaan there is shocking problem coming to vivaan also…both brothers are going to suffer…
    only there wife’s (chakor and imli can save them from that evils)

    1. Janu take care,I hope you will get well soon

      1. thanks sia

    2. Get well soon janu even i m not well?

      1. thanks angel.take care angel,get well soon

    3. Get well soon janu

      1. thanks dil dhanushi

  3. I am sure even sukor kids will be bandua…and its udaan

    1. Amrutha

      Sukor kids chooo cute, but they also bandhuva?so bad

  4. what the hell this kn is crossing all the limits…Is he heartless?

  5. Feeling sad about sukur

  6. That’s it I’m done, KN needs to die now, or sold as a slave to China, I’d prefer if KN was sold as a slave to live the rest of his miserable life as someone else’s possession. Will be very irritated if the show ends with everyone forgiving KN and living happily. Chakor must worry about herself now, these villagers need to grow a pair and group together to fight KN, shame on them always relying on one girl to fix their lives.

    1. Right kalika

    2. Agree with you kalika

  7. Gud epi and suraj acting was mindblowing? and loved how chakor was saving suraj and said suraj is my husband? and suraj too was trying to motivate chakor to fight and never give up? but in precap she looses all her hopes as she cant save her suraj ?and suraj will become bandhuaa tomo? and next week sukor romance in cattle? i know all this scenes were very hurtful? but they are also bringing sukor closer to each other they are coming closer ?they are hugging each other? but i m waiting for sukor first kiss ?? i hope it will happen soon..

    1. Angel Ha yar episode kitna bi emotional Ho hum dono romance ke bare me sochna nahi bulenge?
      I’m also expecting chakor to stay at cattle along with him after giving the sweater? I want them to make a room seperately and stay away from Haveli….isse har mod pe romance on air hoga? hope ur wish becomes true?? I too have a wish to see Suraj hugging chakor…i mean initiating the hug?

      1. Right sia?

  8. today episode was a very sorrowful. because of chakor ‘s helplessness k.n won.100 present guarantee suraj will become a slave within tomorrow episode.,?. actually I can’t believe this.

    chakor ,? her husband very much. but they didn’t believe it yet. (I mean both of them).
    chakor- “fake or real he’s my husband”. it was the most interesting situation of the episode.

    after suraj become bandhua he will become so weak person in mentality. chakor will close him more than now as his weakness , somehow she will set his mind..

    vivan’s life is also in a danger now. after that ranjana will loyal to chakor …. what do you think???????????
    the devil won the game.(but…..don’t give up your hope,because chakor the dare devil will change the game soon,…………………………………………..)

  9. Chakor chakor superb.. nyc epi.. basically i am liking this track.. interesting one.. sukor love for each other.. i feel by this track maybe if anyone of them confess their love.. because in tough situation only they confess na.. so.. it ll be exciting!!!

  10. l’m commenting first time here bt I always read all of ur comments after reading I felt tat Angel is main boss here sia , janu n others are branch n aanya , tapa ,titli are sub branch n rests are sub sub branch I also found a pair of good friendship between aanya n tapa
    come to the episode……was very heart touching esp the pre cap when suraj scream in pain

    1. I m not a boss here mama i m just a sukorian fan? ur comment is funny.., wlcm to udaan family?

    2. welcome to the udaan commenting flock.

    3. Welcome mama,ur description is nice,I’m just a sukor fan

  11. Amrutha

    After so many days I am back. Ohh my sukor in so many problems. But guys you can see that when this Trimurti hurts our sukor, they become more close. This time suraj will express his feelings to chakor, but not simply those 3 words. Because this guys are crazy pair???????

    1. Right amrutha sukor is crazy pair? yeh itni aasani se apne pyar ka izhaar krne wale nai hai..

  12. Amrutha

    Sia , you said rajini kanth dialog in Telugu it means you can talk Telugu right dear.

    1. Hi amurutha,ya ikkada evaru Telugu lo matladaru,so nenu ekkuvaga use chayanu.,kavalante manam matladudam,

      1. Da watch appavin meesai trailor.u luv it.angel frm whre u dr?hre is the link .bit.ly/appaavinmeesai. Really interesting movie by director rohini and a nithyamenen film.

      2. hi amrutha sia,i am also telugu frm hyderabad.nenu episodes chudatldu,jst writen update chaduvutna endukante sukor ni plms lo chudalekapotuna specialga suraj ni

      3. Ramya nenu Kurnool nundi and amrutha nuvvu??Ramya nenu gunde rai chaskoni Mari chustunna,papam Suraj ?

      4. hi sia,nenu ala kuda chudalenu,promo ne chudalekapoya,and strong and powerful suraj ofcourse hot pain to arustunte oo my god i cant see him,but no plm mana chakor vndi tondaralone plm anta solve chestndi,i want to cntact u personly sia is it ok

      5. Ya its ok ramya

  13. Aqua

    Guys, I have written a sukor os, Beacon of Hope based on the current episode… once it’s uploaded please do read it and leave comments ?

    1. Its awesome aqua. I must admit ur writing skills

  14. I wanna see 50+ comments today friends.

  15. My heart cnt tolerate sukor crying.plz team udaan plz make the story interesting with sukor full of romance and their happiness .Plz stop dragging that’s y the trp decreased .so plz make interesting very soon then oly udaan will be in top 5.and oneday im sure that when the sukor very intimate seen starts then udaan will be no.1 position in trp list.?

  16. We probably won’t have a resolution for Suraj soon as the CVs also need to bring in Vivaan’s story and place some focus on boring Vivaan for a bit. I hope Imli shoots someone, hopefully, she shoots Ragini between the eyes, or Chiku… she can shoot either of those 2 except KN because death is too easy for KN, he needs to live the rest of his existence in misery far far away.

  17. Dear Friends aqua’s udaan-sukor is was good, definitely u will like it.

    1. not ‘is’ it is “os”. I wrote it same. but dictionary converted it to ” is”

    2. Aqua

      Awwe thanks. I’m glad u liked it?

  18. thank you angel n kkkkkkk
    Maine jaan bujh ker ye sub likha taki mere comment padh ker sub thoda relax ho jaye aise comment pehli baar koi nahi karte first comment per sub SuKor ki tarif ker ke entry kerte hain

  19. thank you angel n kkkkkkk
    Maine jaan bujh ker ye sub likha taki mere comment padh ker sub thoda relax ho jaye aise comment pehli baar koi nahi karte first comment per sub SuKor ki tarif ker ke entry kerte hain Maine a lag trick apnayi yese mujhe sub yaad rakhenge jinki naam mention kia aur jinki nehi kia
    kkkkkk if u don’t mind what’s your real name?

    1. Nice idea and well executed mama?

  20. Esther

    woah,,,,,Sukor story is beautifull,,,,,,it was such an emotional epi ,,,,used to watch this before,but stopped and now started again,,,,I regret that I missed the older epis……

  21. I jst hope team udaan want drag this too much cz it’s hard to tolerate sukors pain. It’s will be excited to see hw this trio get Wht thy deserved after pain given by to every one.today epi was so emotional. Love each dialogue n expressions of sukor.

  22. Look how kn is tochering my suraj??

    1. Angel I want to kill kn??
      Suraj ??

      1. Sia me too kn and ragini too??

  23. Ahhhhh…can’t see suraj lyk dat……..it’s hurting..but hoping it will so some sukor scene…..nd today’s hug was owsm….hii iam new here….can i join..???

    1. Hi sneha wlcm to udaan family?

    2. hello welcome to the clan

  24. Sneha welcome to udaan family

  25. Udaan cast celebrating lohri and vj dancing?

  26. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ovnrVQlGVjY
    A relief for sukorians.lohri on udaan sets with sukor and vimli.
    VJ sings logri re.. at the end❤

    1. Angel I never thought VJ is from Punjab
      Even paras
      VJ is dancing ?

      1. Me too sia?

  27. a very very very emotional episode. whole episode I was just crying in yesterday’s episode Chakor was like a wounded tigress n Vivian such a big coward n selfish person he always think about himself

    when suraj wanted to touch to Chakor n when he said to take care of herself also when Chakor said to kn ASLI HO YA NAKLI SURAJ HUMARA PATI HAI
    these scene were my fav scene in yesterday’s episode

  28. welcome mama n sneha keep commenting here
    mama u r so funny wat a great idea
    tq angel 4 the link feeling bad 4 him poor Suraj
    me 2 sia want to kill tat kn let’s make a team to kill tat kn

  29. plz yaar angel kn ka torture describe karo mera mood pehle se hi off hai iss video ko dekh ker aur rona nahi chahti hu
    aur ek batt aaj ke episode ke lie lots of tissue boxes mere taraf se new year ka gift

    1. Mama in that video suraj is asking for water but kn didnt give him water and ask chakor to give water to suraj from a old underground water machine and chakor was running holding a machine so that water come to a bottle and than suraj drink it..

  30. Guys I have to tell not only sukorians… Even other would fell for sukor… By watching them nd these comments… Even watching the retelecast after reading the comments….

    Guys continue tis forver…sia tape angel titli nithya kkkk mama…nd everyone… Sry If I missed anyone

    Lv sukor nd sukorians <3<3 <3

    1. Yeah sai forever✌

    2. Sukor forever ??

  31. sorry sorry guys actually I was busy so I couldn’t comment .anyways guys episode was very. very painful .

  32. sorry sorry guys actually I was busy so I couldn’t comment .anyways guys episode was very. very pain anyways thanks for link

  33. happy lohri to all guys

  34. Sia me too ?? and angel frm whre u?.guys plz its a request plz contribute or share this 2 all.its a vry good movie for the release they need few money.watch trailor here link.sia u hve 2 watch surely bit.ly/appaavinmeesai

  35. Sia reply me

  36. Hi guys

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