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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji looking for Chakor. Om asks Chakor are you fine. She says yes. Om asks why did you stop in between. She says when I was running… the power goes. Bhaiya ji thinks whats happening, why did the power go. The net falls on Chakor and pulls her up. Megha asks Om is he fine. He says yes. Khanna asks what happened to lights. Lights come. Vishaka tells Khanna that Chakor is missing, he gets shocked.

Dadi shouts Chakor and gets up. Kasturi asks what happened, did you dream. Dadi says I have seen Chakor. Bhuvan says Dadi is unwell by thirst. Kasturi worries that Chakor is in problem. Bhuvan says I have belief she is fine. Kasturi prays for everyone.

Om says I m fine. Megha sees the blood on his blood and asks how did this happen. Om gets shocked, and everyone else

too. They see blood on the ground. Megha says that man took Chakor too. Om says no, this can’t happen. Khanna says if public knows Chakor got disappeared, they will panic. Bhaiya ji comes and asks Khanna who is owner of this circus. Khanna says its me, tell me. Bhaiya ji asks does Chakor work here.

Khanna thinks who is he, it seems new problem. He says Chakor, no, she does not work here. Bhaiya ji asks him to think well, as he got to know she works here. Vishaka says we know animals who work here too, Chakor does not work here. Khanna says why will I hide her. Bhaiya ji says if you have hidden her, then I regret to say I will get this circus shut. They all get shocked. Khanna says trust me, we are not hiding anything. Bhaiya ji signs him and leaves.

Khasta shouts that circus is taking away lives, you all run before getting killed. Khanna asks what happened to you Khasta, what nonsense. Khasta says 4th runner is also missing, your bullet rani’s dead body will be here, how many murders do you want to see, shut this circus. Vishaka asks why are you creating scene infront of public. Khanna scolds him. Vishaka says Khasta is saying nonsense. Khasta says then fine bring the runner, you all go and not come again, Chakor is killed. They all get shocked. The public leaves. Khanna says please stop, listen…

Om asks Megha is this true that Khasta is saying, did Chakor really die. Khasta smiles. Bhaiya ji slaps Manohar. Tejaswini smiles. Ranjana and Vivaan look on shocked. Bhaiya ji says you made my bandhuas free without my permission. Manohar says I did this in your favor, that kid was unwell, other kids would have got ill. Bhaiya ji scolds him and asks him not to take decisions, just I can take decisions. Manohar says I m your younger brother, forgive me and cries. Bhaiya ji asks him to get lost. Ranjana cries.

Bhaiya ji gets Shankar’s call and scolds him saying Chakor is not in circus. Om cries and tells Megha that he did wrong, Chakor would have been here if he did not do act. Khanna says Khasta ruined circus name. Vishaka says Khasta is not wrong, he said what we should think now, everyone is scared to die. Khanna says I lost, I can’t see anyone dead, I will shut this circus to stop these murders. They all get shocked. Khanna says forever.

Chakor is tied to some big clock and unconscious. Khasta throws water on her, and she wakes up. Khasta greets her.

Khasta says your circus is over, I felt you are little sweet child, you turned out to be smart. Chakor asks who are you. Khasta says whats the hurry, your game is over and mine will start now. He laughs. She asks him to free her. He throws a knife at her and she screams. There is glass in between and it cracks. She looks at the joker. He says wait, I will try again. He gets more knives. Chakor asks him not to kill her. Khasta recalls Chakor and how she treated him well. He drops the knives. He goes to her and she gets tensed. He scares her. She says I think you don’t wish to kill me, am I saying right or not, you just want to scare me, but why, what did I do. He says you all did a lot with me, and leaves.

Chakor tries to free herself and cuts the ropes. She takes the knife. Khasta comes and takes the knife. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. . Got to know that udaan is taking leap.. its really a sad news for me.. I will miss spandan a lot..

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