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The Episode starts with Tejaswini finding something in Ragini’s cupboard. She says I have to do something fast, else my life’s bitter truth will come out. She says I have to get something, else what will I say, why I m kicking this girl out of here. She sees her jewelry and gets an idea to put theft blame on Ragini. She puts her necklace in Ragini’s bag. Ragini coems to her room and Tejaswini hides. Ragini wonders did I leave this bag here. Tejaswini leaves. Ragini keeps her bag in cupboard. Tejaswini says she went by difficulty, but has come back again. She says I will make Ragini leave from this house.

Chagan tells everyone to see the godown. The villagers get shocked. They beat the guard who slept. Bhuvan says its not his fault if anyone added sleep medicine in his water. Kishor asks what

will we eat now, tell me. A lady comes and says someone added kerosene oil in my well water, what will I drink now, my well water is ruined. Kasturi says who is this new enemy. Chagan says what will we do now. Chakor looks on and thinks Suraj, I can’t believe you are doing this, I have to find some way to help villagers.

Tejaswini drags Ragini outside. Suraj and Vivaan ask what did Ragini do. Tejaswini says she has stolen my necklace worth 10 lakhs. They all get shocked. Tejaswini says we will check her bag, if its not there, then see. She gets her necklace from Ragini’s bag and shows them. Chakor comes there and defends Ragini. Vivaan asks Ragini to say the truth, did she do this theft. Ragini accepts her mistake and apologizes to Tejaswini. Tejaswini thinks whats Ragini’s drama now.

Ragini says bad habits don’t go easily, give me one chance. Chakor says you can stay here if you promise that you will never steal anything, Tejaswini is your mum, she will forgive you. Suraj agrees with Chakor. Vivaan asks Ragini will she promise. Ragini swears on Tejaswini and says she will never do this. Chakor says Tejaswini got emotional, I will tell instead her, you can stay here, making you leave is not a solution, you should get a chance. Imli says Chakor is saying right.

Tejaswini says I will forgive her if she is apologizing. She goes. Chakor hugs Ragini and says I m glad to know you want to change. Ragini goes out and calls someone. She says I knew Tejaswini will try to make me leave from haveli, its all fine, my brothers trust me, but you gave me wrong info, you said Chakor is marrying Vivaan and Suraj is marrying Tina, but Chakor married Suraj and Imli married Vivaan, Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child, we can use this, I m waiting to play my game, when I play, then Tejaswini and family will be shocked.

Suraj comes there. Ragini smiles and goes. Suraj’s servant gives him info about Ragini, and asks why did you find about Ragini, when you are happy with her return. Suraj says I m happy that she has come, but I have to know why did she come and whats her intentions, if her motives are bad, we have to be alert, we should know about friends and enemies, only then we can be safe. He reads the letter and gets shocked. He thinks so this is the matter, that’s why Tejaswini wanted to make Ragini leave from home.

Bhuvan and villagers go to Suraj and tell him the problems in village. Suraj says I know everything, I have done all this. Bhuvan and everyone get shocked. Chakor gets angry. Bhuvan asks why did you do this. Chakor says you can’t do this with innocent villagers, do you want them to stay hungry and die. Suraj says they are inlaws now, its my duty to take care of them, I will give them food and water, they have to do my work. Chakor thinks Suraj played this game to make them bandhua again. Suraj asks the villagers why are they sad, they were dancing when police was taking him, that time Chakor was with you, now she is with me. Chakor says you are doing wrong. Ragini says you are torturing them. Suraj says I m giving them work, they are getting money, you stay out of house matters. Ragini says I m part of this family. Suraj says I will tell you later, what you are. She gets some call and goes out.

Chakor tells Suraj that she can’t snatch villager’s rights. Suraj says you gave me 15 lakhs, I got goons using that money and did all this, you helped me in doing this. Bhuvan scolds her. Chakor says this is lie. Suraj asks Bhuvan to apologize to his wife. Bhuvan folds hands. Chakor stops him. Bhuvan apologizes to him. She begs him and asks him to forgive her. Bhuvan moves away. Suraj asks all of them to just leave, and come tomorrow, celebrate independence day and then I will tell you what work to do to earn living. They all go. Chakor says Suraj did not do right, he is using my helplessness, what will I do now, how will I save villagers. She cries.

Chakor calls some officer and cancels Suraj’s contract. Suraj takes her phone and calls inspector. Chakor says I won’t cancel contract, don’t do anything to Imli. Chakor asks villagers to do what Suraj is saying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yar ye chakor pagal ha stupid imli k lyee sb gaon valo ko torture kr ri ha bhai jb suraj apny bachy ki fiqar krta ha tu vo q imli ko jail bhjy ga jb bhjy ga tb ki tb dkhi jye gi.

    1. Bilkul sahi Kaha tumne

      1. oo acha sunn k khushyi hyi

  2. bhayaji will come back and suraj will not stop her from taking divorce and i dont want that.i want them pair

  3. They will have to run away when Kamal Narayan comes back, he will want to kill both Suraj and Chakor. I don’t think Suraj made the villagers helpless, I think it was Ragini and as Ragini played along with Tejaswini Suraj is playing along as well. Wonder what Ragini’s secret is

  4. I think suraj is doing this all bcoz of ragini as he knows what she is hiding and yeah bhaiya ji is coming back hope to see some romantic scene between sukor

  5. No romantic scene will take place between sukor all the time they fight only l want to see love triangle between vikor and sukor

    1. Love is boring I want to see how they survive Bhaiya ji and Ragini

      1. bhaiyaji wont come he is dead RIGHT..??

  6. No bhaiyaji is alive

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