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The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Bhagya to talk to Arjun. Arjun asks how is she. She cries and says she is fine. He says he is also fine, he will get Chakor back soon and promises her. She asks him to take care. He says don’t worry about me, I will take care. He ends call and Bhaiya ji takes the phone from her hand. He asks with whom was she talking. He asks Vivaan. Vivaan says I won’t tell you anything. Bhaiya ji slaps and Bhagya comes in between. She gets slapped instead Vivaan. Ranjana comes and asks Bhaiya ji how dare he slap Vivaan. Bhiaya ji says your son is against us, he liked my enemy. Vivaan says Chakor is my friend, I m sure she will come back.

Ranjana reminds what happened with Manohar when he slapped Vivaan, she will not leave him. She takes Vivaan. Bhagya cries. Bhaiya ji gets

angry and asks Bhagya not to cry. Manohar asks doctor to give more injections. The doctor says we have to wait after anesthesia. Manohar asks when will she faint. He gets Ranjana’s call. Ranjana says I m going to court tomorrow to file petition against them, as his devil brother Bhaiya ji is hurting Vivaan. Manohar says maybe Vivaan did something that Bhaiya ji scolded him. Ranjana says his mistake is that he is your son, I will not leave him. Manohar says strange wife and asks Babu to book his ticket soon, he has some problem. Babu says fine, my man will drop you to airport. Manohar says he will go after seeing Chakor dead.

Babu says doctor has to wait for 15mins. Manohar scolds doctor. Babu stops Manohar and asks him to have patience. Manohar asks the doctor to take his pics with Chakor. He gets the pics and says Babu I m going now with pics to save my life from Bhaiya ji, but send me real pics soon. Babu asks him to sort his family problem, he will manage this. Kasturi saves the diya. Imli asks if they save diya, will Chakor be safe? Kasturi says yes, Lord will save Chakor. The man asks Madam ji to see the blood report of that girl once, its unique. She sees it and signs on it.

The doctor checks Chakor. He says she is now ready for operation. Babu asks him to hurry up. He gets Madam’s call and says what. He holds doctor’s hand and cancels operation. He says this girl’s blood group is rare, so operation is cancelled. Kasturi sees the diya stable and smiles. Bhuvan thanks the Lord. They all pray for Chakor. Chakor is brought to the kids. Billu asks her to wake up. The man asks him to worry for himself and takes Billu. Billu says I don’t want to go and calls out Chakor.

Its morning, Bhaiya ji asks Girja to get tea. Manohar comes home and greets him. Bhaiya ji asks about the work. Manohar says I will show you and connects his phone to TV. He shows Chakor’s operation theatre pic. Bhaiya ji laughs seeing it. He praises Manohar and hugs him. He kisses Manohar happily. Vivaan sees the pic and cries. He says no, Chakor can’t die. They look at him. Vivaan holds his head and faints. Manohar shouts Vivaan….

Babu says Chakor did not get conscious. The doctor says anesthesia increased, she can die if she does not get conscious in few hours. Babu says I want this girl alive, else Madam will not leave us. Ranjana tells Vivaan that he will be fine and checks his fever. She says its more than 102 and worries. Vivaan says no, Chakor can’t die. She asks him to calm down, nothing will happen to Chakor. Chakor gets conscious and asks for water. Babu gets glad. Babu acts sweet to Chakor and says he will not leave the kids, and asks Chakor to have water. He says he will give her anything and asks her not to go out, as Madam is very dangerous. The man tells Madam that the client is giving much money for that blood group. She gets hurt by a bangle and cuts it. Babu asks Chakor to keep Madam happy, else she will kill her.

The kids ask Chakor why are they giving her good food and don’t trust her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now i got it
    rocky’s mum=madam ji
    rocky wl get to know abt chakor frm his mum nd save all th kids

    1. Not right dia because madam ji is fatty lady and rocky’s mum is slim no so fatty. That’s why we can’t say anything but yes u r right for this that rocky and arjun save all kids.

  2. Ya u r right dia, i think so……

  3. Yeah your right rocky will safe all the kidooo

  4. Aarti if she is not madam ji thn she must b hr sus ir smthng

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