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The Episode starts with Suraj asking for a kiss. He asks what happened, did you get tensed, think you want to compete or not, go from here. She recalls the villagers’ words. She accepts the challenge. He smiles and says even I accept. He shoots in air. She looks at him.

Vivaan hears music. Tejaswini comes to him and gives him drugged milk. She says I knew Ranjana and Chakor will try a lot, but you would come back to me, as I have cure of all your sorrows. He pours milk on her hand. She asks are you mad. He says you are blind to find me in sorrow, you acted to love me and I got addicted to drug, I found new way to deal with this drags anti addiction, I hate you and this drugs, get out from here. She gets shocked and goes.

Chakor comes home and tells Imli that she is competing with Suraj

in shooting. Imli laughs and says you won’t win, whats the use, why did you deal with him. Chakor says you will know. She sees the gun and asks for the gun to practice. Imli says first tell me what you dealt with him. Chakor recalls his words and says you remember what Dadi said, wait for right time, you will know it when time comes, if you won’t give me gun, its fine, I will arrange. She goes. Imli says what is the deal which Chakor is not telling me.

Chagan gets Lakhan’s old gun and tells Chakor that it has bullets too. Chakor gets glad and goes to practice. Tejaswini checks cupboard and says I was right, Vivaan took drugs from my cupboard, he thinks he does not need me anymore, its fine, once that drugs end, I will show him his right place.

Chakor cleans the gun. Chagan puts oil in the gun. She says Suraj asked me to complete in shooting, I have to save kids, their freedom is imp, if Suraj won again, they will regard me weak, Suraj wants to do something bad with me, I can’t let that happen. He says gun is cleaned, show me picture in phone, I will learn from it. They see the video. The phone gets stuck. He says there is no signal, don’t worry, I have seen it, I will show you now.

He fails to shoot right and asks her to try. She aims and he asks her to shoot the pot, its about kids’ life. She aims to shoot. She gets hurt by the bullet shooting jerk. She says I m fine, just a jerk in wrist, I can’t shoot right, what will happen now. He says everything will be fine, aim again, try. Suraj applies lip balm. The servant asks whats the matter, what is this preparation, Chakor will lose. Suraj says I m making my lips shine, my lips will get party, I will kiss Chakor when she loses. Imli gets shocked hearing this. Suraj laughs. Suraj tells Imli that he will win. She says if Chakor wins then…. Imli goes out and cries.

Chakor says I m not able to learn. Chagan says even bullets are ending now. Chakor and Chagan wonder who will teach Chakor now. Imli comes and says I will teach you. Chakor says you will teach me. Imli says yes, because if he wins then….. leave all this, get to practice, there is less time now. She gives the gun. Chakor gets shocked seeing Suraj’s name tattoo made on Imli’s hand. She asks Imli whats this. Chagan says its Suraj’s name instead bandhua sign, Imli is not worried for herself, she was helpless to be bandhua, and now she became Suraj’s bandhua by her wish, practice Chakor, I m going. He gets annoyed and leaves. Imli argues with Chakor. Chakor asks do you know meaning of this. Imli says don’t act, I m Suraj’s bandhua now, by my body and heart.

Chakor says I m sure Tejaswini is giving you drugs to take revenge. Vivaan says yes, I will not ask her anything now. She says uts great news. He says no, I said I will not ask Tejaswini, I did not say that I will leave drugs. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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