Udaan 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli seeing the crocodile. Lakhan comes there and asks her to move. He shoots the crocodile and laughs. He says now no kid will die. He asks Imli to tell everyone that no kid will die now. He cries for Chagan. JJ is doing magic. Chakor tells Amma that she has to see magic. Amma says you won’t go, they can see your face. Chakor says they will not identify me, I m Choka. All kids wish to go and see the magic show. JJ tells about the Mr india magic, where he will make someone disappear from the box. He shows the magic. Munna is also there. JJ shows the box empty.

Chakor comes there and asks JJ to make her disappear. JJ says fine, come here. He asks Choka to be careful, his respect should not go. Chakor think to use the magic box. Chakor sits in the box and her cap falls. She asks him to give the cap. He asks her to sit quiet. Chakor thinks what to do, how to go out without cap. JJ opens the box and sees Choka inside. His cap falls and she wears the cap. She goes inside the secret passage and they show empty box. Everyone clap for JJ.

Chakor says I m here. Everyone clap. Munna likes the act. Someone knocks the door at Bhuvan’s house and hides. Kasturi and Bhuvan see there is no one and sleep. Imli goes to open door again and sees some bangles of Chakor. Imli asks where is Chakor. Kasturi asks her to sleep. Imli goes out and picks the bangles. Imli asks Chakor not to be afraid, and come out. Someone kidnaps Imli. The goons put her in car. Bhaiya ji smiles looking on.

JJ asks Amma to control Choka. He complains about Choka. Chakor comes there. JJ asks for his cap. Chakor asks for her cap. JJ asks her to take her cap and teases her by his magic by making the cap go far every time. He laughs. The cap flies. Chakor says fine, I lost, now I know you are real magician, not cheater. Chakor says she has taken his wallet. JJ gets impressed and gives her cap back. She returns his cap back.

Chakor asks him to take him in his magic show. He says no. She says she has to make someone disappear. He asks who. She thinks she has to make kids disappear.

JJ does his show. Singh comes and asks who is Amma, he has to search her home. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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