Udaan 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj working out. He recalls Ranjana’s taunts. He thinks of Chakor saving his life many times. Chakor comes from jogging and sees Suraj. He gets angry seeing her. She says you are not able to exercise, as we should have healthy body and calm mind, you have many things in mind and you always drink, how can you work out. He asks why did she come. She says I came to say, your life has no risk, I rejected Bhaiya ji’s proposal.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor got mad, she made all villagers fall in risk to save one man, Suraj. Ragini says maybe Chakor is in love with Suraj. He asks her did she go mad to say this, don’t say this, Chakor wants to become great, a Devi of sacrifice and love.

Suraj tells Chakor that he does not want her favors, why did she not let him die, if

many people will get a life if I die, I won’t regret, but I don’t want to live on anyone’s pity, who are you to save me, are you Lord. She says leave my hand, its hurting, don’t become mad, you are choosing death instead life. He hits the punching bag. She says I did not do pity, you would do same if I was in risk, will you not come to save me and leave me to die, tell me. She punches the bag and says we will not get freedom by your death, we all will die, Bhaiya ji will become powerful, our aim is same, to send Bhaiya ji behind bars, I need you, think of villagers, I don’t want you to die. He asks her not to save him, he is fed up of his life, its good if he dies and others get benefit. She asks can’t you bear if anyone worries for you, your life is not waste, you have big aim. He says I can’t bear my life to be your favor.

Imli decorates room with candles and flowers. She hopes Vivaan’s anger gets away and his heart gets calm. Vivaan comes home. He sits angrily. Imli comes and sees him in tension. She hugs him and asks him to see decorations done for him. She says I love you a lot, we will have a different world once our baby comes. He says I m not suitable for your love, I could not get even fruits for you. He shows the two apples and says I could not get anything for you. They cry. She hugs him and says don’t give me anything, just promise me that you will never cry again, I can’t see tears in your eyes. She thinks to do something.

She says if job is necessary for you, you will get this job, Raunak will give you this job. He asks how, Ragini’s men threatened him. She says you will get this job. She thinks to see Raunak. He thanks him for assurance and says I love you. She says you always say it, look at me and compliment. He calls her beautiful like a fairy. They hug.

Kasturi tells Tejaswini that they kept her because of Chakor, why did she come out and talk to villagers, next time ask us, else you have to leave. Tejaswini apologizes. Bhuvan says I m hungry, give me rotis. Tejaswini says I made food. Kasturi asks what did you do. She goes and sees so much food. They get shocked seeing so much food and kheer. She asks why did you cook for everyone. Tejaswini says sorry, I made food for everyone in haveli. Kasturi says what will we do of this much food. Tejaswini says I can’t eat food for long, I will get unwell. Kasturi argues. She checks ration and finds boxes empty. She says all month ration ended, what will we do. Bhuvan say food looks tasty, come we will taste and see. He likes the food. Tejaswini says have kheer, its also nice. He says why not.

Ranjana tells Bhaiya ji that Suraj can’t take favors and will make Chakor away from himself. Bhaiya ji laughs and praises her. Suraj tells Chakor that he will not take her support, Vivaan loved you but married Imli, I understood why, as Imli just loves him, and you love the world, the world’s sorrow is your sorrow, I don’t want your pity. She cries and says I should leave worrying for anyone, go and die, I will not come to save you this time.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana see them. Suraj says this will be right, tell my devil father that you are leaving me and this haveli. Chakor says yes, the relation of concern also ended, now your death is in your hands, I got free from my duty. She goes. Suraj hits the punching bag. Ranjana and Bhaiya ji smile. Suraj says I don’t want anyone to be responsible for anyone, I don’t want anyone to give me life. Bhaiya ji praises Ranjana for doing this great work, you made Chakor away from his life, I wanted this.

Chakor thinks of Suraj’s words. Bhaiya ji dances on music. Ragini thanks Ranjana for giving happiness to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to invite the villagers, Chakor will give divorce to Suraj, then we will kill him. Ragini says yes, world will think Suraj could not bear separation from Chakor. Ranjana says Suraj will get punished tomorrow. Imli hears them and gets shocked. Bhaiya ji dances. They all laugh. Imli thinks Chakor decided to give Suraj, but they are planning to kill Suraj, now I have to do something.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor will sign here and you all will get free, why are you waiting Chakor, give divorce to Suraj and free all of them. Suraj shouts to Chakor not to sign as they will kill him. Chakor stops from signing.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. umama alam

    Suraj is really bad ,egoist man😡how can he taunt chakor about the matter of vivan???😬😬chakor u take good decision …..plz leave that selfish guy😠
    But the kasturi & tejaswini scenes is really funny😁she finish their whole month ration😀😀

    • Tejaswiteju


      |Registered Member

      Eh no Suraj is just short tempor but,he is good at caring.we all know that he worries a lot for tejaswini then when he loves chakor,he really take care of chakor lot as his wife lets see,but be cool

      • Amrutha


        |Registered Member

        You are right yaar, but see he is only stopping chakor for his life, I thought he might get realized about his love
        If he stopped chakor for love means it will be so nice. anyways waiting eagerly for sukor.

  2. janu

    nice episode!!!sukor scenes r avesome.in full episode suraj wanted chakor to leave him and asked not to show pity on him.then in precap he does not want chakor to divorce him why??? . he apologized to chakor for being rude???.
    yes chakor love the whole world and people.but when she start falling for suraj and she will realise suraj is important for her.even now also she giving more importance to suraj than others.but both r not realised yet..
    when they both fall in love they care for each other,then imvaan i think..

  3. cat

    Hehe kasturu n tejaswini funny scene…sukor olwyz rocks…..ye imli n vivan eisa kyu hei sirf apne ba re me soch tha hei…hate vimli selfish….luv u suckor…..kab thum do no ek hogi waitin….luvuuu

  4. janu

    suraj is not selfish.he does not want any one to be pity on him.he does not want any one to save him.he does not want chakor to save him for the single one he doesn’twant chakor to loose others for him. he is not selfish but rude

  5. sia

    If chakor and Suraj are going to act as happily married couple infront of media,I was thinking kn kept party like something and invited media there , what if sukor acting karthe karthe dance bi kar liya tho with BG mohabat barsa de na or soch na sake or bolna mahi….aww😍😍😍.I am just imagining but anything may happen in udaan its unpredictable.But if this happens then it will certainly make my day.eagerly awaiting 😤😤😤

  6. Trisha

    Suraj and chakor are too cute as a couple… funny thing is that kn and ragini has the major contribution in building sukor love track….started liking imli now… she is finally helping sukor….♡♡♡♡

  7. Tarn 💜

    Today’s episode was so amazing. With Chakor trying to convince Suraj that he did have a purpose to live for, and her concern for him was valid. She seemed hurt because he didn’t understand why she cared for him. Whereas Suraj just finds it hard to believe someone cares for him despite his how much he has wronged her. Also his ego is getting the way, which lead to him hurting her again. I’m excited for the upcoming track, with the media and Sukor acting like the perfect couple.

  8. Diana

    Suraj cant bear someone being nice to him. And moreover he didnt realize the blossoming love between them. Apart from all these..i am going crazy by sukor..waiting for the day when they profess their love to each other..kasturi and tejaswanj convo.. LOL..!!

  9. Angel

    Nice epi Somehow i feel he said all this not to hurt her intentionally but bcoz he know she will be hurt and she leave him and if he will die she wont took herself responsible for it., and yeah sia i also think there must be party or dance sequence between sukor i think nazar laye na song from raanjana is perfect song for sukor its each word is made for them like meetha meetha tu(chakor) khara khara main (suraj)

  10. sia

    Hope this happens angel that too Suraj in a suit dancing with chakor would be amazing and they will rock it
    Sukor <<3

  11. sia

    Kinda dashing hai Suraj us suit Mein and he is continuously starting at chakor seriously kya expressions hai.can’t wait for next week episodes

  12. Angel

    Guys vidhi and paras have reached agra i dnt know why i just see there insta post but i think vimli are there for shooting and agra is known for its heritage taj mahal .,so may be sukor and vimli both are going to shoot something there😄😄

  13. neethu

    It s very rude to mention vivaan becoz he s the one who convinced chakor for vimli BT I love sukor… Waiting for sukor romanticromantic acting in frontof media and kn

  14. Angel

    Sia- vimli went agra for promotional event of udaan not for honeymoon😂 like sukor went banaras for promotional event😄

  15. sia

    @neema and Nitya Suraj says that how chakor always falls in arms unconsciously and how he spilts water on her and carries her with him.he says this real incident without realizing that they were acting actually and reporter get impressed with Suraj’s and claps

  16. Neema

    rytt sia itz nt opening I’m also waiting varshuuuuu… can u juz go through the commentsss…. plzzzzz…..?????

  17. Tejaswiteju


    |Registered Member

    The promo is about Chakor asked Suraj to listen for this one day by keeping thigh.from out side kn watches them.the promo is about is sukor relation ship starts or before starting what on will do to that relation ship.

  18. Neema

    itzzz okkk varshuuu… don’t worry…okkk… subi gav da nw promo linkkk… our udaan famly vll always b happyyy vth nooo worriesss…..letz enjoy guyzz letz enjoyyy….

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