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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Chunni/Chakor to make ointment and get it fast for Kasturi’s burnt hand. Chakor asks Aditya that Chunni does not know how to make ointment. Aditya says wait, lets see how she makes it. Chunni sees the small house and says she can’t stay here. Chunni gets the spices paste instead ointment. Dadi asks her to apply ointment fast. Chakor throws it. They all look at Choka. Dadi asks Choka why did he make ointment fall. Choka says this is spices, which you add in vegetables, Kasturi’s ointment is green, not red, Chakor told me.

Kishori checks the paste and says yes, Choka is saying right, this is haldi and chilli powder paste. She asks Chunni what happened to you Chakor. Manohar and Bhaiya ji look on. Bhaiya ji says we will go and help her. He claps and says great…..

you all blamed me that I have killed Chakor, who is this, is this Chakor’s ghost. He asks Lakhan to see Chakor. Chakor thinks whats Bhaiya ji doing here, I think he is after this lookalike matter.

Bhaiya ji scolds them for accusing him. Kasturi gets up and sees Chunni. She says Chakor. Chunni acts like Chakor, and asks how is she. Kasturi shakes and Chakor holds her. Kasturi recalls Chakor and holds Choka’s hand. She sees Choka’s hand burnt and applies the wet soil to her wound. Chakor tells Aditya that its enough that Kasturi understood her love, she has to see that girl now. Girja and Laali get shocked seeing Chunni and think they are also seeing Chakor’s ghost. Bhaiya ji says its Chakor, and asks them to talk to her. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji whats all this new drama. He laughs. Manohar tells Ranjana that’s its big long story.

Aditya and Vivaan talk to Chunni to know about her. She does not identify them. Bhaiya ji says they are your best friends and asks her to talk to them. They leave and understand Bhaiya is involved in bringing her. Chunni asks Bhaiya ji to talk well with her and threatens him.

Imli says Chakor has changed a lot, and asks Kasturi not to cry, assume she has not come here. Kasturi cries. Chakor talks to her friends, and says we made Bhaiya ji accept his crime, but he got another Chakor, we have to tell Imli who is real Chakor. Amma says no, we have to think well. Chakor says we have to do something to expose fake Chakor. Vivaan says they both look same, how will we do this.

Chakor asks Chunni to do arm wrestling with her. Chunni agrees and holds Chakor’s hand. Vivaan sees bandhua stamp on Chakor’s hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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